Before I Died, I Forcibly Kissed The Heroine

Chapter 333: The Appearance of Yu Jiao Long! If Only Our Clan Had an Heir Like Su Shi!

Chapter 333: The Appearance of Yu Jiao Long! If Only Our Clan Had an Heir Like Su Shi!

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Bai Sha is the current leader of the Eagle Clan. It is said that he possesses the bloodline of an ancient divine beast, the Golden Winged Great Peng, and his cultivation has reached the Incarnated God Realm.

Apart from his overwhelming strength, his methods are also not simple. After he took over, the influence of the Eagle Clan grew day by day, and within a short five years, they joined the ranks of the noble clans in the Barbarian Realm.

Although their foundation is not as deep as the well-established noble clans like the Fox, Deer, and Lion, they are still not to be underestimated. “Patriarch Bai’s arrival is quite timely,” Yu Ren’er said with a cold smile.

Arriving so quickly, it’s clear that someone had informed them in advance. Bai Sha didn’t explain; he turned his head to look at Bai Zhi, “Useless thing, why haven’t you gotten up yet?”

Bai Zhi shivered and stood up, coming to Bai Sha’s side. “Father.”

“Go back, I will settle the score with you later!” Bai Sha’s tone was icy.

The incident at the beast arena had already spread. Apart from the significant loss of spirit stones, it brought disgrace to the entire Eagle Clan. Many in the clan held a substantial grudge against Bai Zhi. This even affected the dignity of his position as the clan leader.

But, then again, Bai Sha was also somewhat puzzled.

Why would Su Shi suddenly come to the Barbarian Realm, creating such a commotion?

“What exactly is the situation?”

“It’s like this…

Bai Zhi recounted the whole incident from start to finish. Hearing about Yu Ren’er’s changes, a hint of astonishment flashed in Bai Sha’s eyes. Earlier, he had sensed that something was amiss.

Among the younger generation in the Barbarian Realm, Yu Ren’er’s strength was not superior. But now, she could suppress Bai Zhi and even awaken her third power.

Such a significant improvement in just one day? Could it be that there’s a great opportunity hidden in the depths of the Death Ground of Black Absolute?

Great! Really great!

The explosions deep within the dense forest grew more intense, and the battle had entered a heated phase. Bai Sha quickly made a decision and said to Bai Zhi, “You stay here. The other elders follow me into the deathland.”


Bai Zhi complied.

As Bai Sha was about to enter the dense forest, Yu Ren’er stood in front of everyone. Bai Sha narrowed his eyes slightly, “Niece, what is the meaning of this?”

Yu Ren’er spoke with a serious tone, “Before my clansmen arrive, no one is allowed to enter.”

Bai Sha said, “The wild beast uprising is not just a local matter; it involves the entire Barbarian Realm. Niece, isn’t this move of yours a bit too domineering?”

Yu Ren’er stood her ground.

Seeing this, Bai Sha became more certain that there must be something hidden within the Death Ground of Black Absolute.

“This matter is of great significance. I hope that Niece will consider the bigger picture.”


Yu Ren’er wanted to say something, but Bai Sha raised his hand, and her expression froze. Her entire body’s spiritual power was locked, rendering her motionless like a sculpture. She could only watch them walk into the dense forest.

“Brother…” Yu Ren’er’s heart burned with anxiety.

Bai Sha’s methods were ruthless and extreme. If he were to find out about the existence of the Black Tower, Su Shi might be in danger!

“Young master, do you think this is really alright?” a senior member of the Eagle Clan worriedly inquired.

Facing two peak-level figures, it wasn’t something to be taken lightly!

“Don’t worry. After all, this is still the Barbarian Realm, our territory as the outsiders.”

“Moreover, even if there’s an accident when entering the forbidden area, it would likely be due to the wild beasts. What does it have to do with our Eagle Clan?” Bai Zhi responded with a narrowed smile.

The elder of the Eagle Clan suddenly understood.

The Death Ground of Black Absolute was extremely dangerous; even transcendental experts wouldn’t dare to enter it without caution.

Although Su Shi was a Holy-grade Perfect Talent, he was currently only in the Spirit Severing Realm. An accident was quite normal. By then, as long as they put the blame on the wild beasts, it would suffice.

“Although that’s the case, fundamentally speaking, there are still risks involved. After all, those two peak-level figures aren’t reasonable people…”

“Now, it depends on whether the opportunities in this forbidden land are enough to warrant us taking this risk.”

The greater the storm, the greater the profit.

As long as there’s enough incentive, even the Shengzi of the Netherworld is irrelevant. Thinking about being forced by Su Shi to confront the fierce beasts, Bai Zhi’s gaze grew colder.

At least this incident would make him unable to hold his head high for the next five years.

If Su Shi died here, it would also vent some of his resentment.

Half an hour later, Bai Zhi was leaning against a big tree, yawning lazily.

