Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1357 - It's Very Obvious

Chapter 1357: It’s Very Obvious

Chapter 1356 – It’s Very Obvious

“Ah!” Lingshan blushed and turned her head away.

She wasn’t someone who was shy like this, especially due to her profession she didn’t really mind stuff like that. In front of Lin Yi, however, she started developing towards a little girl’s mentality for no reason.

Lin Yi didn’t bother with Lingshan, but quickly walked over and stripped Yutian’s clothes off. He didn’t want all of the clothes bursting into pieces; it’d be hard to explain to the others.

Plus, even if they didn’t explain, they couldn’t just let Yutian walk around in the tomb naked. He had to strop him first.

Yutian was almost breaking through, but he could hear Lin Yi’s words- he cooperated with Lin Yi’s actions.

The qi inside the tomb wasn’t as full as the jade space, but it was much, much thicker than the city. He’d absorbed enough qi from Lin Yi already, and he didn’t need to bother with the natural qi of the world.

But even so, the qi in the tomb was pulled around him, circling his body…

Lin Yi had experienced that as well, so he didn’t panic. After taking his clothes off, he waited.

A few hours passed, and the qi started swirling even more intensely, until finally- he broke through!

In truth, this was an expected result, but he still let out a breath of relief when Yutian succeeded, a relaxed smile on his face. It looked like his plan worked! If Yutian could do this, so could Lingshan.

“I broke through! Lin Yi, I really broke through, I’m a Mystic now!” Yutian said after a brief pause, jumping up and running to Lin Yi and Lingshan. “Lingshan, I’m really a Mystic now!”

“Really??” Lingshan turned over happily, only to see a naked Yutian running over her face darkening. “What on earth are you doing, are you streaking?”

“Ah??” Yutian looked down and remembered that he was naked- the excitement and pushed out his senses. He started feeling a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I’ll go get dressed…”

Lingshan didn’t see it very clearly but was still quite pissed- especially when she saw a man in front of Lin Yi. It made things awkward for her! With a hmph, she turned away and ignored Yutian.

“Alright, since the test was okay, you wear your clothes then, I’ll help strengthen Lingshan up…” Lin Yi said after confirming that this worked.

It took around five hours for him to level Yutian up, and he didn’t know when Old Hei would be back- he needed to hurry! He didn’t think that Elder Yu would attack him right when they come back, but the problem was Lingshan needed to strip as well- Yutian was fine, but Lingshan was a girl!

“I… Do I need to take my clothes off too?” Lingshan looked at Lin Yi, her face red.

“Yeah, you’d have to, this time.” Lin Yi smiled, making a joke. She was trying to strip the last time he leveled her up, though he didn’t ask her to back then.

He felt that it all seemed surreal, now that he thought about it.

“Making fun of me…” Lingshan glared. “Fine, I’ll take them off, so what? It’s not like you never saw me naked before!”

Back in the cell in the kidney thieves’ base, Lingshan had already gotten her body exposed to Lin Yi, and even shamelessly called out his name- but that didn’t mean she was an open person. In fact, she was actually quite traditional. She wouldn’t have had zero relationship experience otherwise.

“Let’s go inside the tunnel first…” Lingshan said as she looked at the other path.

“We can just turn off the flashlight.” Lin Yi said while turning it off.

It was just leveling up, it was fine and didn’t really matter.

Lingshan was a bit disappointed- she wanted to show off her proud body to Lin Yi for a bit since she was a practitioner with an especially fit physique. Not only was she symmetrical, but her skin was also really supple as well. This was where she was the proudest- it had to be much better than Tang Yun or Xiaoxiao.

But, talking about the fact would take away her advantage. Tang Yun and Xiaoxiao were on the same level as her.

“You can look if you want…” Lingshan said unwillingly.

“…” Lin Yi was a bit speechless. Wasn’t this too obvious? But he had already gotten used to her behavior already, so he scolded her a bit impatiently. “Stop talking so much. Time is limited- I won’t want you anymore if Old Hei comes back and sees everything!”

“Ah- okay!” Lin Yi’s threat was effective- Lingshan was worried that he’d think she was dirty or something if another man saw her naked, so she quickly stripped and let Lin Yi begin.

Lingshan had decided to hold on to someone as powerful as Lin Yi- not only because he was the type she liked, but also because he was simply too strong! Following him would allow her to get more powerful as well!

If Lin Yi really stepped into Sky class one day, she’d be able to get there as well. It wasn’t a dream anymore! It’d be such a breeze, too, it was the dream of all practitioners!

Lingshan quickly took off her clothes, and puffed her chest up, thinking that she’d look in his direction. If he were to reach out, he’d touch her boobs- if she let him do that, then maybe he’d come begging to touch them in the future…

She had already started planning to seduce Lin Yi…

“Lin Yi, I’ve dressed already…” Yutian spoke up.

“Alright, you stay there first- that’s the path Old Hei took, tell me when you notice them coming.” Lin Yi said.

“Alright.” Yutian nodded, still not getting over the excitement. He was a Mystic now??

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