Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 22: Hurricane Chant

Chapter 22:Hurricane Chant

Under the lead of an waitress, Xiao Yan entered the already started auction.

Entering the hall where the auction was being held, the originally bright environment darkened while thunderous yells poured everywhere. It made Xiao Yan furrow his brows.

The auction was huge and the hall could definitely fit at least hundreds to even thousands of people. At this time, at the center of the hall, under a bright light, a red robed beauty was using her charming voice to describe the item in her hand.

Under the numbing and clear sound of the voice, the item that really wasn’t worth much had it’s price increase at an exponential rate.

Finding a remote seat, Xiao Yan quietly sat down and glanced at the beauty in the middle of the hall. With his acute observations, he realized that most of the people were here for her and not the items that were being auctioned.

Premier Auction House’s top auctioneer: Ya Fei. She was an extremely famous beauty within Wu Tan City and her mature charm made many attracted to her.

Suddenly, the silent Xiao Yan turned around and stared at a man not too far away from him but hidden in a corner. His arms were swaying with words of Ya Fei’s small red mouth and his hands disappeared beneath his waist…

“Damn!” Lightly cursing, Xiao Yan, who was under the robe, rolled his eyes: This guy is so shameless!

While cursing in his mind, Xiao Yan quickly moved away and bitterly smiled. His gaze once again went to the center of the hall and watched the charming curves of the auctioneer while muttering: “Yao Jing.”

TL: Yao Jing is a derogatory(depends on context) term for beauties

After looking at the item in Ya Fei’s hand, Xiao Yan lost his interest. He didn’t have that much money to buy a piece of junk, even if the seller of that item was a beautiful woman. After tearing his gaze away from Ya Fei, Xiao Yan started slowly looking around the hall.

“Huh… father?” His gaze stopping, Xiao Yan focused in on a middle-aged man sitting in the front row. Suddenly, his facial expression became one of shock: “Does father have an interest in that women?”

The odd thought didn’t last long because Xiao Yan had discovered that his father’s gaze wasn’t focused on Ya Fei but rather was looking into the distance, as if he was waiting for something.

Why is father here? Pondering the question, Xiao Yan moved his gaze again. This time, he surprisingly realized that the clan leaders of the other two big clans, Jia Lie Clan and Ao Ba Clan were here!

Something’s going to be auctioned that attracts all of them! His brow jumping, Xiao Yan curiously touched his nose. What could have attracted all three of the clan leaders to come here?


To be honest, the woman named Ya Fei was a expert at creating the atmosphere. Her glances and smiles would make the price of the item go up exponentially for a while. In addition, every time the price was raised, she would send a charming smile to the person who just called out the latest price and they would forget their pain of overpaying for the item.

The atmosphere within the auction house was kept at a climax with her smiles.

“Hehe, everyone, the auction house has just received a new auction item. I believe, that everyone would be interested in it.” After auctioning the latest item, Ya Fei suddenly paused and said aloud towards the audience. With a wave of her hand, a waitress quickly brought up a jade plate and in the middle of the plate was a while jade bottle.

“This is a second tier pill.” With her delicate hand picking up the jade bottle, Ya Fei’s charming voice calmed the auctioneers for an instant. But soon, the yells became even louder, in Dou Qi Mainland, the pills refined by Alchemists were the most sought after items.

“This thing is named Foundation Elixir. It is only effective to those below the Dou Zhe level. Training in Foundation Elixir allows people under the Dou Zhe level to have an increased efficiency in training! Hehe, if you like you son or grandson to be called a genius, this is perfect for you!” Her attractive mouth lightly breathed the words and numbed the minds of many of the auctioneers.

“Foundation Elixir? It can raise one’s Dou Qi training speed? Lady Ya Fei, the people in that stage can’t take the pressure of the pill right?” Even though Ya Fei was extremely charming, there were also many people that stayed calm and after a brief silence, someone raised an essential question.