Suddenly, the hairs on his back stood up as he sensed a chill. He turned around and saw a woman standing behind him, the distance between them only about two meters. Everyone was startled as well.

When did this woman appear? They hadn’t noticed her at all.

She wore coarse green clothing, without any makeup, yet her beauty was stunning. Her facial expression and deep gaze carried an air of indifference that kept people at a distance.

“Who are you?” Bai Zhi’s eyebrows slightly furrowed.

She looks like she might be a human? The woman didn’t reply but walked directly toward Yu Ren’er. Arriving in front of Yu Ren’er, she raised a finger and lightly tapped her forehead.


With a sound like shattering glass, Yu Ren’er immediately regained her mobility.

Bai Zhi’s pupils contracted. The prohibition set by the clan leader had been so easily lifted? Who exactly is this?

“Saint Yu, why are you here?” Yu Ren’er was taken aback.

She didn’t expect to see Yu Jiao Long here.

“Where is Shengzi?”

Yu Jiao Long inquired. After she arrived at Kodo City, she hadn’t found Su Shi, but she had heard about what happened at the beast arena. After capturing an Eagle Clan member and mildly interrogating them, she learned about Bai Zhi’s whereabouts and came rushing over.

Yu Ren’er snapped back to reality and hurriedly said, “Su Shi is in danger. Saint Yu, please go help him!”

Yu Jiao Long’s expression changed, and she extended her divine sense. Her gaze grew colder in an instant.

She grabbed Yu Ren’er’s arm, and her figure suddenly disappeared. The onlookers were all surprised.

“Saint Yu?”

“Could it be someone from the Netherworld Sect?” After a while, a series of breaking sounds echoed.

Several figures descended from the sky.

The leader, a man dressed in luxurious robes with a handsome face, was none other than the Fox Clan leader, Yu Yuan.

“Bai Zhi? What are you doing here?”

“Where’s Ren’er?”

Yu Yuan asked with a stern voice.

Sensing the shattered Spirit Jade, he rushed here from Green Hill Plains in a hurry, concerned that Yu Ren’er might be in danger.

“Clan Leader Yu, about Miss Yu…” Bai Zhi’s throat moved.

Before Bai Zhi could finish, Yu Yuan’s nostrils flared, catching a scent.

“Follow me!”

He led the Fox Clan members into the dense forest.

“Master, the situation seems to have become more complicated…” Watching the figures of the group, an elder of the Eagle Clan whispered.

“There shouldn’t be any problem. After all, my father is an overpowering existence!”

The dominant figure of the Fox Clan, the Fox Clan Ancestor, was not inclined to yield easily.

However, Clan Leader Yu Yuan was only at the peak of the Incarnated God Realm; he wasn’t strong enough to pose a threat to Bai Sha.

The elder of the Eagle Clan didn’t respond. For some reason, he had a feeling that things were taking a turn for the worse.

Death Ground of Black Absolute, deep within the dense forest.


Golden flames erupted, forcing the surrounding wild beasts back.

Several corpses lay on the ground, and the wild beasts stared at Su Shi with caution.

“Although this human’s realm wasn’t very high, every technique he used was exceptionally powerful. Especially the brilliant golden fire, it was highly effective against us, making us unable to do anything against him for a while. ”

Su Shi took out a piece of golden marrow, crushed it with his bare hands, and poured a massive amount of spiritual power into his body.

His form emitted flowing flames, forming a golden armor that covered his whole body, leaving only his eyes exposed.

His wings behind him burned fiercely, and his aura grew even stronger than before. The wild beasts’ gazes turned wary.

“This human seemed inhumane. He used precious golden marrow from start to finish!”

“This is already the fifth piece, right?”

“How much of that golden marrow does he carry?”

“It’s strange. He seems unaffected by the corrupting aura… For humans and other races, the corrupting aura is like poison. Once it enters the body, it clogs the meridians, rendering the flow of spiritual power sluggish and weakening the power of divine techniques.”

But it seems like Su Shi is completely unaffected.

The wild beasts were puzzled.

Little did they know, the Blazing Star Flame inside Su Shi’s body was constantly burning like a furnace, rapidly assimilating the corrupting aura, ensuring his meridians remained clear.

“We can’t delay any longer. It’ll be troublesome when the reinforcements from other races arrive.”

“Kid, hand over your stuff!”

The wild beasts bared their bloody mouths, their eyes filled with a cold gleam, staring at Su Shi. Su Shi didn’t waste words; he charged directly toward them. The corrupting aura acted as a natural barrier; neither the message jade slips nor the Spirit Jade could transmit messages.

If he wanted to leave, he first had to deal with this group.

“Perfect timing. Let’s see how much stronger I’ve become in the Black Tower!”

Su Shi flapped his wings, soaring high, and his golden feathers radiated a dazzling light. Countless feathers fell like raindrops, and upon contact with the wild beasts, they turned into a sea of flames in an instant!

From the shade of a nearby tree, Bai Sha observed this scene, a hint of surprise flickering in his eyes.

