Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 17

“It’s nothing.”

Xuanyuan Huan replied indifferently as his hand reached out to pick up a teacup, dumping its contents on Baili Huangzhuang’s head!

He must be completely certain of this fact. Zhang Ping and Song Ji had been knocked out by Huangzhuang, but if Huangzhuang wasn’t Baili Huangzhuang, then why would she write such words ridiculing him on their backs?

Due to this, he had become the laughing stock of the city. Even his royal father, the Emperor was dissatisfied at him.

Watching Xuanyuan Huan’s movements, a streak of cold light quickly flitted across Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes. This bastard actually dared to come up with this method to test her!


Baili Huangzhuang sensibly stayed still, and the cup heavily hit her forehead!

“Ah!” Baili Huangzhuang conveniently took the opportunity to fall onto her side. She understood that if she didn’t do at least this much today, Xuanyuan Huan definitely wouldn’t let her off easily!

Her strength still isn’t strong enough to even defend herself, so right now she could only continue acting like a blind trash.

Seeing Baili Huangzhuang hit by the tea cup, Xuanyuan Huan’s eyes were full of satisfaction. Anything else could change, but instinct could not.

Baili Huangzhuang, that blind trash, he really wanted more!

“Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince.”

Baili Yuyan was relieved. If Xuanyuan Huan could treat Baili Huangzhuang like that, then he probably doesn’t have any feelings for her.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Xuanyuan Huan wore a proud smile. The only reason he came here was to confirm if Baili Huangzhuang was truly blind or not.

Now that he is certain, why should he continue to watch this trash?

Listening, although rather confused, Baili Yuyan obediently readied herself to leave, following Xuanyuan Huan.

Climbing up from the floor, Baili Huangzhuang glared at Xuanyuan Huan, this scum. Her deep black eyes were like a peaceful pool as it gleamed with cold light. Her fingers flicked, and the 2 black and white furballs flew out!

“I relied on you two last time as a cushion, but this time, I’ll rely on you guys as a hidden weapon!”

Although Little White and Little Black were dissatisfied, they still obediently jumped onto Baili Yuyan and Xuanyuan Huan’s bodies.

After a while, when the two had finally left Elegent Daylily Pavillion, Little White and Little Black rolled back into the room.

“Finished?” Baili Huangzhuang looked at the two fluffballs, her lips hooked up in a shallow arc.

“Of course! If we go into action, then what can’t we do?” Little Black stated arrogantly, obviously pleased with himself. He tried to copy Baili Huangzhuang, attempting to raise his brow. owever his eyes looked they were about to jump out of their sockets instead since he had no eyebrows to be speak of in the first place!

Baili Huangzhuang’s face bloomed into an utterly enhancing smile, “There’s no time for a complete revenge, but there is for interest!”

Baili Yuyan had just entered Graceful Happy Pavilion preparing to serve Xuanyuan Huan well when her face suddenly changed. Why is her body so itchy?

When Xuanyuan Huan saw the blank, foolish expression on Baili Yuyan’s face as she stood motionlessly, he couldn’t help but ask, “Yuyan, what happened?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Baili Yuyan forced on a smile, but her body couldn’t help but sway side to side. The itch began to grow more and more intense, as if there were thousands of bugs climbing up and down on her body.

“What happened to you?”

Xuanyuan Huan frowned. He was already in a bad mood due to the scolding he got from his father, so as when he saw Baili Yuyan’s constantly twisting ass, his heart had an unexplainable burst of anger.

“Are you making fun of me, that I’m inadequate?”

Baili Yuyan waved her hands in denial again and again, “Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince, it’s not that, ah!”

“Then what is it!”

“I……” Baili Yuyan was so anxious that her face turned red, “I’m just itchy.”

Saying this, Baili Yuyan could no longer stand the intense itch on her body and began to scratch uncontrollably.

Baili Yuyan felt a burst of comfort as she scratched, but the more she scratched, the worse the itching got. She simply couldn’t stop!

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