Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 29: An Important Day

Chapter 29:An Important Day

The final three months had mostly passed and it was only a single month away from Xiao Yan’s coming of age ceremony.

Within the clean room, Xiao Yan blankly stared at the green liquid inside the wood basin. What he was looking at was the last of the Foundation Elixir. At the final few stages of Duan Qi, it was becoming incredibly difficult to raise his Duan Qi. Xiao Yan’s 7 Duan Qi hadn’t been rising by much for the past three months and the feeling of breaking through to 8 Duan Qi never came to Xiao Yan.

Staring at the basin like a fool for a while, Xiao Yan finally pulled back his gaze while shaking his head: “Can I use this last Foundation Elixir to get to 8 Duan Qi?”

Slowly straightening his numb body, Xiao Yan, surprisingly, didn’t start training. Instead, he took out black clothes from his closet…

The month before the Coming of Age Ceremony, all of the participants in the ceremony had to attend a test. The test was to eliminate those whose Dou Qi wasn't high enough. Those that had more than 7 Duan Qi were allowed a chance to go into the Dou Qi Hall to find a Qi Method after completing their Coming of Age Ceremony. On the other hand, those that were below 7 Duan Qi would lose that chance and be “exiled” to the clan’s property after the ceremony. Unless they show exceptional talent or bravery, they would never get a chance to become part of the inner circle of the Xiao Clan…

Right after he put on his clothes, a light knock came from the door.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you there?”

Hearing a high girly voice, Xiao Yan’s brows jumped while he quickly buttoned his clothes before hiding the wood basin in a overlooked corner. After checking that all was fine, he slowly waltzed to the door and opened the door.

When the door opened, warm sunshine flew onto him and Xiao Yan with the black clothing seemed especially spirited.

Outside of the door, a young girl wearing a light and refreshing green robe with a purple cloth belt was patiently waiting for Xiao Yan...

Watching the girl outside of his door, Xiao Yan was shocked for quite a while before recovering and said: “This early, I thought it was a goddess that came down but taking a closer look, it was Xun Er!”

Hearing Xiao Yan taunting praise, Xun Er’s agile eyes blinked and her small mouth curved into a smile. However, from her brows that were almost in the shape of a crescent moon, one could tell the happiness she felt.

With a hint of happiness in her eyes, Xun Er raised her delicate chin and started examining the young man in front of her.

After a year’s worth of training, Xiao Yan had grown out of his naivety and instead, on his delicate and well-figured face were a few hints of manly charm. After a long period of beat receiving training, his overall body tone was full of muscles and even though he was covered by a black shirt, his figure seemed rippling with energy.

Walking out of the room and closing the door, Xiao Yan finally saw the dumbstruck Xun Er that wasn’t even blinking as she stared at him. Confused, Xiao Yan took a look of himself and asked: “Is there anything wrong with me?”

Her beautiful face blushing, Xun Er quickly moved her sight away and smiled: “Let’s go Xiao Yan ge-ge. Today’s the pre-test for the Coming of Age Ceremony, are you ready?”

Narrowing his eyes, Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders while his lips went up with a stubborn pride. His hands slowly curled into fists as he said: “The title of cripple, I’ll return it to those that gave it to me today!”

Watching the confident Xiao Yan, Xun Er also nodded her head: “I believe in Xiao Yan ge-ge!”

“Of course you believe in me; you’ve probably determined what Duan Qi I'm at already.” Xiao Yan gave her a white eye and helplessly said.

Watching the depressed Xiao Yan, Xun Er slightly nodded her head but quickly responded: “Getting to 7 Duan Qi from 3 Duan Qi in less than a year. Xiao Yan ge-ge’s talent, even Xun Er’s talent is far inferior to yours…”

“Alright let’s go!”

Xiao Yan touched his nose and affectionately tapped Xun Er’s head. Then he quickly starting taking huge strides to the clan’s training field.

Watching the completely different backline of Xiao Yan, without the sadness and loneliness from the past, Xun er smiled and muttered: “Xiao Yan ge-ge, Xun Er knew that you would take back your respect and honor…”


On the green rocked training field, at least a hundred boys and girls were waiting there. Their chatter was like a low roar that spread quite far.

At the middle of the training field was a huge black monument which was a testing monument that only clans with quite a bit of power could own because of its high price. Next to the black monument was the same impassive tester from 1 year ago.

On an elevated platform to the left of the training field were the clan’s more prominent members. At the middle of the platform was the clan leader, Xiao Zhan, surrounded by the three elders.

Inside the field, the about to be tested examinees were all standing. Those that performed quite highly before didn’t show much stress on their faces while those that didn’t have much talent had tense and scared faces.

Xiao Zhan examined the people in the training field with a dark face and sighed inwardly. Yan Er, can you pass this test?

“Clan leader, it’s almost time! Why isn’t Xiao Yan here yet?” The second elder furrowed his brows and asked.

Xiao Zhan gave him a sideways glance and said: “It’s not time yet, why be in such a hurry? The second elder I know isn’t such a hasty person.”

With the rebuttal from Xiao Zhan, the second elder’s face was somewhat ugly when he coldly retorted: “Even if you gave him that Foundation Elixir, he can’t possibly get to 7 Duan Qi in one month! You should stop hoping for some miracle.”

Hearing that, Xiao Zhan’s face flashed with anger. He was also worrying about that and the second elder hit his soft spot. But right when he was about respond to the second elder’s barebone words, a slight disturbance occurred in examinees in the training field.

Looking towards the disturbance, Xiao Zhan saw two shadows slowly coming over from the end of the path leading to the training field. Their steps weren’t hurried, as if they were unaffected by today’s test.

Narrowing his eyes to get a better sight of the black clothed young man’s light smile, Xiao Zhan didn’t know why but he felt much, much better all of a sudden….

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