Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1438 - You Have to Keep Your Promise

Chapter 1438: You Have to Keep Your Promise

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Chapter 1437 – You Have to Keep Your Promise

However they were in a critical moment, Lin Yi needed someone to protect Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu and Tangyun- only by doing that could he guarantee their safety!

Mystic class? Wu Chengtian was stunned by the word alone. He was already super satisfied having the strength of a peak late phase golden class, even at that stage, who would be able to become that strong in one day? At the very least, Wu Chengtian himself had never seen miracles like this but he didn’t become a peak late phase golden class master in one day, he became one in just a night! Making him a peak late phase golden class was not enough, Lin Yi still wanted him to become a mystic?

Wu Chengtian’s body was trembling in excitement! When he begged Er Goudan to take him as his disciple, it was all due to the eagerness to learn. He wanted to be as strong as Er Goudan in physical arts but who would have thought that his strength would increase but from his spiritual arts not physical arts!

Before Wu Chengtian could get ready to take in the enormous amount of pure qi to breakthrough, he felt the energy already flowing into his body in one explosive wave. The energy exploded and expanded in his body, making his body bloat up in the shape of a balloon!

“AHH—” Wu Chengtian moaned in pain but he clenched his teeth immediately! He promised Lin Yi he could endure pain, he couldn’t allow Lin Yi to look down at him so he gave his best to take in the pain without making a single noise!

Lin Yi knew that Wu Chengtian could settle this by himself so when he was done with his part- he left the room as there was nothing he could do anymore, it was all up to Wu Chengtian. Success or failure depended solely on Wu Chengtian’s potential and capability now!

Having made Chen Yutian, Song Lingshan and General Weiwu into mystic class, Lin Yi wasn’t worried about whether Wu Chengtian could make it. As far as he was concerned, compressing the energy to breakthrough was manageable, at least it worked well during the peak late phase golden class.

It was already the next morning when he finished healing and upgrading Wu Chengtian.

Lin Yi could hear people speaking in the living room, it must be Uncle Fu and Chu Pengzhan! The Miss had probably updated her father about his situation, so they probably came to visit this morning.

He pushed open the door to see Chu Pengzhan and Uncle Fu on the couch in the living room while Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were both dressed up, preparing to leave for school.

“Uncle Chu, Uncle Fu, you guys have come,” Lin Yi nodded.

“Lil’ Yi, we heard that you returned home safely so we came to visit,” Chu Pengzhan said, “However, Yaoyao said that you are leaving again very soon?”

“Yes, I’m afraid, Uncle Chu. I’m about to go searching for the fire spirit fruit to heal Xiaoxiao’s illness,” Lin Yi replied.

“How long will this journey take? The university entrance exam is around the corner, will you make it in time?” Chu Pengzhan asked.

“Ugh… Uncle Chu, you don’t mean that… I’ll have to follow Yaoyao and Shu to university and keep them protected, do you?” Lin Yi startled. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu would definitely go to the other city to attend university because there was only one university in Songshan city which was a medical university. Neither of them had any interests in studying medicine.

“Yeah, you have to know that Yaoyao likes you so much. With this personality of hers, she wouldn’t accept other strangers so easily so I want you to get into the same university as her and continue protecting her!” Chu Pengzhan said.

The Miss blushed upon his father’s words. She wanted to fight back but at the same time she didn’t…. it was complicated….

Previously, Chu Mengyao and Shu were thinking about the same thing. As unwilling as they were, they couldn’t stop Lin Yi from doing his own stuff. Their relationship with him would have to come to an end eventually. It was obvious that Lin Yi was no ordinary bodyguard and both of them knew that it’d just put his power to shame if they still kept him around as their bodyguard! Hence, they couldn’t shamelessly beg Lin Yi to protect them for his entire life, could they?

There was a saying, ‘All good things must come to an end.’ Previously, Lin Yi had officially quit his job but chose to stay back because of their friendship. He didn’t have any obligation to keep them safe anymore nor were they employee and employer, so Chu Mengyao had already prepared her heart to let Lin Yi go after entering the university!

It was not unrealistic to keep Lin Yi for her entire life. He had his own life to live, he had a girlfriend too. He couldn’t always bring her and Shu with him around, even when dating Tangyun, could he? What would that be like? Like what Shu always said, they might as well just get married to him at that point?

Chu Mengyao was resisting in her heart but she never let herself to think that way. She told herself that she didn’t like Lin Yi, she was just used to having Lin Yi’s company, Shu was the one that liked Lin Yi!

“Nice nice!” Chen Yushu clapped her hands in joy, stopping Lin Yi from speaking first.

“This…. It’s not that good, isn’t it….. I don’t think I can make it to the university entrance exam….” Lin Yi pondered and said, “Besides, Yaoyao and Shu wouldn’t be staying in Songshan city for university, would they?”

“This is not a problem at all. Yaoyao and Shu want to prove themselves by attending the exam, I can get you into the university with or without you taking the exam but you will have to enter as a self-funded student so the title itself isn’t very pleasing,” Chu Pengzhan continued, “If you are worried about that, we can get Tangyun to enter the same university too.”

Chu Pengzhan could see through what Lin Yi was thinking.

“Shield bro, you won’t go back your words, will you?” Chen Yushu didn’t give Lin Yi time to think and threw him a question.

“Oh?” Lin Yi flinched, “When did I go back my own words?”

“Previously, remember you promised me. Who would become the General Weiwu!” Chen Yushu continued.

After listening to Chen Yushu’s question, Lin Yi remembered something that happened a while ago. He suddenly remembered the scene when he lost his strength and was about to leave his job….

“Then that’s a deal! If you can restore your strength or become greater, you’ll have to stay in the villa forever, accompanying me and Yaoyao sis!”


“I want a pinky finger promise!”

“Ha, Okay!”

“No one will break this pinky finger promise, otherwise, he or she will become General Weiwu!”

He remembered promising Chen Yushu to accompany them forever in the villa if his strength was ever restored. He even made a pinky finger promise! Lin Yi couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “Did you calculate this before making that deal? You knew that I could restore my strength?”

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