Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1241 - Coversation

Chapter 1241: Coversation

Chapter 1240 – Conversation

Tang Yun asked a bunch of questions in one breath–it was clear that she had been worried sick.

“Both Xiaoxiao and I are fine. Don’t worry. We’re coming home right now. I’m thinking of letting Xiaoxiao live with Yao Yao for a while for her safety. And also in case, her sickness acted up- I’d be able to help her then!” Lin YI said.

“Oh? Let Xiaoxiao live with you? That’s a good plan!” Tang Yun wasn’t jealous or anything. She was actually quite happy. “You’re right. You’d be able to help her right away if something went wrong!”

“Haha, I knew you’d think too much.” Lin Yi took a deep breath- Tang Yun’s reasonableness took him by surprise. Was this the same person who went to war with Mengyao back at Fatty Lai’s house?

“Of course not, don’t think of me like I’m so petty.” Tang Yun grinned. “You’re driving, right? Give the phone to Xiaoxiao. I’ll talk to her a bit.”

“Okay.” With that, he passed it to Xiaoxiao.

Lin Yi was someone who had received intense training- even someone at his strength level would be in danger if they didn’t focus on driving and used his phone. Although that wasn’t much for him- he was good at multitasking.

Xiaoxiao had been listening to the conversation since the car was really quiet, and she really felt grateful towards Tang Yun! Sometimes she felt that the heavens really did take care of her, not only giving her such a loving, caring boyfriend but even making her best friends with his girlfriend as well!

Tang Yun’s care for her that came from her heart was completely void of any insincerity- Xiaoxiao could feel that much!

“Tang Yun sis, thank you for worrying about me, I’m fine…” Xiaoxiao said gratefully.

“We’re sisters- no need to thank me, right?” Tang Yun only smiled slightly. “As long as you’re fine!”

“Yeah… I know you’re the best, Yun Yun sis, other big wives would kill to get the small wife, dad!” Xiaoxiao grinned.

“What are you on about again? And there’s Lin Yi with you, of course, you wouldn’t die!” Tang Yun said, her voice lowered suddenly. “Right, Xiaoxiao, I have a mission for you when you go move in with Yao Yao and Shu…”

“Oh? What is it…” Xiaoxiao was interrupted.

“Don’t say anything- don’t let Lin Yi hear…” Tang Yun said.

“Oh…” Xiaoxiao responded, curious. What sort of mission was she going to give her? And to do it behind Lin Yi’s back? Could this be an assassination on Mengyao and Yushu?

Seriously? Xiaoxiao was quite frightened at the thought. Mengyao and Yushu, more or less, had feelings for Lin Yi, and she knew this. Could Tang Yun have realized as well and wanted her to take them out?

But she shouldn’t be that kind of person, right?

“Xiaoxiao, when you move in, help me pay attention to the relationship between Lin Yi and Mengyao and Shu… See if there’s anything special there?” Tang Yun herself felt embarrassed saying it. “I’m not suspecting anything. I’m just curious… Shu told me that Lin Yi has something with Yao Yao, and so I just wanted to confirm… If it’s too difficult, let’s drop it…”

Tang Yun felt that the things she was thinking up weren’t very ethical… Why did it seem like she was planting a spy beside Lin Yi? She should believe him since she loved him, what was with these suspicions?

But Tang Yun really was curious- was there really nothing at all between them even after living together for so long?

Of course, Tang Yun only wanted to make sure. Even if they were to find out something, Tang Yun wouldn’t voice it out to Lin Yi, Mengyao, or Yushu.

She’d said it already- it was a fair war, and now that all of them were friends, it only meant that Mengyao and Yushu were better than her at war. If they really did have something going on with Lin Yi… Tang Yun would work hard herself, and not lose…

As for revenge- this wasn’t something she’d even considered. She just wanted to know.

“Okay, alright, got it!” Xiaoxiao said instantly. This was nothing difficult for her, and it didn’t pose any ethical problems to her as well. She said yes without a blink.

But, even though Tang Yun had lowered her voice, Lin Yi’s ears weren’t some normal guy’s ears. He heard everything! He felt a bit amused by the two girls’ conversation but was fine with it.

It was only reasonable for Tang Yun to have these thoughts, but the fact that she didn’t confront him about it and investigated on her own made Lin Yi feel that perhaps Tang Yun had really changed? She was a bit different from that stubborn girl he met before.

The one that always gritted her teeth, trying to fight him, was gone. What replaced that was a kind and warm girl.

After talking a bit more with Xiaoxiao, she hung up.

And Xiaoxiao casually handed the phone to Lin Yi, as if nothing had happened.

Lin Yi didn’t say anything as well.

They parked in front of the door at the villa, and the two girls opened the door upon hearing the engine. Mengyao breathed out in relief upon seeing him.

Lin Yi’s serious face when he left made the two girls jump in fright. They didn’t even have a chance to ask questions, and only after seeing that he was fine did they relax.

The two were worried about the same boy- this wasn’t something that could’ve happened in the past. The two lived a life without trouble and worried, sleeping at night when it was time. Now, however, the two were sitting in the living room, quietly waiting.

“Yao Yao, Shu, you two didn’t sleep yet?” Lin Yi got off the car and looked at the two girls, feeling touched.

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