Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Chapter 332: Everyone Who Endangers Brother Su Shi Must Die!

Chapter 332: Everyone Who Endangers Brother Su Shi Must Die!

The elder of the Eagle Clan’s eyes trembled.

This is troublesome!

Yu Ren’er is actually here. Doesn’t that indicate that Su Shi is likely nearby too? “Young master, should we withdraw for now?” The elder of the Eagle Clan suggested.

With two of them here, it’s probably impossible to take this Dog Clan youth away today. Bai Zhi gazed at the direction of the vibrant light in the center of the dense forest. There were occasional bursts of dazzling light accompanied by deafening roars. Evidently, the battle had entered an intense phase.

“As I expected.”

“What do you mean, young master?”

The elder of the Eagle Clan was puzzled.

Bai Zhi squinted and said, “Don’t you find it strange? Both Su Shi and Yu Ren’er are prominent figures. Their interest in this Dog Clan youth seems excessive. The only explanation is that this Dog Clan youth holds an earth-shattering secret!”

“And most likely, this secret is hidden within the Death Ground of Black Absolute!”

Yu Ren’er and Wang Que appeared anxious, as if something were chasing them.

There seemed to be commotion deep within the forest, likely a fierce battle between Su Shi and the creatures of the forest.

It’s highly likely to be savage beasts!

One person stays behind while two escape.

Based on the limited information, Bai Zhi quickly pieced together the situation. But what intrigued him was what these three individuals had done to provoke the savage beasts to chase them relentlessly?

The elder of the Eagle Clan hesitated and said, “Even so, we can’t afford to provoke Su Shi.”

Behind Su Shi were Empress Linlang and the Empress of Netherworld Rakhsasa Sect. Both of them stood at the pinnacle of the Immortal Dao, and the Eagle Clan couldn’t possibly provoke them. Not to mention the addition of the Green Hill Plains Fox Clan.

“Who said I’m going to personally intervene?”

“The Death Ground of Black Absolute are filled with dense malevolent energy, yet spiritual power is scarce. Even those in the Tribulation Realm can only exert half of their strength.”

“It’s a trade-off. Faced with powerful savage beasts, I don’t believe Su Shi can come out unscathed!”

“We only need to guard the outskirts. Once the battle inside subsides, we can reap the benefits.”

Bai Zhi’s smile turned cold.

Only now did the elder of the Eagle Clan understand.

If Su Shi were to die at the hands of savage beasts, those two supremely powerful beings couldn’t blame the Eagle Clan.

“Immediately go back and inform the clan leader.”

“The rest of you continue to stay here, not a single fly is allowed to leave!” Out of caution, Bai Zhi decided to inform the clan first.

He had a feeling.

The secret of the Death Ground of Black Absolute was significant.

As long as he seized this opportunity, he could offset the losses caused in Kodo City!

Just as Yu Ren’er rushed out of the dense forest, she was stopped by a group of Eagle Clan members.

The crowd parted. A young man with a fair complexion and no beard walked over.

“What a coincidence, Miss Yu. We meet again so soon.”

“Bai Zhi?”

Yu Ren’er furrowed her brows.

Why was this person here?

Although she felt something was off, now wasn’t the time to consider that. Su Shi was still in battle with the savage beast, and reinforcements needed to be brought quickly.

Yu Ren’er took out a small golden arrow and infused it with spiritual power.

The golden arrow trembled and shot into the sky, heading towards the direction of the Green Hill Plains.

However, before it could travel far, an invisible force blocked it, causing it to wobble and fall to the ground. Yu Ren’er then noticed that not far away, several Eagle Clan members were sitting cross-legged, their bodies radiating spiritual power. A semi-transparent canopy formed in the sky above, isolating this area from the outside world.

“Bai Zhi, what do you mean by this?” Yu Ren’er frowned.

