Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1240 - Lin Yi's Suggestion

Chapter 1240: Lin Yi’s Suggestion

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Lin Yi’s Suggestion

So how did Lin Yi do it? He controlled the death warrior and didn’t kill him? But how could Lin Yi make sure that the death warrior wouldn’t commit suicide? And now, where was that death warrior?

These questions formed in their minds, but it obviously wasn’t the time to ask right now.

The only thing they could do is to report it to their superiors at once! The police called Song Lingshan and reported the situation immediately, and the others reported it to Feng Tianlong.

When Song Lingshan and Feng Tianlong knew that Lin Yi took Feng Xiaoxiao out of the building safely, they were all shocked.

Did Lin Yi really do it?

Feng Tianlong didn’t greet Song Lingshan and sprinted towards building A-16.

“Team Leader Feng, aren’t you going to use the car?” Li Yifeng didn’t expect Feng Tianlong to run and quickly followed.

“Too much effort!” Feng Tianlong said, “I was one of the best in the investigation office, and my body is still in good condition!”

“Of course, you are still the best right now!” Li Yifeng started running with Feng Tianlong.

Song Lingshan received the information and felt relieved, and she was no longer in a hurry to see Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao. After all, she didn’t want to expose her care for Lin Yi, and she was relieved to know that they were safe.

“Leader Song, should we go and check on them too?” Liu Wangli knew Song Lingshan and Lin Yi’s relationship and whispered on the side.

“No need. Go with the others to disarm the bombs and help the residents settle back again,” Song Lingshan waved her hand. Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao just survived a threatening situation, and they probably won’t have time for her, so she didn’t bother to go with everyone else.

Seeing that Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao really appeared in front of everyone safely, Feng Tianlong was extremely touched. He ran over, and his voice changed, “Little Yi! Xiaoxiao! You are fine, great!”

“Uncle Feng, I successfully brought back my wife safely,” Lin Yi looked at the excited Feng Tianlong and calmly joked.

Lin Yi rarely called Feng Xiaoxiao ‘wife’ before, but he called her a few times already, making her blush. At the same time, she felt sweet inside, and she was happy that Lin Yi was more accepting.

“Haha, that’s true! Xiaoxiao is your girlfriend, and it’s your duty to protect her. I won’t say any excessive words then!” Feng Tianlong paused for a while but immediately laughed after hearing Lin Yi’s words. He was about to thank Lin Yi more but stopped.

“There’s no need to thank me in the first place,” Lin Yi smiled, “But I hope that you can solve Red Conches’ problems soon. I don’t want this to happen again. Kill that second head in charge. If he’s dead, they will stop having this kind of plans!”

Feng Tianlong paused for a while but immediately nodded!

This was the Lin Yi that he knew before; Lin Yi never hesitated to kill those who should be killed. Feng Tianlong had seen Lin Yi’s nice side for so long and forgot that Lin Yi used to be a cold-blooded special agent!

“What about that death warrior? What happened to him?” Feng Tianlong asked.

“Dead, probably,” Lin Yi didn’t know if the man was still alive or not, but he obviously won’t live for long.

“Dead?” Feng Tianlong was shocked, “The control inside his body…”

“I took it out and destroyed it, you can order people to get rid of those now,” Lin Yi said, “Uncle Feng, you won’t blame me for making decisions by myself, will you?”

“Why would I?” Feng Tianlong smiled bitterly, “You solved this problem so easily. I should be thanking you. Why would I blame you for it? If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything! If we could shoot the death warrior, we would’ve done it a long time ago!”

“But, of course, Lin Yi is the best!” Feng Xiaoxiao replied happily.

Before, Feng Xiaoxiao would often admire her father when she was young as she thought her father was all mighty, but now, her admiration shifted to Lin Yi.

“Ha… right, Lin Yi would be more outstanding than me if he remained here,” Feng Tianlong didn’t mind it but exclaimed.

“Alright, Uncle Feng, I’ll leave everything here to you. Xiaoxiao should live with me for now,” Lin Yi already thought of doing this, but Feng Xiaoxiao declined it. But now, living with Lin Yi should be the best plan!

Living with Lin Yi could make sure that Feng Xiaoxiao was safe. Who knows what Red Conches will do after this? Even if they kill their second head in charge, they could still take revenge against them.

Wen they faced unknown danger, the only thing Lin Yi could do was to minimize it and hold everything in his own hands.

“Of course, but Miss Chu…” Feng TIanlong was worried about Chu Mengyao.

Tang Yun and Feng Xiaoxiao got along well, but it didn’t mean that Feng Xiaoxiao’s relation was good with Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, so it was normal for Feng Tianlong to be worried.

“Uncle Feng, don’t worry. Yaoyao and Shu get along with Xiaoxiao well. We even went to the beach to play a few days ago.” Lin Yi laughed.

“That’s great!” Feng Tianlong nodded.

Feng Xiaoxiao was surprised by Lin Yi’s suggestion, but she nodded in agreement as Lin Yi put her safety into consideration.

She was indeed good friends with Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, but she wasn’t as close with them as with Tang Yun. Even with friends, there were different levels of intimacy. Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t talk to them often, and she felt awkward to live with them.

Lin Yi drove back to the mansion with Feng Xiaoxiao.

On the way there, Lin Yi called Tang Yun to report their safety.

“Yunyun, it’s me, Lin Yi,” Tang Yun quickly picked up. She heard from Chu Mengyao that Feng Xiaoxiao was kidnapped. How could she sleep? Although it was late, she still waited on her phone for Lin Yi’s news. She didn’t dare to call Lin Yi because she was worried that she would interrupt them.

Tang Yun was excited to hear Lin Yi’s voice, “Lin Yi, how are you? Did you save Xiaoxiao? Are you two fine?”

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