Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 16

“Girl, are you opening up the hospital with only you alone?”

Ji Wenbei sized up Baili Huangzhuang, surprised. This girl was too young!

Even if a godly doctor were to open up a hospital, with her age, she would have no credibility.

Baili Huangzhuang nodded slightly, her small face self-confident and radiant, “Yes, that’s right. If it’s about the business, then there’s no need for you to worry. Only, I’m a bit of a stranger to the imperial city and don’t know too much, hopes that shopkeeper can support and introduce me.”

“One day in the future, I’ll become a godly doctor. At that time, I hope that I can purchase all the herbs I need from here, is that okay?”

Listening to her words, Ji Wenbei nodded again and again, “No problem! By chance, I just so happen to know somebody who was selling a hospital. If Huangzhuang girl buys the hospital and works with us, it’ll also save us some trouble.”

Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes shone brightly, “Naturally, that’s great.”

If she went somewhere else to buy a random shop, she’d have to take all the trouble to redesign and equip it. By taking over a hospital directly, it saved her a lot of time!

“If you’re interested, shall I lead you around to take a look?” Ji Wenbei asked with a smile.

“In that case, thank you.”


Following Ji Wenbei’s lead, Baili Huangzhuang arrived at the hospital that was on sale. When the old doctor found out that Baili Huangzhuang wanted to buy it, his attitude became very warm.

Although the hospital wasn’t very big, it had an elegant layout, giving off a sense of comfort.

“My location here is very good. If girl wants to open up a hospital here, many of the older guests will continue to patronize you.” The old doctor said.

Baili Huangzhuang nodded slightly, very satisfied with the hospital. Able to be kept open for more than a decade, it seemed to hold a position in the imperial city.

Even as the old doctor walked, many people continued to enter and leave customarily. But she knew that with her ability, there shouldn’t be a problem with these visitors.

Ji Wenbei and the old doctor’s relationship was great, and with his help, Baili Huangzhuang managed to successfully buy the entire hospital for only 300 gold coins.

Then, Baili Huangzhuang arranged for a number of things to be re-arranged and repaired, she headed back to the General’s household. If the progress was fast enough, then the hospital should be able to reopen in no less than 7 days!

Cultivation was currently the most important thing for Baili Huangzhuang. As soon as she returned to the estate, she immediately began to cultivate.

The royal family holds a grand hunting contest every other year, and it was quickly approaching in 3 months. In three months time at the hunting banquet, she must get first and reveal her power!

However, Baili Huangzhuang had only started cultivating when Little Black hurriedly ran into the room, “Master, Baili Yuyan and Xuanyuan Huan came!”

Baili Huangzhuang’s pupils congealed. If the two came to visit her together, it would never be a good thing.

Rapidly changing her appearance, Baili Huangzhuang restored her previous yellow and malnourished face.


A foot kicked the door maliciously. Under its overbearing power, the door creaked and burst off the hinges, broken!

“Who is it?” Baili Huangzhuang feigned ignorance as her face turned nervous.

Xuanyuan Huan looked up and down at her ugly, emaciated appearance and the doubt in his heart completely vanished.

This fellow is clearly just a blind trash, how could she be the Huangzhuang he had met earlier?

“Your Highness, the Crown Prince, how are you?”

Baili Yuyan was actually also very confused at Xuanyuan Huan. She had thought that he came to the General’s household to look for her, but didn’t even come to her room before directly dragging her to Elegant Daylily Pavilion. Could it be that His Highness, the Crown Prince had thought that she was simply worse than Baili Huangzhuang?

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