Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1527 - Qing’s Persuasion

Chapter 1527: Qing’s Persuasion

Chapter 1526 – Qing’s Persuasion

And the current young master of that sect even made the bold claim that he wanted to marry all the beautiful daughters and disciples of the ancient houses and sects into his harem! While it seemed like this young head of the sect was a perverted one, one could say from another perspective that the Sky Elixir sect was filled with ambition!

He’d be in marriage alliances with all the groups, insanely strengthening Sky Elixir- this would turn them into a completely unstoppable force! The smaller sects that didn’t follow him or refused a marriage alliance could just be completely annihilated, and the ancient sects- while they would not dare to do anything yet, it would come to the point where they couldn’t hold back and make a move on them once their strength reached a certain degree!

This intent and goal to become the strongest in the Wulin world- everyone could see what they were trying to do. Yet, they had no power to stop it! The Sky Elixir Sect simply had too many followers and supporters, and those masters and sects who had received benefits from Sky Elixir would, for better elixirs, become the first ones to defend them and fight for them!

The young head had just become an adult, and he was gathering mistress after mistress- he had sent word to all the houses and sects that he wanted to marry all the young women of their groups, especially those with talent and strength!

If he really were to succeed in this, the next generation of the Sky Elixir Sect would not only have geniuses of high level refining, they’d also be children who’d all step onto the path of practitioning. One could only imagine how overwhelming they’d grow into!

And so, any one with proper eyes could see that the Sky Elixir Sect was plotting a great scheme. The young head’s excuse of being a playboy was simply just that, an excuse!

“Hopefully there will have been more people who had entered the Skyy path after the Sky class meeting- they would be able to put some restrictions on Sky Elixir, at least. If not, and they continue this…” The sect master kept it at that- her message was clear.

“That’s why I was thinking that we could give it a try- that Ling Yi, since he’s claiming to have such a guarantee that he could bring us a third level refiner, it’s actually something to celebrate for! Our strength would increase as well,” Qing said, “What do you think, sect master?”

“Guarantee? He’s just saying what he wants, is it even true? Unless he has proper proof that he’ll be able to do that- if not, why would we believe him?” The sect master shook her head,”The fire spirit fruit is equally important to the Ice Palace- while we did get two from this harvest, we still need to do isolated practitioning before the Sky class meeting comes. I’m worried that by then…”

Qing only sighed at that.

She knew that the sect master was speaking sense- they did have two of the fruits, but they were still very precious.

Songshan Police Station, Song Lingshan’s office.

The robberies had just stopped for a couple of days when it happened again!

Before, when Lingshan had sent out the whole police force to do patrols, the safety of Songshan had a massive turn for the better- the robber stopped his crimes immediately!

But, Lingshan hoped that he’d continue- she had stationed men all over the big malls and banks, all ready to take him down once he appears!

Yet, the man, as if knowing this, stopped his crimes!

So be it- what followed would just be her cracking the case. From Donghai, some experts had already analyzed the case and were getting ready for a sketch of the suspect’s face.

Just when they were busy doing that, something happened once more!

The streets of Songhan were suddenly filled with more crime! The criminals were all masked, and they were either mugging the citizens, or going after young girls, even going as far as to violate them!

As for the victim reports, the suspects all had the same descriptions as the robber of all those banks- this meant that this was the same person comitting all these crimes!

But Lingshan found herself confused- the cases from before could be rationalized by saying this man wanted money, since there was plenty of money in banks and malls. It’d be quite the haul over and over- yet, how much money would these citizens have?

From the reports, these citizens only had around a couple thousand worth of cash, and at most going into the ten thousands- most only had a couple hundred!

This was confusing to the experts and Lingshan- what did this person want? Was money not enough, and he wanted to move on citizens? They didn’t have much money!

With all the money he’d taken from the citizens, it wasn’t even over three hundred thousand. It wasn’t even enough to cover a one time bank robbery, not even close!

“Detective Wang- what do you think his intentions are?” Liu Wangli turned to the middle aged man beside Lingshan after finishing the briefing of the case.

This was the private detective they had gotten from Donghai, called Wang Hekan, a very famous detective back in his home state. He had come here to assist the police.

“Judging by what we see, there are two possibilities. The first one is that this criminal is mocking the police! From the looks of it, he has no lack of money, and the money he gets from the citizens is simply too small in amount!” Hekan said, “Judging by his previous methods, this man seems like the type to – it is a possibility that this is just open mockery!”

“It is possible, but why would he do something like that if he wanted money?” Lingshan subconsciously felt that this didn’t really make sense.

“That… I’m not sure. We’re just making the initial analyzis, it’s a hypothesis!” Hekan said, “The second one is that this man is simply messed up in the head- there’s something wrong with him, just like what you said, Captain Song, he wants money, but why would he provoke us? It’s possible that he is a psychopath, or just someone with psychological problems.”

“Psychopath…” Lingshan nodded, “That does work, since he seems to be operating randomly, different from the type that put in a lot of preparations and studies before commiting the crime. His actions are harder for us.”

“Yes- this randomness makes us unable to find the motive- and we can’t locate the suspect because of it,” Hekan said, “All I can do is suggest that we increase the patrols!”

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