Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1526 - Lin Yi’s Stubbornness

Chapter 1526: Lin Yi’s Stubbornness

Chapter 1525 – Lin Yi’s Stubbornness

The Ice Palace was a proper sect- Lin Yi didn’t anger them, nor did he try do anything by force. All he was doing was staying outside and requesting that they give him a Fire Spirit’s Fruit- at most, they would only be able to refuse that request, and couldn’t do anything overboard to him.

Time flew by, and it was the second morning. From inside the Ice Palace, Qing walked out and handed him a stone tablet and a jade box, “This is the reward for your place in the test yesterday- one snow ganoderma. Here is the stone tablet for the exchange right- you can come back in the future to make an exchange!”

“I don’t want it… Please, Elder Qing, give me a Fire Spirit’s Fruit, I’ll get the Ice Palace a third level refiner, I promise!” Lin Yi said, refusing.

“Why are you so stubborn, child? Don’t think that just because I’m nice to you, you can keep pushing this! I am not one to make decisions for the sect master!” Qing frowned, “I’ll place these things here- take them if you want!”

With that, she placed them on the snow and left.

Lin Yi took a deep breath and looked at the jade box and stone tablet. He didn’t pick it up.

Since he was here, he wouldn’t just leave that easily- this was Xiaoxiao’s last hope, as wel[l, and he didn’t want to just give up like this! No matter what, he had to at least try- he only hoped that his sincerity would move Aunt Qing and the sect master!

Elder Qing’s words didn’t mention anything about forcing him away, after all- she only said to take the things if he wanted, and Lin Yi didn’t reply to that. The disciples really couldn’t do much to Lin Yi standing there!

When they were patrolling and saw LIn Yi standing there taking the winter wind, they just left silently.

They didn’t dare defy the words of Elder Qing, and didn’t dare make their own decision!

They had the right to make strangers leave, but they didn’t know what Lin Yi counted as- since the elder didn’t give the command, they let him continue standing there!

Seeing the disciples ignore him, Lin Yi felt a bit more confident- at the very least Aunt Qing was a kind person. It could be that she wanted to help him as well, except that the fruit really was too valuable- she couldn’t make any promises to him!

As for the cold as hell girl, Lin Yi didn’t have any negative thoughts for her- it was a normal attitude to have, especially with how important that fruit is. He was just a stranger coming and asking for it, after all.

This was like when Fatty Lai asked him for the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, and he didn’t even know him- why would he give it to him? Though Fatty Lai had pretty good luck, finding the pill in the pile of dog shit.

For now, Lin Yi put all his hope on Aunt Qing- hopefully she’d be able to say some good things to the sect master for him.

“Has he not left yet?” The sect master asked as Aunt Qing came back.

“No, he’s still at the gate…” Qing sighed, “Sect master, I feel that this child has come a long way- perhaps you could just give him a fruit? He’s promised us that he will bring us a third level refiner in two years…”

“You’d believe the words of a freelancer?” The sect master smiled faintly.

“But, this Ling Yi- he seems different. He was able to win against Zhang Naipao and Feng Nitian- this speaks to his uniqueness. After all, which old elder of any sect isn’t a freelancer?” Qing said, “I also see from his tone that he isn’t lying! The Ice Heart Skeletal Elixir is simply too important to you- if it really can be refined, you’d be able to change your constitution after consuming it, and even if you won’t be able to sense the next heir of the mountain, you’ll still receive tremendous benefits for breakthrough from Sky class!”

“The Ice Heart Skeletal Elixir- even if it’s a third level elixir, there must be at least a fifth level refiner to make it. Even if he gets us a third level one, what use will it be?” The sect master shook her ahead, “Is there really a refiner in the common world? Even in the ancient world, refiners are the rarest among the rarest, and the high level refiners are all gathered at the Sky Elixir Sect- you think he’d have the ability to convince the Sky Elixir Sect into sending a fifth level refiner to our Ice Palace?”

Speaking of the Sky Elixir Sect, a trace of hatred appeared on her face.

“That…” Qing was instantly speechless. It was true, all the best refiners were at Sky Elxir, and the only refiner their sect had was a second level one!

That was amazing enough, since there were only first level refiners in other ancient sects, with some of them only having simple medicine masters, and not even one refiner!

“Is there no answer from the Sky Elixir? Ten billion is still not enough to let them send a refiner to make us a pill?” The sect master recalled the negotiations she had with Aunt Qing at the Sky Elixir Sect.

“The young master of the sect has said it already- if you become his mistress, making the sects of Sky Elixir and Ice Palace in union, he’d give you all the elixirs you wanted, even fourth level ones- he could have his grandfather make them! Other than that, there’s no need for any further negotiations, and they have no lack of money!” Qing sighed.

“Shameless!” The sect master scoffed coldly, “What a ridiculous demand, a mere refiner with no strength- I can kill him with one finger!”

The sect master rarely got angry, but that reply of the young master from Sky Elixir really did a number on her.

“No strength…” Qing smiled bitterly, “They’re already the strongest among the ancient sects! While the core members of the Sky Elixir Sect are all focused on refining and use refiner’s practitioner’s arts, having very little battle power- the Sky class masters who put their lives on the line for that sect are simply too many in number!”

Qing was right- in the Sky Elixir Sect- while the young master, master, the elders, and even the old elder, were all practitioning the support type of refiner’s arts, it was the exact reason why they were so successful on that path!

However, for the Sky Elixir Sect, this wasn’t a flaw at all- as long as they could refine medicine, there were countless people and groups coming to them and using all their efforts to get their favor- this pushed their status and power beyond imagination!

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