Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 30: The one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end

Chapter 30:The one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end

Watching the Xiao Yan who was coming with Xun Er, the young men in the training field showed a face full of envy and disdain. In the entire Xiao Clan, the only one who was close to Xun Er was the famous cripple!

At the edge of the field and surrounded by a huge number of peers, Xiao Ning stared at Xiao Yan with anger emanating from his eyes.

“Little bastard, after today, let’s see if you have enough face to be with Xun Er.” With a low curse, Xiao Ning smiled thinking about the misfortune about to befall Xiao Yan.

Ignoring the gazes of envy and anger, Xiao Yan brought Xun Er to the back of the line and started chatting.

Watching the relaxed Xiao Yan, the people on the platform were all surprising thinking that maybe Xiao Yan didn’t know how this test would change his future…

“Hehe, he knows he’s going to fail.” The second elder teased.

The second elder was expecting Xiao Zhan to rage against him but after waiting for quite a while, Xiao Zhan didn’t say anything. In shock, the second elder tilted his head to look at Xiao Zhan.

“Second elder, instead of predictions, you should look at the results. Or else, when the time comes, you’d be throwing away face…” Xiao Zhan gave a deep glance at Xiao Yan who was relaxing under the sun.

His mouth twitching, the second elder retorted: “Hope so. I’m also hoping that he can bring me some surprises.”

“Alright, it’s time. Let’s start!” The first elder cut both of them off and started the test.

Xiao Zhan nodded while standing up.Taking a look at the silent training field, he roared: “You are all new blood of the Xiao Clan and should know the importance of this test. From the test, if you’re above 7 Duan Qi then you’ve made it. However, if you didn’t make it, you can challenge someone that’s about 7 Duan Qi according to the rules. If you win, you will also make it!”

“Alright, now that everyone knows the rules, let’s start the test!”

With Xiao Zhan’s low roar, the trainees all began to tense up.

Besides the black monument, the impassive operator stepped up and took out a heavy pamphlet that had all of the names. His cold voice made him seem like the devil to people called out by him.

Cross legged sitting on the clean and smooth ground. Xiao Yan calmly watched those whose Dou Qi didn’t make the requirement and were crying. Coldly pursing his lips, he didn’t feel any pity for them; he knew from first hand experience that they loved to pick on those that had lower Dou Qi than them, in particular, the “cripple” that was once a genius.

When they were insulting clansmen that were of lower Dou Qi than themselves, they probably never thought that this day would come.

The one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end.

Xun Er sitting next to Xiao Yan also was impassive. Like a lotus that wouldn’t be affected by the mud around it, she slowly twirled her head while sneaking peeks at Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Mei!”

The operator’s cold voice brought a jump to Xiao Yan brows and his closed eyelids slowly went up.

Xun Er who was intently watching Xiao Yan from the side curled her nose as she saw Xiao Yan’s actions.

Hmm, she used to be quite close to Xiao Yan ge-ge…. While narrowing her eyes, Xun Er stared at the red clothed girl walking up.

Soon, Xun Er blinked and tilted her head to look at Xiao Yan’s curved smile, saying: “I’m quite curious about what kind of attitude she’ll have towards Xiao Yan ge-ge after today.”

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and whispered back:”Some things, once destroyed, will always be destroyed. No matter how much it’s repaired, there will always be an obvious crack. In this clan, there aren’t many people that I approve of…”

“Does Xun Er count?” Xun Er’s red mouth made a mischievous smile as she asked Xiao Yan.

Taking a strand of Xun Er’s hair and gently slipping it through his finger, Xiao Yan answered: “Of course!”

Her large eyes curved into beautiful crescent moons while her actual gaze fell upon a blank space. The sight of her was entrancing…

Back when we were still small, he would sneak into my room and try to help me improve my body. Even though it was such a stupid method that looking back on it, I can’t believe that he would have thought it up, he still continued it for 2 years...

A smile appeared on her delicate face bringing out two cute dimples. Turning her head, Xun Er thought: In this entire clan, there aren’t many people that Xun Er approves of either, only you…

From afar, Xiao Ning felt his face twitching when he say the close conversation between Xiao Yan and Xun Er. Jealousy raged in his heart while he resisted the urge to go over there and destroy “perfect” scene.

“Dou Zi Li: 8 Duan!”

TL: Dou Zi Li, Dou Qi and Dou Zi Qi are all the same thing - Dou Qi

On the black monument, a bright light was emitted as those words were displayed on it.

“Xiao Mei: Dou Zi Li, 8 Duan, High level!” Taking a glance at the black monument, the impassive operator slightly nodded while calling out her score.

Hearing the operator’s voice, Xiao Mei let out a breath as her face became filled with pride. To go from 7 Duan Qi to 8 Duan Qi in just one year was an accomplishment that would net her among the top 5 in her generation. With such an impressive result, it was no wonder that she would be so excited.

The operator’s voice led a huge disturbance within within the training fields as glances of envy and jealousy fell towards Xiao Mei.

“To raise 1 Duan Qi in 1 year, barely decent…” Touching his nose, Xiao Yan calmly evaluated.

“Yup.” Xun Er played with her hair as she carelessly glanced over Xiao Mei who was surrounded by her friends like a princess.

But after Xiao Mei, out of the dozen or so people, only one person got to 7 Duan Qi. The rest were all eliminated.

“Xiao Xun Er!”

The impassive operator, surprisingly, had a bit of emotion when he called this name.

Everyone’s gaze fell upon Xun Er who was sitting next to Xiao Yan as they heard that name.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, don’t be too surprised later…” Standing up, Xun Er bent down to mischievously smile at Xiao Yan.

His brows twitching, Xiao Yan watched the beautiful backline of Xun Er as he muttered: “Did she become a Dou Zhe?”

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