Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1436 - 第1435章 傻兮兮的

Chapter 1436: 第1435章 傻兮兮的

Chapter 1435 – Dummy

“Boss, take care of your injuries! Boss Lin Yi and I will go visit you!” Chentian said melancholically as he sat in his wheelchair.

“Haha, don’t worry about me- I’ll be fine once I go back!” Goudan said, trying his best to smile.

Lin Yi nodded- Goudan was saying the truth- with his situation, all he needed to do was drink from the fountain.

As the train arrived, Goudan and Yuyuan went thrpugh the ticket gate- only after they had left did everyone leave the train station.

After sending Tang Yun home, Lin Yi went back with Mengyao, Yushu, and Chentian to the villa.

“Shield Bro, did you find the Fire Spirit fruit? Can Xiaoxiao be saved? It feels like I haven’t seen her for so long, and I miss her quite a bit… Nobody plays with me anymore…” Yushu said with some longing.

“No, but I did find info on the fruit. I’ll go get ready to find it after settling some things here,” Lin Yi said, “This process might take a bit long, so during this time you guys have to stay at home and take care of yourselves- no need to worry about the bodyguard thing, you have Wu Chentian. So you should be fine.”

“But I don’t like him! He’s kind of a dummy,” Yushu said, feeling that Chentian wasn’t really the type of person she liked.

“Shu, what are you saying!” Mengyao kicked Yushu before turning to Chentian, “I’m sorry, that’s just what Shu is like.”

“It’s fine, not liking me is much better- I wouldn’t dare let her like me even if she did!” Chentian said as if it were the most natural thing.

“…” Mengyao was a bit speechless. Shu was right, this person really was a bit of a dummy- he couldn’t tell that she was speaking up for him.

“That pig in our house is called the Skybolt pig- with its help, I can find the Fire Spirit Fruit,” Lin Yi said, “There’s no need for you to worry about me, there shouldn’t be much danger during my search.”

“That’s good,” Mengyao nodded. She didn’t want him to go, but she wouldn’t say anything to try to make him stay because of how her personality was. Another reason was that she had to let him go so that Xiaoxiao could be saved- it had to be done.

“I’ll help Wu Chentian repair his wounds- call me if there’s something wrong,” Lin Yi said before entering the room with Chentian.

“Yao Yao, Shield Bro’s leaving again, but I wanna go with him…” Yushu said hesitantly.

“No way, you have to prepare for the final exams, they’re coming up,” Mengyao said, “Plus you can’t help him anyway, he’d still have to take care of you!”

“Oh…” Yushu was a bit disappointed, but Mengyao was right. There wasn’t any help she could offer.

Lin Yi went back to the room and looked at Chentian seriously, “I’m about to help heal your wounds, and then I’ll raise your strength level. But you’re a physical practitioner, and I’m not very good with that stuff. The most I can do is make some medicine to help with your body training. But I can help you become a spiritual practitioner if you want , and then you can just focus on the physical while supporting it with spiritual practitioning. This will make you stronger than most people at your level, and you can even fight people above your level!”

“Ah?” Chentian froze- he couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Lin Yi boss, what did you say? I feel like I misunderstood you, I didn’t hear clearly.”

After all, the dream of all physical practitioners was that they could practition both physically and spiritually- since this would close the gap between them and the spiritual practitioners. They could also fight someone stronger than them, and it also meant that as you practition, regardless of whether it was the physical or spiritual one you went for, you would also improve the other at the same time!

For example, if a physical practitioner reached Mystic first, breaking through to Mystic while spiritually practitioning would be much easier as feeling of the bottleneck wouldn’t be restricting him anymore! This was the same with spiritual practitioner- if he went through the bottleneck first, getting his physical strength through that bottleneck would be much easier!

And a spiritual-physical practitioner early phase Mystic wouldn’t have much of a problem fighting a middle phase Mystic spiritual practitioner- the two would be at the same level! This was something as overpowered as Lin Yi’s personal practitioner’s arts, though Lin Yi’s was still a bit more overpowered.

“The meridians on your ears are fine,” Lin Yi said after checking it, “So you didn’t hallucinate or anything- I don’t want to repeat the same thing twice. House Wu should have spiritual practitioning technique as well right?”

“Spiritual… Yes!” Chentian said, realizing that Lin Yi was serious now that he brought up spiritual practitioning again. This meant that Lin Yi was really about to turn him into a spiritual-physical practitioner!

Every physical practitioner’s sect or house had the existence of spiritual practitioning, and while that practitioner’s arts weren’t especially special, it was used to support their physical practitioning. The two sides were useful for each other.

And this sort of common spiritual practitioner’s arts wasn’t a secret or anything, and usually the houses didn’t hide them- including House Wu.

However, House Wu’s members were all focused on physical practitioning- they didn’t have the time to think about spiritual practitioning!

Even though everyone knew that putting the spiritual practitioning into your routine would make you become more powerful, it only counted if you could practise it! House Wu only had Old Wu try spiritual practitioning once and he had given it up when there hadn’t been much results.

And so, if House Wu’s strongest Wu Gonggao failed, it meant that other people couldn’t even hope to have a chance.

Wu Chentian naturally tried before for a few days, but he was met with no progress.

“You know a practitioner’s arts chant? You’ve tried before?” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes, and I remember the chant, it’s just that I only felt a little bit of qi. The energy at my house’s place is too thin, and we don’t have any special spiritual rpactitioner’s elixirs or anything, so I gave up, “Chentian said honestly.

“Alright, I’ll heal you first. Later, you’ll channel your practitioner’s arts and I’ll level you up, though at that instant, when you breakthrough, it will hurt a lot. Can you take it?” Lin Yi asked.

“Ah? Breakthrough?” Chentian was thinking that even if Lin Yi could turn him into a spirutual practitioner, it would just be a matter of putting him on the path He wouldn’t even be strong enough to breakthrough into gold class- but it seemed like that was going to be happening very soon? Was he about to become a spiritual Golden class practitioner, like his strength back then as a physical practitioner?

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