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Chapter 805. Testing, Inscriptionist

Chapter 805. Testing, Inscriptionist

Cang Hongxi’s expression changed a little. Although he was in the Alliance with Spirit Concealment Academy, he was also surprised to see that Spirit Concealment Academy had such an influence.

He was afraid that the future Beihai College would have to obey Spirit Concealment Academy. He did not know if this situation would change in the future.

Jian Qingqiu looked at Huan Chuyou proudly. When he saw Huan Chuyou’s expression, the pride in his eyes grew stronger.

Whether it was Canglan College or Beihai College, they would not be a match for Spirit Concealment Academy.

In the future, the Spirit Concealment College would definitely take the lead. However, Beihai College understood the direction of the wind and knew to join them.

As for the ignorant Canglan College, they would eventually disappear from the Saint Xuan Land!

Xia Zhiqing and the others looked at each other when they saw Bai Jingtian and the other two. They didn’t expect the three Inscription Masters to be here.

“I didn’t expect the Inscription Master to be interested in this Alchemy competition.”Bai Junyu slowly spoke.

Xia Zhiqing’s eyes were filled with displeasure.” You didn’t see how proud the students of Spirit Concealment College were when they saw them. It seems that Spirit Concealment College is worthy of first place.”

Right now, she did not have a good impression of Spirit Concealment Academy. She only hoped that Spirit Concealment’s results would be terrible.

He did not expect the appearance of the three Inscription Masters to bring glory to the Academy. He could not help but feel depressed.

Lu Huaiyan’s expression was also not very good. The more influential the Spirit Concealment Academy was, the more disadvantageous it was to the Canglan College.

However, the relocation of Spirit Concealment Academy to Qingxiao Imperial City was a lot easier. At least the students would have access to the inscription.

However, there was no Inscription Master in Azure Water City. The students had no chance to see it.

Lin Hao sat down beside Bai Jingtian,” Elder Bai, did you really find an Inscription Master’s talent in the Spiritual Concealment Academy?”

Lin Hao was very surprised. An Inscription Master was even more rare than an Alchemist. Although the threshold for Alchemist was very high, the number of Alchemists was much higher than an Inscription Master.

Therefore, it was much easier for an Alchemist then to find an Inscription Master.

Even in the entire Imperial City of Qingxiao, there were only three Inscription Masters who could be masters. It was amazing that they could find Inscription Masters in the Spiritual Concealment Academy.

Hearing Lin Hao’s words, Bai Jingtian pondered for a moment. He also understood Lin Hao’s personality. This guy wouldn’t fight with him, right?

Thinking of this, Bai Jingtian said ambiguously,” That girl is in the Spiritual Hidden Academy.”

Lin Hao frowned. He felt that Bai Jingtian’s situation today was a little strange.

Bai Jingtian and the other two had never been interested in this Alchemy competition. In their eyes, inscriptions were the most powerful. Now they were sitting here watching young Alchemists refining pills?

“Old Chen, who are you most optimistic about in this year’s Alchemy Competition?”Ji Yunmo looked at Chen Yiyu and asked, his thoughts were the same as Bai Jingtian, he could not let Baili Hongzhuang be snatched away by the Alchemist Association.

Chen Yiyu was also curious about Ji Yunmo’s question. Did this old man change his mind today?

However, Chen Yiyu didn’t think too much about it, he immediately said:” Liu Qinyue has always been called a genius Alchemist, the level of Alchemy is very good.”

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