Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1359 - Mystic Dog

Chapter 1359: Mystic Dog

Chapter 1358 – Mystic Dog

“Woof, woof!” Weiwu probably understood Lin Yi, barking and running over as if agreeing.

Lin Yi nodded and got Weiwu into his arms, although his situation was a bit special. He automatically absorbed the energy he sent over, and he didn’t know any practitioner’s arts- Lin Yi couldn’t use the same approach on him!

Remembering the last time he got hurt, the only plan Lin Yi had was to suck a bit of energy out of Weiwu before compressing it and sending it back. That might work.

With the idea in mind, he went to work.

Sitting down cross-legged, Lin Yi channeled his art of dragon mastery and started absorbing energy and practitioning, but without going to the jade space this time- he was directly taking it from Weiwu!

Lin Yi was already Mystic mid-phase peak, and breaking through would have to rely on him accumulating qi slowly and slowly, but even so, that was enough. As long as he let Weiwu lose some of his own qi, it was fine.

And so he stopped after absorbing a small amount. He compressed his own energy into a mini energy bomb and gave it back.

In a puff, Weiwu was instantly a balloon- his entire body was boated, his four legs spreading in all directions as his eyes popped, calling out in pain as it lay on the ground. “Woof-!!”

Lin Yi looked at the struggling Weiwu with pity but didn’t interfere. He could just suck it back out again, but that would mean he gave up on strengthening Weiwu up!

And so Lin Yi decided to let Weiwu use his own strength to get through this. Even if he got filled to almost bursting, Lin Yi could heal him as long as he didn’t die. There wasn’t too much to worry about.

Lingshan and Yutian were both shocked at Weiwu’s situation as well, but Li Yi was silent, so they kept quiet as well.

An hour passed, two hours… Finally, the shape of Weiwu shrunk into normal size, and now, Weiwu was a Mystic dog!

Weiwu barked happily. He couldn’t speak, but this was a cause for celebration for him as well!

“Haha… Congratulations!” Lin Yi smiled.

Lingshan and Yutian were impressed as well- a dog, becoming a Mystic practitioner early phase. Anything could happen when it came to Lin Yi.

But, what confused them was the fact that Lin Yi didn’t lose his strength at all even though he kept increasing the strength of others- even if he got hurt, he just recovered in one night. Just what the hell was this guy?

Even a Sky class wouldn’t be able to do that, right? Especially with the limitations of the thin qi in the air- he couldn’t just recover that quickly, right? Where did Lin Yi’s qi come from? It seemed inexhaustible!

Of course, Lin Yi not mentioning it meant that they could only hold onto their own questions. Lin Yi didn’t intentionally hide it, treating them as his most trusted people- they wouldn’t be as irritating as asking something like that.

A day and a night passed, and finally, footsteps came from the tunnel. Old Hei and his group were coming back.

“They’re all back…” Lin Yi wasn’t surprised; after all, they did make markings on the floor. However, their faces were all covered in dust, and their expressions weren’t too happy. It wasn’t an easy road.

“Well? Got anything,” Lingshan tried to sound like the female thief, prodding at them.

“Hmph! Wasn’t even a ghost in there!”

Old Hei and James looked at each other, regretful as well. They would’ve believed Lin Yi if they knew this was going to happen, they walked one day and night for nothing, wasting their energy and completely ruining their mood! This was bad luck! There was absolutely nothing on this path, not even some small item for them to take home.

Xiaoke was troubled as well, but she was hired here by Old Hei, so naturally, she kept her mouth shut.

“I told you guys, you didn’t believe me.” Lin Yi shrugged. “Can we go now?”

“We… Can we rest for a moment?” Old Hei and James weren’t practitioners, and they were dead tired enough already. Elder Yu kept rushing them too when they walked, so they had to hurry.

Elder Yu and Xiaoke were both practitioners, and while Xiaoke wasn’t even Golden class, her stamina was good. Resting a while would be enough to get her back on her feet.

“Then you guys rest yourself- we’ve been waiting for a day and a night, we’re about to be bored to death.” Lin Yi ignored Old Hei’s suggestion and went for the other path.

“That’s…” Old Hei was panicking- he knew that Lin Yi was good, especially with what happened this time- he felt that Lin Yi really was better than he expected! Could he even get to the underground palace successfully if he didn’t travel with Lin Yi?

James was evidently thinking the same thing, but he really was too tired- his legs were all wobbling.

“You two trashes, get up! Let’s go!” Elder Yu wouldn’t let Lin Yi operate alone! He had seen it already, among the thieves, this man was the best! Things wouldn’t go smoothly if they didn’t follow him! “I’ll kill you two if you don’t come!”

Old Hei and James jumped in fright, standing up and following Lin Yi while scrambling over themselves.

Right after entering the tunnel, it was evidently the same path as before. The same stone walls going high and sometimes low, with quick lefts and rights… Lin Yi used his flashlight and walked in the front.

They got further and further, and the path seemed to have gotten wider, from the original two meters to three, to four meters, five… And ten meters wide!

Everyone understood- they were on the right track, the underground palace was in front of them, so there were probably mechanisms or traps in front…

Lin Yi suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Elder Yu paused, worried.

“Look At the ground!” Lin Yi said faintly.

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