Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1358 - Exposed

Chapter 1358: Exposed

Chapter 1357 – Exposed

When he had just gotten back to Songshan, she was still a Golden class early phase- now he was one entire strength level above? He smiled bitterly- no wonder Lingshan liked Lin Yi if he were a girl, he’d feel reliant on Lin Yi as well! No matter which noble house got into a good relationship with Lin Yi, their future would be nothing but prosperous!

As long as Lin Yi was willing to help, the entire family could become a practitioner… Yes, it seemed he had to start thinking for House Chen…

His sister seemed to be in a good relationship with Lin Yi, right? Plus, Lin Yi seemed to treat his sister much better than Lingshan? It seemed like the future of their house would fall onto his sister’s shoulders!

With that thought, Yutian was getting excited- once Lingshan and he went to the noble house meeting as Mystic, then their houses’ positions would rise through the skies. Everyone would think they were practitioner geniuses!

But only Yutian knew the truth. Genius? Genius your ass! More like genius, through the help of his sister.

In complete darkness, Lin Yi couldn’t see anything, and he couldn’t find where Lingshan was- he stepped into the jade space to see her.

And what was in front of him was Miss Song with her voluptuous chest right in front of him. His started to sweat, and he looked… And looked… And looked a bit more in secret… It seemed like her chest wasn’t smaller than Shu’s. It looked amazing!

But he shouldn’t look at this sort of thing too much- sometimes thinking about stuff like this made him feel like he was wronging Xiaoxiao! He had to make her strong right now so that they could fight Elder Yu together.

“Why’re your boobs so high up in the air like that. Are you’re worried I wouldn’t touch them? Turn around!” Lin Yi barked.

“Ah?!” Lingshan didn’t expect that he could see her, and she couldn’t help but blush after getting exposed- the worse part was that Yutian wasn’t too far away, did he hear everything?

Lingshan wanted to stomp her foot, but remembering Lin Yi’s temper, she quietly turned around.

“Waste some qi first.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay…” Lingshan nodded and channeled her air before spamming the stone wall with attacks, treating it like it was Lin Yi.

“Alright, that’s about enough. Stand there and don’t move.” Lin Yi put his hands on her nerves and started channeling energy. A while later, he spoke. “Alright, channel your practitioner’s arts.”

It wasn’t the first time Lin Yi touched Lingshan, but that was when she was clothed- this was the first time she was naked, and her body tensed and heated up. She couldn’t help but remember the scene back in the kidney thieves’ base.

After a while, Lin Yi noticed that Lingshan wasn’t responding- her body was actually getting hotter and hotter. “What are you doing? Let’s start?”

“Oh oh oh oh!” Lingshan jumped in fright, throwing all those thoughts away as she channeled her practitioner’s arts.

The entire process was the same as Yutian’s, and this sort of forceful leveling up was very effective, although it did bring more pain. She was a tough girl, though, clenching her teeth and fighting through, not even making a sound- it impressed Lin Yi a bit.

The energy had gotten sent over, and the rest would be left to Lingshan. Lin Yi entered the jade space to practition as well as to protect Lingshan, paying attention to her situation. He was worried she wouldn’t be able to take it.

But luckily, she was- she held on, and the qi around them started swirling. Lin Yi knew that she was close.

“Fuu-!!” Lingshan let out a deep breath and jumped up! She broke through! She had reached late phase peak Golden class a bit earlier than Yutian, so she had been trying to get to Mystic for a bit longer. Naturally, she was happier than he was.

She jumped up and jumped onto Lin Yi, hugging him and planting a kiss on his cheek. “Lin Yi, I love you to death! I broke through!”

Lin Yi was a bit speechless, and he wanted to push her off, but it felt good- his impression of her was getting better, too. He was a normal person, after all, and after spending time together, the rejection and negative thoughts he had about her disappeared. Plus, she was really pretty, too, increasing the pressure.

In truth, if he wanted to dodge Lingshan, he really could’ve- but he had no defenses up against her at all. His hesitation of whether or not he should push LIngshan away also resulted in this scene.

“Alright, put your clothes on, Old Hei might be coming back!” Lin Yi said with a composed face.

“Oh…” Lingshan felt disappointed at Lin Yi’s impassive response, and quickly put her clothes on.

Lin Yi let out a breath of relief. He didn’t know when this girl had started liking him. Did she have masochistic tendencies or something? She didn’t seem to mind when he scolded her all the time?

After she was dressed up, Lin Yi turned on the flashlight. Yutian walked over as well, nodding to Lingshan. “Congrats, you’ve broken through as well!”

“You too!” Lingshan had returned to her usual self in front of Yutian. “It seemed like House Chen will also be a big player in the coming meeting.”

Yutian smiled.

“You guys rest first, I’m going to try it on General Weiwu.” Lin Yi said.

Weiwu should be able to go through the same thing since Lingshan and Yutian could. A Mystic dog- that would be quite nice. Mengyao and Yushu would be saved for sure in the future!

“Alright, you do your thing, we’ll guard the entrance for you and look out for Old Hei.” Lingshan nodded.

Lin Yi looked at Weiwu. “General Weiwu, you wanna level up? Like them?”

He pointed at Lingshan and Yutian.

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