“Hehe, this elixir was personally inspected by our Gu Ni master and was found to be a second tier pill. There will not be a problem, everyone can be assured of that.” Ya Fei lightly laughed while responding.

Hearing that Gu Ni had personally inspected the pill, those with doubt didn’t question the validity of the pill anymore. Everyone knew that Gu Ni Master was a second tier Alchemist. in the entire Wu Tan City, even the clan leaders of the three clans were courteous towards him.

Xiao Yan lazily leaned on his chair and watched the excited atmosphere within the crowd. Letting out a light breath, he thought: Looks like this Foundation Elixir will bring quite a bit of income! Slightly shifting his gaze to his father, Xiao Yan realized that the previously calm expression on his father had slightly changed.

“8500!” Right when Ya Fei’s voice stopped, a person yelled out a price.

“9000!” Another price came right after the first price had been called.


The price quickly went up and within a couple of seconds, it got to 13,000!

Even though Xiao Yan’s father’s was somewhat excited, he didn’t call out a price immediately and instead closed his eyes, waiting for the small fry calls to stop.

The price went up again but soon, the voices died out. At that time, an elder also sitting in the first row lightly said: “20,000!”

After calling out that price, the final voices in the auction died out. Some of the hopeful looked towards that emotionless elder but could only sit back down, disappointed. They didn’t have the wealth to be in a price war with the Jia Lie Clan.

“Hehe, Jia Lie Bi, didn’t your son already become a Dou Zhe? Why are you still thinking about this Foundation Elixir?” A middle aged man who was also sitting in the first row turned around to fakely smile at Jia Lie Bi.

“Ao Ba Pa, can’t I buy it for my future grandson?” Jia Lie Bi obviously didn’t like the middle aged man and coldly sneered at the latter.

Let’s see if your luck lets you have a grandson, maybe some day your son finds himself without….After silently cursing at Jia Lie Bi, Ao Ba Pa also called out: “23,000!”



Within 10 minutes and under the surprised stares of everyone within the auction, the two were like dogs fighting over a meal and raised the price to 31,000!

“40,000!” The closed eyed Xiao Zhan suddenly spoke up.

Everyone within the auction hall went silent and switched their stares to Xiao Zhan. Even Ao Ba Pa and Jia Lie Bi were stunned by the sudden raise in the price.

“Hehe, Clan leader Xiao, looks like you really want this Foundation Elixir.” Jia Lie Bi smiled.

Xiao Zhan glanced at him and said: “If you want it, then just raise the price. I promise I won’t raise the price again.”

Jia Lie Bi paused and thought about the truth within Xiao Zhan’s words. Soon, he shook his head since his purpose here today wasn’t for the Foundation Elixir and to waste money that could have gone to that item was not a smart idea.

Ao Ba Pa on the other side, seeing that Jia Lie Bi stopped raising the price, also shrugged his shoulders. Even though the Foundation Elixir was extremely tempting, his goal wasn’t that. Therefore, he also stopped raising the price.

“Clan leader Xiao Zhan has bid 40,000 Gold Coins, is there anyone that wishes to raise the price?” Seeing the calm hall, Ya Fei smiled while reminding the crowd.

“Since no one has raised the price, this Foundation Elixir will go to clan leader Xiao Zhan!” Seeing that no one responded, Ya Fei was smart and lightly tapped her small hammer on the table, signalling that the Foundation Elixir had found its new owner.

In a remote area, Xiao Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After so much, he had received the money off of his father.

“Hehe, next, we’ll be auctioning the final auction item!” Placing the jade bottle back within the plate, Ya Fei waved her hand and the light in the hall dimmed. Bending down, she took out a silver plate and in the middle of the plate was a green, unadorned scroll.

The scroll was slightly glowing green and with the reflections off of the silver plate, it was cast in a mysterious light.

“High Xuan Level Qi Method: Hurricane Chant!”

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