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Chapter 804 Spring Breeze, Spirit Concealment Academy

Chapter 804 Spring Breeze, Spirit Concealment Academy

“Today’s Spirit Concealment Academy is even more amazing. Not only did they invite the three Master Alchemists from the Alchemist Guild, they even invited the Inscription Master that ordinary people can’t even invite. It’s truly amazing!”

“Spirit Concealment Academy is already number one among the three academies, and their relationship with the Royal Family is so close, so there is no need to talk about their influence.”

“I usually only heard of the Three Inscription Masters, but this is my first time seeing them.”

The students of Spirit Concealment Academy were excited. For Spirit Concealment Academy to have such a status, they felt proud of themselves as students of Spirit Concealment Academy .

“Elder Bai, please take a seat first. Let’s see how the students in the Alchemy Competition perform.”Jian Qingqiu smiled.

Bai Jingtian and the other two looked at each other and did not reject Jian Qingqiu’s invitation.

There was no other way. The person they were looking for was participating in the Alchemy Competition. They couldn’t find Baili Hongzhuang right now, they could only wait for the Alchemy Competition to end.

Seeing that Bai Jingtian and the other two had agreed, the smile on Jian Qingqiu’s face intensified. He immediately invited Bai Jingtian and the other two onto the stage.

When Lin Ying Hao saw Bai Jingtian and the other two, he revealed a look of joy. This was such a surprise.

Seeing the arrival of Bai Jingtian and the other two, Chu Jiyou and the other two also walked over. Although the Inscription Association and the Alchemist Association were not the same guild, they still had a certain degree of interaction.

Perhaps because they were all focused on their own business, Chu Jiyou and the others had a very good relationship with Bai Jingtian and the others.

“Elder Bai, why are you all here today?”

Chen Yiyu was a little surprised. They had told Bai Jingtian and the other two about this matter earlier, but it was clear that they weren’t very interested in this matter.

Logically speaking, the three of them should not have appeared here today. What was the reason for this?

If this was to give Jian Qingqiu face, the three of them would never believe it.

They couldn’t be more clear about the personalities of Bai Jingtian and the other two. They had no meaning in front of all of them.

Clearly, Jian Qingqiu was unable to invite them.

Bai Jingtian smiled faintly,” A few days ago, we discovered a genius Inscriptionist. We only found out that she was in Spirit Concealment Academy after some inquiries, so we came.”

Hearing Bai Jingtian’s words, Jian Qingqiu’s eyes lit up.

A genius Inscriptionist had actually appeared in Spirit Concealment Academy , this was really a surprise!

It was just that he didn’t know which class this student belonged to. He didn’t even know that he had such outstanding talent. It was really a mistake to not notice that..

Even so, Jian Qingqiu’s heart was filled with joy. As long as they were students of Spirit Concealment Academy, they would still be part of Spirit Concealment Academy in the future!

“The three Masters, why don’t I find that student after the Alchemy Competition ends?”Jian Qingqiu asked with a smile.

Bai Jingtian nodded.” That’s what we planned.”

When Huan Chuyou saw Bai Jingtian and the other two, his eyes were filled with emotion.

He did not expect Spirit Concealment Academy’s current status to be even better. Even the talented Inscription Master had appeared in Spirit Concealment Academy .

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help sighing. Not to mention Inscriptions in the Academy , there wasn’t a single Inscriptionist in City.

This was the difference in reality.

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