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Chapter 959 - Determined to win, the remaining picture

Chapter 959 – Determined to win, the remaining picture

Baili Hongzhuang looked at Di Beichen suspiciously, seeing his profound and inscrutable appearance. She didn’t ask further, as Di Beichen had always been extremely intelligent.

Di Beichen’s gaze once again fell on the sheepskin scroll. Just by looking at the order in which it was arranged, one could tell that the value of this sheepskin scroll was quite high.

However, what exactly was in this sheepskin scroll?

Just by looking at it, many people would probably be interested.

“Wife, have you seen this sheepskin scroll before?” His jet-black, bright eyes shimmered with curiosity. Knowing BailiHong Zhuang’s temperament, if she didn’t have some understanding of this sheepskin scroll, she wouldn’t have participated in the auction for this unknown item.

BailiHong Zhuang nodded slightly, not hiding anything. “Yes, I obtained a similar sheepskin scroll in Qishui City before, but it was only a quarter of the incomplete map. If my speculation is correct, this sheepskin scroll should be the same as the one I got before. As long as I can gather these two sheepskin scrolls, I will have half of the map.”

Upon hearing this, Di Beichen immediately understood the value of this sheepskin scroll. It was strange to separate this sheepskin scroll in such a special way unless it contained something extremely important.

Apart from very important things, no one would go to such lengths.

Qishui City and Yuanwu City were so far apart, and for Baili Hongzhuang to coincidentally come across two sheepskin scrolls was truly a stroke of fate.

Baili Hongzhuang immediately explained to Di Beichen the process of how she obtained the sheepskin scroll and how she found the map from it. Perhaps Di Beichen could make some guesses.

Di Beichen looked at the quarter of the map that Baili Hongzhuang handed to him, equally puzzled. “The mountains and rivers on this map are very ordinary, with no distinctive features. I can’t determine exactly where it is.”

Di Beichen returned the incomplete map to Baili Hongzhuang, speaking slowly.

Baili Hongzhuang didn’t feel disappointed with Di Beichen’s response. Just as Di Beichen said, the topography of mountains and rivers on this map was very ordinary, and many places looked similar. It was impossible to judge.

“It’s okay; maybe we can figure it out after we get the second piece of the map.”

Baili Hongzhuang smiled indifferently. Even though they now knew the location of the second piece of the map, the whereabouts of the remaining two pieces were still unknown, and whether they would encounter them in the future was uncertain.

However, this unknown opportunity was intriguing, as it might lead to the discovery of a treasure unintentionally.

Di Beichen nodded slightly, “Possibly. In any case, tomorrow at the auction, we will definitely obtain this sheepskin scroll.”

While Di Beichen and Baili Hongzhuang were happily discussing, Xie Honglang wore a troubled expression.

When he left the Qiankun pouch behind, he didn’t feel anything, after all, nothing was more important than his own life.

However, now when he thought about the Snow Dragon Grass in the Qiankun pouch, his heart bled!

Most importantly, the Snow Dragon Grass didn’t belong to him but to the family.

The family had paid a hefty sum for the Snow Dragon Grass he was supposed to acquire from the auction. Yet, he had not handed it over to the family and encountered such a situation in the tavern.

Now, when the family inquired, he was truly speechless.

This news naturally couldn’t be concealed from others. Even before he spoke, this news had already reached the ears of the family members.

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