Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1437 - I'll Upgrade Your Strength

Chapter 1437: I’ll Upgrade Your Strength

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Chapter 1436 – I’ll Upgrade Your Strength

Wu Chengtian was overjoyed- wouldn’t he be unbeatable by that time? He was getting more and more fired up, “I’m was not afraid of suffering when I first started training my iron fist, things were worse than this- I had to put my fist into burning coal. This is nothing, trust me, Lin Yi boss, I can tough it out. As long as you can upgrade my strength, even killing me is fine!”

“How can I upgrade your strength if you are dead….” Lin Yi was a little speechless- this guy’s mentality was really weird! However, Lin Yi didn’t comment on it and just nodded and held onto Wu Chengtian’s meridians!

Wu Chengtian thought that Lin Yi was checking his pulse but in the next second, he felt an enormous amount of energy flowing into his body and the energy was healing his injuries! In a blink of an eye, some of his injuries were already healed- this was something out of his wildest imagination!

“Ah!” Wu Chengtian widened his in surprise. He was born into a noble house, though he might not have gotten injured all the time but when he was injured, the house always had a private doctor there to treat his injuries. These doctors were way better than ordinary doctors in the hospital but he had never once witnessed Lin Yi’s way of treatment in his whole life!

What was this called? The pulse touching healing method? It was Wu Chengtian’s first time experiencing it!

But Wu Chengtian closed his mouth immediately after his exclamation. He saw that Lin Yi had his eyes shut, concentrating all his efforts in healing him, so he couldn’t disturb him now, could he?

Time passed, and Wu Chengtian’s heart was still racing. He couldn’t believe how fast his injuries were healed! How long was this? It didn’t even take long and his injuries were almost fully recovered….

Suddenly, a thought came to Wu Chengtian’s mind. House Sun, was this House Sun’s healing arts? Wasn’t this one of his dreams? To have Sun Jingyi to treat his injuries when he became injured in the future? But how did Lin Yi know House Sun’s healing arts?

But, there seemed to be something different? Although it looked like House Sun’s art, Lin Yi had treated many people, not just him, right? Naturally, Wu Chengtian had heard about Lin Yi’s medical prowess before. Initially, he thought that Lin Yi was a scammer- treating his aunt’s grandpa’s illness. But now, he realised that he was wrong. How was Lin Yi a scammer? It was he, himself, that was just too ignorant!

Thinking until this point, Wu Chengtian blushed at his ignorance but luckily Lin Yi was forgiving- he had never mentioned that event at all. In fact, the reason why Lin Yi accepted him was because of his loyalty, if he hadn’t saved Tangyun that day, Lin Yi would have never accepted him this easily.

What made Wu Chengtian even more impressed was that Lin Yi didn’t only heal his current injuries, he also treated his previous inner injuries from his training! Wu Chengtian wanted to shout for joy- his bosses were just too powerful, one was already strong, but the other was stronger than the other!

No wonder even a person as herculean as Er Goudan had to call Lin Yi his boss! No one could deny this fact.

“Start chanting your spiritual arts,” Lin Yi broke his silence.

“Oh, okay!” Wu Chengtian was startled and replied quickly. He didn’t dare to waste Lin Yi’s time and chanted his spiritual arts!

This time around, Wu Chengtian felt that Lin Yi was sending him a burst of thick pure qi. It entered his body, and as his chant was getting smoother and smoother, the pure qi continued to enter his body at full force!

The reason why he stopped practising his spiritual arts was because the pure qi in the atmosphere was too thin and he couldn’t afford any treasures to take in pure qi externally. But things were different now, the pure qi Lin Yi was sending him seemed to be limitless. He was no longer limited by the amount of pure qi in this atmosphere, and his spiritual strength skyrocketed….

Even though he was amazed and excited, Wu Chengtian didn’t dare to slow things down nor did he dare to rest- he wasn’t willing to waste even a drop of pure qi. At this time, Chengtian was slightly panicked, wondering what would happen to Lin Yi. But since Lin Yi chose to do it, he would just feel sorry for Lin Yi if he didn’t accept his offer! Hence, he could only work harder to maintain the speed he was at now!

Thinking more deeply, Wu Chengtian still felt that Lin Yi must somehow be connected to House Sun’s arts- were Lin Yi and Sun Jingyi connected in some way? Regardless, he had decided to give up on Sun Jingyi and would never think about her anymore.

Besides, having a boss as powerful as Lin Yi, who would want Sun Jingyi? If his strength was really upgraded, why would he be afraid of not having a wife?

He got even more hardworking…..

Golden Class!

Wu Chengtian couldn’t believe the fact that he just broke through! How long was it? Did he really breakthrough just like that? He spent his whole childhood on the physical arts to be a golden class master now but his spiritual arts didn’t even take a few hours to become golden class? Wasn’t this a little too fast?

Wu Chengtian didn’t dare to believe, could he be the fastest person to breakthrough in history?!

While he was still puzzled, he realised that he was reaching the peak of the early phase soon….

Peak early phase of the golden class!

Wu Chengtian broke through again but this time he was slightly prepared, unlike the first time. It couldn’t be right, could it? His spiritual strength had already exceeded his physical strength? Was this even real? Was he dreaming?

Middle phase of the golden class!

Wu Chengtian finally admitted that he wasn’t dreaming….

Peak mid-phase of the golden class!

Wu Chengtian went numb- things had accelerated too fast, it was too much for him to process in such a short period of time. He couldn’t even celebrate before he underwent another breakthrough.

Late phase of the golden class!

Wu Chengtian felt that his heart was going to explode soon, this type of increasing one’s strength was something new to him!

Peak late phase of the golden class!

Wu Chengtian felt like he was flying in the sky out of joy but he could no longer try to figure out what was happening as everything was just too unrealistic. Even if he were dreaming, it was simple too impossible to happen. However, he knew that it wasn’t a dream, the pain and pressure he felt during every breakthrough was so real. The process was painful, but it was nothing to his physical training- it was almost like kid’s play.

Even if Wu Chengtian was a little arrogant at times, he was a person who could endure hardships. It was obvious that he had really spent a lot of effort and time and had gone through a lot of hardship to obtain the strength to stand where he was today.

“Next, I’m going to turn you into a mystic class master. The pain is going to be very intense but just endure it for a while!” Lin Yi informed.

This time, Lin Yi had to go on a long journey for the Fire Spirit Fruit, otherwise he would have never agreed to give Wu Chengtian this much strength. After all, they weren’t even close to begin with. He might have accepted him as a follower but normally, Lin Yi still needed more time to evaluate a person before giving him this much of a benefit!

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