He knew Su Shi was strong, but he hadn’t anticipated him being this formidable! The wild beasts were incredibly troublesome, and their strength couldn’t be measured simply by their realms. If Bai Zhi were in Su Shi’s place, he would likely struggle against just one of them, yet Su Shi could suppress an entire group…

The gap was really too substantial.

“So, this is the power of a perfect holy-grade talent?”

“He’s only around twenty, right? This is quite astonishing.”

Several elders couldn’t help but marvel.

One elder whispered, “A son born to someone like Su Shi… If our clan had such an heir, wouldn’t it guarantee the prosperity of the Eagle Clan?” Seeing the constant winks and shakes from others, the elder noticed Bai Sha’s ashen face.

It was as if he was openly saying Bai Zhi wasn’t up to the task, wasn’t it?

“Clan… Clan Leader, I didn’t mean it that way…” Cold sweat trickled down the elder’s forehead.

“It’s fine. You spoke the truth. Bai Zhi is indeed far inferior to Su Shi. Actually, not just him, hardly anyone among the younger generation across the Nine Realms can match him.”

Bai Sha sighed.

No wonder he had captured the favor of the Linlang Empress and the Demon Empress. His talent was truly frighteningly strong.

In Bai Sha’s eyes, Su Shi’s Dao Foundation was clear, almost merging with the alien fire, which enabled him to easily resist the corruption of the aura.

“If this child doesn’t fall to calamity, he will undoubtedly achieve Dao in the future.” Bai Sha said softly.

The elders exchanged glances.

The clan leader, known for being stringent, was unexpectedly giving such high praise!

“So, what should we do now?” one elder asked.

“Let’s wait and see.” Bai Sha’s eyes shimmered.

Clearly, there was something on Su Shi that strongly attracted these wild beasts.

The battle grew more intense.

Su Shi activated the divine flame to its utmost, his wings flapping, and the golden rain of flames seemed endless.

The sea of fire surged, scorching the air. The Blazing Star Divine Flame was extraordinarily pure; it wouldn’t stop until its target was incinerated. No matter how the wild beasts tried, they couldn’t extinguish it.

“Ah ah ah!”

“What, what is this thing?”

Amid terrified wails, their physical bodies disintegrated at a visible speed.

Soon, only a pile of blood-red crystals remained on the ground. Su Shi swept his sleeves and collected the crystals. Though he didn’t know the purpose of these items, he felt they might be connected to the Black Tower in some way.

At that moment, the ground trembled, and a swarm of wild beasts surrounded him. They had bizarre forms and enclosed Su Shi in the middle, their eyes brimming with icy killing intent.

“Haven’t you had enough?”

Su Shi’s eyebrows furrowed.

The number of wild beasts in the Death Ground of Black Absolute was far too great. He couldn’t possibly kill them all.

“It seems I’ll need to find a chance to break out.”

This time, the encircling group of savage beasts didn’t rush to attack; they stood in place, fixated on Su Shi, as if waiting for someone. After a moment, the group of savage beasts parted, and a tall figure walked slowly forward. Its upper body was bare, with strong and robust muscles, and its skin had a grayish-white hue, devoid of any trace of vitality. Its lower body resembled a tree, with densely packed roots instead of feet, constantly writhing and causing an unsettling sensation.

Su Shi’s heart sank slightly.

This particular wild beast seemed different…

“Hand over the key to the sacred ground, and I can let you leave alive,” the half-human, half-tree wild beast’s voice was hoarse.

“The sacred ground?”

Su Shi was taken aback.

So, the Black Tower wasn’t a forbidden land for the savage beasts; it was a “sacred ground”?

Bai Sha’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing this.

Was this the secret that allowed Yu Ren’er to make a breakthrough within a single day? Although he was a supremely powerful being, in terms of core strength, the Eagle Clan was far behind other well-established clans.

If this so-called “sacred ground” could significantly enhance one’s strength in a short time, it could compensate for the Eagle Clan’s lack of foundational strength and allow them to compete on equal footing with the Lion, Deer, Fox, and Snake Clans.

“The aura of this savage beast is comparable to the peak of Incarnated God Realm; it’s definitely not something Su Shi can handle!”

“When he dies at the hands of the savage beasts, I’ll step in and kill the beasts. This way, I can reap the benefits without shedding blood!”

“At that time, those two Supreme Beings won’t be able to find fault with anything!” Bai Sha made up his mind, a faint smile curling at his lips.

Such a tremendous opportunity, the Eagle Clan couldn’t afford to miss it!

Seeing Su Shi not responding, the beasts grew impatient. “I can find the key even after killing you.”

“You have three breaths’ time. After three breaths, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”


Before the words even settled, the sky suddenly darkened. The beasts looked up and saw a massive star hanging in the sky, emitting a terrifying pressure.

Su Shi raised his arm, supporting the star, his eyes radiating coldness.

“You think you can kill me?”


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