With his hands behind his back, Bai Zhi said, “The Death Ground of Black Absolute are in turmoil, and I’m worried that the savage beasts might come out. That’s why I brought people to guard this place.”

Yu Ren’er knew well that Bai Zhi must have ulterior motives.

She didn’t want to waste words with him and tried to step out of the formation. Bai Zhi moved his feet and once again blocked her path. “This matter concerns the safety of the entire Barbarian Realm. Until the cause of the savage beast uprising is investigated, no one can leave without permission.”

Seeing Bai Zhi’s noble appearance, Yu Ren’er’s face turned completely cold.

“Get out of my way!”

With a step forward, a white halo enveloped her entire body.

Three fox tails condensed behind her, emitting a strong sense of pressure.

Bai Zhi’s pupils contracted like needles.

Such a powerful aura!

When did Yu Ren’er become this strong?

He glanced at Wang Que again and saw that his aura had solidified and his physical body had become robust. He had already reached the Golden Core Realm! During the beast arena battle, this Dog Clan youth was clearly in the Foundation Establishment Realm.

In less than half a day, he actually broke through a major realm?

“I guessed right after all!”

“The secret of the Death Ground of Black Absolute is significant!”

A fiery heat ignited in Bai Zhi’s heart.

Absolutely cannot let them leave!

“At this critical moment, before the clan leader arrives, no one is allowed to leave without permission.”

“Understood!” A group of Eagle Clan members surrounded the two.

“Seeking death!” Yue Ren’er’s fox tail swayed, and white dots of light scattered around, attaching to the bodies of the eagle clan members.

Dust turned into raging flames, instantly engulfing them!

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

The members of the eagle clan were caught off guard, and cries of pain echoed as their physical bodies rapidly disintegrated. Most of them instantly lost their ability to fight, including those who sat cross-legged; they could only circulate their energy, struggling to resist the erosion of the white flames.

The formation also collapsed.

Yue Ren’er crushed the communication jade. Once the message was confirmed to be sent, a sigh of relief was released.

Turning her head to Bai Zhi, her eyes radiated intense killing intent.

Afterward, her figure disappeared like a ghost and suddenly reappeared beside Bai Zhi.


White light formed into a luminous sword, swooping down with a howl! Bai Zhi’s heart rang an alarm, and he hurriedly pulled back, narrowly avoiding being bisected at the waist.

“Have you gone mad?”

Bai Zhi hadn’t expected Yu Ren’er to be so ruthless, actually harboring murderous intent!

“Do you want to ignite a war between our two clans?”

“Stop using the Eagle Clan to suppress me, die!”

Yu Ren’er released her spiritual power without reservation, her body surrounded by even brighter white light, every move carrying a killing intent!

Bai Zhi could only barely defend, completely lacking the ability to counterattack.

Bang! A fair hand pierced through his defenses, imprinting directly on Bai Zhi’s chest.

Bai Zhi spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying, his protective spirit jade shattered into pieces!

Yu Ren’er’s fox tails trembled, white light condensed, and like a shooting star, she smashed down towards Bai Zhi.

Regardless of Bai Zhi’s intentions, as long as Su Shi’s safety was threatened, then he must die!

Just at that moment, an angry shout resounded: “Stop!”

The air stagnated, and Yu Ren’er’s figure halted. A gentle rain fell from the sky, extinguishing the flames on everyone’s bodies, and a hint of color returned to their faces.


Bai Zhi looked excited.

Yu Ren’er looked up.

A group of people descended slowly from the sky. The leader was a middle-aged man with a goatee, bearing some resemblance to Bai Zhi in his eyebrows and eyes.

“Niece, a little skirmish is fine, but using your life-saving secret technique… Isn’t that a bit too much?” The man’s tone was calm, but it carried a sense of authoritative aura and dignity. Yu Ren’er’s expression turned serious. She recognized this person.

One of the strongest beings in the Barbarian Realm, the current clan leader of the Eagle Clan, Bai Sha!


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