Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1525 - Being Shameless

Chapter 1525: Being Shameless

Chapter 1524 – Being Shameless

“So, you’re meaning there’s no room for negotiation?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“No!” Qing shook her head solemnly.

“My girlfriend… She needs it for her to live…” Lin Yi hesitated, “If you guys can give me the fruit, I promise you- two years, at most two years, I’ll get you a refiner at least of the third level, and make you that pill!”

“Who are you? Why would I believe your promise?” Qing frowned and smiled coldly, “Who do you think you are, that your promise is so valuable?”

“I…” Lin Yi was a bit speechless after that. True- this was the Ice Palace, and Lin Yi was very small before their strength!

“Alright, young one- you seem like a loyal and striving kid. I can promise you that if you were to come two years later with a third level refiner, I can get a fruit from the sect master from you!” Qing said with a wave of her hand.

“Two years…” To tell the truth, Lin Yi really didn’t want to wait that long! Who knew what would happen after two years! He could keep his promise, since he was that type of guy to begin with- but would the Ice Palace keep it after that?

“Alright, you can leave!” Qing waved her hand, “The reward for the test should be that snow ganoderma- you can come take one tomorrow!”

“The snow herb… I don’t want it, I just hope that Elder Qing would be able to help me out and get the Fire Spirit’s Fruit…” Lin Yi didn’t need that snow herb at all.

Qing frowned, “I had a good impression of you- stop right there! You think that you’d be able to get the fruit just by asking? Even if I agreed, the sect master would never agree!”

“So does that mean… That you agree, Elder Qing?” Lin Yi had to be a shameless guy for Xiaoxaio here.

“I agree?” QIng blinked.

“You said it, that even if you agree, the sect master wouldn’t…” Lin Yi said, “A Sky class master like Elder Qing wouldn’t go back on her word, right? Since you already agreed, then please, could you help discuss it with the sect master? I will repay you in the future!”

“You little!” Qing didn’t know if she should be amused or what, “When did I say I agree? I said ‘if’!”

“Please, Elder Qing!” Lin Yi said, “If you’d give me even one fruit, I’d do everything, anything I can! Anything you ask of me that I can do!”

“What if I asked you to die?” A cold voice sounded behind Lin Yi right as he finished- the voice was pleasant, but the coldness within it sent a chill straight through him.

Lin Yi jumped in fright- since when did someone come up behind him? He didn’t even realize!

But from the sound of it, it had to be the sect master.

“Yes, I’d do it!” Lin Yi said after a sigh.

On one side, it was for his feelings for Xiaoxiao- on the other, it was that if he angered the sect master by saying no, she would tell him to scram with Xiaoxiao. And so, no matter what, he had to say it!

“Aunt Qing, let’s go- let him die on his own,” The sect master said faintly.

“That’s…” Qing didn’t expect the sect master to come here- to tell the truth, she quite favored this Lin Yi, the way elders favoured a young one. Qing was almost forty herself, after all, and in her eyes, Lin Yi was a child!

Lin Yi’s love for Xiaoxiao was something she could feel, as well- as such, she had no need for cruelty against him. In her eyes, a freelancer like Lin Yi, reaching the strength he had now, must have taken quite a lot. It must have been a hard path!

After seeing people like Naipao and Nitian for a long time- the people who were so prideful after some small achievements- it was refreshing to see someone like Lin Yi, with a lot of talent but a lack of arrogance.

But since the sect master had spoken, she had no other choice!

“Ice Palace Sect Master, please, please give me a Fire Spirit’s Fruit!” LinYi said. “No matter what you ask, I can fulfill it!”

“The Ice Palace does not need to do anything for you.” She said with one cold voice.

“Sect Master, please, please accept my request… If you don’t… I… I’ll stay here and not leave!” Lin Yi and no choice- when it came to the Ice Palace, this was about as much as he could do!

“Then don’t leave- stay here and die!” With that, the sect master tugged at Qing a bit and left, “Aunt Qing, let’s go!”

With that, the two were gone, and Lin Yi could only smile bitterly. Didn’t this sect master have too much personality? He really wanted to beat her up a bit, but he’d lose!

“Move on- we have to close the gates!” After Qing and the sect master left, two disciples came over and made a gesture at him.

The two were at least Earth class from Lin Yi’s judgement- even if he gave his life, he wouldn’t stand a chance. He had no choice but to nod, taking the pig while carrying Xiaoxiao as he walked out of the waiting room.

The two didn’t bother with him after he left- they only locked the door of the waiting room and continued their patrol.

While the sect master did say that Lin Yi could die here, they didn’t know what she meant by that. It might be just something she said on a whim, but it was the sect master’s words- if Lin Yi wanted to stay here and die he could do that. It wasn’t their business.

As long as he didn’t attack the gates, they’d just act as if he wasn’t there.

“Fuu…” Lin Yi raised his head as he looked at the strong walls of the Ice Palace. He sighed. This was all much harder than he had thought- the world of the ancients wasn’t something he could reach just yet!

Old Lin was right- this was way too high of a playing field. For Lin Yi, it was so high he couldn’t even touch it! The impression he’d been given was strength- pure strength above more strength! Any random guy here was Earth class!

Lin Yi didn’t leave, and only stood in front of the gate. Since he was going to be shameless, he might as well go all the way!

The Ice Palace may be tyrannical, but Lin Yi was first place from the test, and he wasn’t breaking the rules. They really didn’t have much of a justification to do anything to him, and with that, he decided that these guys wouldn’t be able to do anything about it!

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