Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1239 - Safety

Chapter 1239: Safety

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Lin Yi cut open the man’s chest, but he didn’t kill the man.

Killing the man would result in the man’s death, hence setting off the bomb here through the implanted remote, so Lin Yi didn’t act recklessly.

“Argh-” The man yelled miserably, and the sharp pain from his chest was unbearable. He was a deadly warrior, and he wasn’t afraid of dying, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid of pain!

“Do you feel good now? Didn’t you want to play a suicide game?” Lin Yi ignored the man’s yells. He cleanly cut open the man’s chest. This level of surgery was extremely easy for Lin Yi.

“You’re not human!” The man yelled.

He finally regretted it. Why did he have to play the game with Lin Yi? If he knew that he was going to suffer so much, he should’ve killed himself from biting the poison capsule and bomb this monster! But now, he couldn’t even move other than speaking, how could he commit suicide?

“Do you want to die?” Lin Yi asked lightly, “Don’t worry, you’ll die as in a while. After I take out the remote control, you can die.”

The man knew that it was useless no matter what he said, and it would only make Lin Yi laugh at him. Hence, he closed his eyes and refused to speak.

Soon, Lin Yi found the location of the remote in the man’s chest. The control was delicate, and it looked like it was the most advanced technology. It was planted next to the heart and using the heart rate to control it.

A famous terrorist organization in the world definitely would have advanced technology, and they shouldn’t underestimate it.

Lin Yi heard of Red Conches before, but he never dealt with them. The majority of Lin Yi’s missions were him taking money and completing the mission, so it wasn’t strange that he didn’t meet an organization like the Red Conches.

And now, Lin Yi looked concerned as he studied the control. In order for the control to stop functioning, he had to break the electricity supply or emission control.

However, it wasn’t something difficult for Lin Yi. He stretched out his hand and grabbed onto one side of the control, and the jade pendant began to send off alerts. It should be a dangerous spot. If Lin Yi broke that part, it’d set off the bomb.

Lin Yi changed the place, and the jade was still sending signals, Lin Yi wasn’t in a hurry, and he continued to change place until the jade stopped sending signals, Lin Yi broke it without hesitation.

He heard the sound of metal breaking, and half of the control turned into powder as it was easy for a mystic division master.

Lin Yi took out the part that was broken and checked the inside carefully. As expected, he found wireless emission control inside, and now that the circuit was broken, the control would be like a toothless tiger even if it was set off.

Now, it would be harmless even if it was started.

Lin Yi pulled the rest of the control away from the man’s heart without caring about his life.

Death warriors didn’t have any values left. They won’t expose any useful information. Hence, Lin Yi didn’t care if he was going to die or not.

As expected, Lin Yi didn’t hear any explosions after pulling away from the control, and they were safe.

“Impossible, that’s impossible!” The man looked at Lin Yi in shock as he didn’t expect Lin Yi to uninstall the control so easily without setting off any bombs.

Lin Yi wasn’t bothered to talk further. He threw the control on the floor and stomped on top of it, turning it into powder. He then cut off the rope on Feng Xiaoxiao’s feet and hands without hesitation, the blade didn’t even touch her clothes.

“Oh my, Lin Yi, you almost scared me to death!” Feng Xiaoxiao was now free and immediately jumped onto Lin Yi.

“Haha, don’t worry, I was just playing around with this idiot!” Lin Yi patted the back of Feng Xiaoxiao’s back and comforted.

“I thought that you wouldn’t be stupid enough to suicide!” Feng Xiaoxiao felt relieved, “But it was so dangerous, I won’t be able to live for long anyways, there’s no need for you to risk your life to save me.”

“Even if you are dead and only a corpse, I will bring you back, not to mention that you are still alive? Don’t say anything stupid now, I will think of something about your illness.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay!” Feng Xiaoxiao nodded. Through what happened this time, she became more and more confident in Lin Yi. Perhaps Lin Yi will really be able to cure her condition!

“Come on, let’s go back, your Dad is worried,” Lin Yi put Feng Xiaoxiao down and said.

“Okay! What about this guy?” Feng Xiaoxiao pointed at the man with his chest still cut open on the couch.

“Oh, isn’t he a death warrior? He’ll die soon,” Lin Yi replied indifferently.

When he was taking away the control, he knew that the man was going to die. The control was planted around his heart, and it’ll damager his heart severely. In a while, the man would die from excess bleeding, but Lin Yi didn’t think it was necessary for him to stop the bleeding. Even if his energy was free, but he didn’t want to heal the enemy at all.

The man’s life had nothing to do with Lin Yi, and he didn’t feel sorry for the man at all.

“Oh, goodbye then! Don’t be a death warrior next life. It’s too scary!” Feng Xiaoxiao waved her hands at the man and farewelled.

The man rolled his eyes and closed them. He knew that his life was going to end soon, and at this moment, he felt a sense of horror that he never felt before. He was raised up as a death warrior, but he never felt like this before!

For the first time in his life, he felt like he didn’t want to die, but there was nothing he could do. Lin Yi wouldn’t save him, and he was dead for sure!

The man closed his eyes with regret and unwillingness.

Lin Yi brought Feng Xiaoxiao back downstairs without casting a second glance at the man. This person was only a passerby in Lin Yi’s life, and he didn’t even want to speak another word when he fell down in front of Lin Yi.

When Lin Yi held Feng Xiaoxiao’s hand and walked out of the building’s front door, all the police and officers from the investigation office were shocked.

Lin Yi really saved Feng Xiaoxiao from an extremely dangerous situation like this! He was so calm, and there were no signs of panic as they walked out steadily!

What did that say? They were safe now, and there was no need to worry about explosions! But wasn’t the control in that death warrior’s body?

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