Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 23: The Scramble

Chapter 23:The Scramble

The moment Ya Fei said High Level Xuan Qi Method, the entire auction went silent.

Compared to the Foundation Elixir, Dou Qi Methods were infinitely more valuable.

Even though pills were expensive, they were a one-time use item. But Qi Methods would last for one’s entire life and can even be inherited by one’s sons and grandsons. So from a long term standpoint, a high level Qi Method was much more sought after compared to pills.

After all, once a person has a high level Qi Method, even without the support of pills, that person can become a force to be reckoned with after a period of time. On the other hand, if one doesn’t have a Qi Method and only has pills, then even if that person is eating pills like they are candy, he still would not become too strong.

After a brief moment of shock, the auctioneers recovered and sent their burning gazes at the green scroll at the middle of the hall. Even the charming Ya Fei seemed to have been forgotten…

Sitting in the back row, Xiao Yan let out a breath. High Xuan Level Qi Method? No wonder… The Qi Method is an entire tier higher than Xiao Clan’s top Qi Method, Furious Lion’s Rage. No wonder that the three clan leaders in Wu Tan City came here in person. So they were all gunning for this…

“A High Xuan Level…” Watching the motionless green scroll, Xiao Yan instinctively licked his lips. To own that scroll would basically mean that they have a pass to become a top Dou Zhe and after a few decades, there would be a new force that would rival the three clans in Wu Tan City.

“It’s only a High Xuan Level Qi Method, what’s so special about that.” Right when Xiao Yan was fantasizing about the Qi Method, Yao Lao’s voice awkwardly sounded within Xiao Yan.

“Only…” Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yan felt that there was a huge gap between him and the old geezer that would claim top tier Qi Methods were trash. He could only purse his lips and remain silent.

“Brat, just keep on training. The day that you become a Dou Zhe, I’ll let you see what a high tier Qi Method is!” After Yao Lao finished his thought, he became silent again.

Pursing his lips again, Xiao Yan muttered: “I hope so.”


“Everyone, this Xuan Level Qi Method was found by a hunter in the mountains. It must have been left behind by an ancestor so it won’t bring anyone any trouble after they buy it. Everyone can bid without fearing that there may be consequences.” Ya Fei carefully held up the green scroll and lightly said.

“Lady Ya Fei, can you set the bottom price already!” One of the auctioneers impatiently yelled out.

Keeping her charming smile, Ya Fei said: “Hurricane Chant, bottom price, 200,000 Gold Coins!”

After she called out the bottom price, the auction house became visibly quieter. Obviously, a lot of the auctioneers didn’t have the wealth to buy such an expensive item.

In a remote region, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but shake his head. This woman kills people without spilling blood! 200,000 Gold Coins is equal to the profits of Xiao Clan for an entire two years!

TL: Killing people without spilling blood means to indirectly “kill” someone, something like I leave a huge cliffhanger at the end of this chapter :P Of course that won’t happen

Xiao Zhan and the other two clan leaders visibly shivered. But they could do nothing about the price, for something as valuable as this; they would be willing to pay such a high price to obtain it. Even if they didn’t want to buy it, someone else would.

Under the 200,000 price, no one bid at all.

Facing the awkward atmosphere, Ya Fei kept her charming smile. She knew that the attraction of this Qi Method was so huge that people would be willing to use their entire fortune to buy it.

Just like her prediction, the lack of bids didn’t last for long. A nearly bald middle aged man shakily yelled out: “210,000!”

Xiao Yan looked towards the voice; he knew this bald middle aged man. The bald man was the owner of a weapon shop that nearly monopolized the entire weapons market in Wu Tan City. Even though he couldn’t compare to the three clan leaders, he was still quite powerful.

“230,000!” Right after the weapon shop owner yelled out his price, a yellow robed elder also called out his price.

The yellow robed elder was a huge medicine merchant that owned quite a few shops in Wu Tan City. Like the middle aged man, he couldn’t compare to the three clan leaders but nevertheless, he was quite powerful.

Giving an evil eye to the elder, the bald middle aged man yelled out again: “240,000!”

Within the auction house, there were only a few bids. After all, the 200,000 price was enough to bar the majority of auctioneers from bidding.

“300,000!” Right when the previous two were about to quit bidding, Jia Lie Bi in the first row finally called out his bid.

After Jia Lie Bi called out his bid, the two helplessly back down.

“330,000!” In Wu Tan City, the only people that could rival Jia Lie Clan were Xiao Clan and Ao Ba Clan. This price was called out by Ao Ba Clan’s clan leader, Ao Ba Pa.

Coldly glancing at Ao Ba Pa, Jia Lie Bi coldly said: “350,000!”

Ao Ba Pa forced out: “370,000!”



Under Ao Ba Pa’s continuous raises, Jia Lie Bi followed without hesitation. It seems like he was prepared to get the scroll at any cost.

When the price got to 430,000, Ao Ba Pa had to stop bidding. 430,000 was enough to force the powerful Ao Ba Clan into a financial crisis.

“450,000!” Seeing Ao Ba Pa back down, Jia Lie Bi didn’t have a chance to celebrate before Xiao Zhan’s bid his price.

Coldly staring at Xiao Zhan, Jia Lie Bi was full of rage. In the three clans, Xiao Clan and Ao Ba Clan had Middle Xuan Level Qi Methods but Jia Lie Clan only had a Low Xuan Level Qi Method which is why Jia Lie Bi was willing to pay any price to get this High Xuan Qi Method.

Under the gleeful look of Ao Ba Pa, Jia Lie Bi clenched his teeth and spit out: “460,000!”

“500,000!” The impassive Xiao Zhan raised the price to a whole new level!

At the center of the auction hall, watching the two fight over the bids, Ya Fei’s beautiful smile became even more charming.

“550,000!” His eyes red, Jia Lie Bi finally decided to raise the price again after a brief pause.

“You’ve won.” Contrary to everyone’s predictions, after Xiao Zhan heard Jia Lie Bi’s bid, Xiao Zhan only smiled and taunted Jia Lie Bi.

The surprise in Jia Lie Bi’s expression was quickly replaced with a dark face. The rational side of him knew that he had been played…

“Xiao Zhan, you win! I’ll remember this!” After cursing at Xiao Zhan, Jia Lie Bi raised his head to look at the stunned Ya Fei. Even though he was extremely angry, he wasn’t one to be dictated by his emotions and with a dark face suppressed his emotions: “Lady Ya Fei, should the auction end?”

Not changing expressions because of Jia Lie Bi’s angry stare, Ya Fei calmly smiled. Her eyes contained a hint of ridicule and under the tense stare of Jia Lie Bi lightly tapped the hammer in her hand.

“Hurricane Chant, won by Jia Lie Clan Leader!”

Seeing the final moments of the auction, Xiao Yan smiled and slowly got up, leaving the auction house.

“Hahh, once I get the money, I’ll start training. One year later, I need to give father a surprise.” When he was at the door steps of the auction house, Xiao Yan lightly muttered.

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