Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort

Chapter 18

In the heat of the painful itch, Baili Yuyan couldn’t much about Xuanyuan Huan’s presence as she dropped and rolled madly on the floor.

“So itchy, too itchy!”

Looking at such a Baili Yuyan, Xuanyuan Huan frowned, “Yuyan, you okay?”

“Your Royal Highness, Crown Prince, my body is so itchy.” Tears began to fall from Bail Yuyan’s eyes, “Quickly, help me!”

Xuanyuan Huan was startled and said, “You wait, I’ll help you find a doctor!”

The originally tranquil General’s household was now busy and bustling. Initially, nobody thought that it was anything big, but when they saw Baili Yuyan’s bloodstained body, they knew that it wasn’t a trivial matter!

Baili Huangzhuang observed the panicked scene, her face enchanting as she laughed. This itching powder was no more than a small lesson.

If it wasn’t for Baili Yuyan’s vicious intentions, the original Baili Huangzhuang wouldn’t be blind. If it wasn’t for Baili Yuyan who urged the original Baili Huangzhuang to commit suicide, then she wouldn’t have died. The debt of a life will also be settled sooner or later!

“Master, the powder of yours is so powerful, ah!”

Little Black’s eyes shone with suprise. At first when Master told him to sprinkle the itching powder on Baili Yuyan, he couldn’t help but be dissatisfied.

That woman was so hateful, this little trick couldn’t be nearly enough to count as interest!

But now seeing Baili Yuyan nearly scratch herself raw, tearing open flesh, Little Black knew that he had underestimated the itching powder.

Baili Huangzhuang smiled, “The itching powder I made is naturally not comparable to normal itching powder.”

“So if it continues, will Baili Yuyan die?” Little Black asked curiously. Letting such a person die would be a favor to the world, ah!

“She won’t. This is only intermediate level itching powder, so it has a time limit of a hour. After a hour, the powder will become useless.”

“If she can control herself and not scratch, then nothing will happen. But if they scratch more, the itching will also become more intense.” Baili Huangzhuang shrugged, “And obviously, Baili Yuyan can’t control herself well.”

Little White’s mouth twitched, Master was really awesome, ah!

This design was too amazing, ah. Few people are able to control themselves in the face of such a fierce itch!

“Why doesn’t Xuanyuan Huan appear to have a problem?” Little Black asked, puzzled. He looked disdainfully at Little White, “Don’t tell me you failed?”

Little White shook dismissively, “Such a little thing, how could I fail?”

“I didn’t use itching powder for Xuanyuan Huan.”

Her deep, well like phoenix eyes held a touch of cold light. If someone were to try and decipher the thoughts in her limitless black eyes, they would only find the intention to wreak havoc. From beginning to end, Xuanyuan Huan has never seen her once as a human!

For such scum, itching powder was too simple.

The only reason why she isn’t retaliating against Xuanyuan Huan now, is so she can give him an even bigger slap in the future!

“What did you use?” Little White asked curiously.

Since Master returned from 10,000 Medicine Lanes, the house was always filled with a lot of strange things. Since he never understood, he also never asked. But now that he knew what the various bottles and jars could do, his interest heightened.

“Xuanyuan Huan smashed a teacup on my head, so I’ll give him a taste of my pain.” Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes were cold, “A few days, and you’ll see.”

Looking at the broken door that laid on the floor, a haze grew overcast on Baili Huangzhuang’s face. Since there was no way to repair the door, then might as well let it stay that way.

After cleansing the wound on her forehead, Baili Huangzhaung entered a state of cultivation as the two fluffballs went back into the Primordial Chaos Ring.

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