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Chapter 960 - Ridicule, Xie Qiyi

Chapter 960 Ridicule, Xie Qiyi

“Honglang, Yuanwu City is our Xie family’s territory. As the second young master of the Xie family, you were actually bullied by two outsiders. Isn’t this a disgrace to our Xie family?”

Xie Qiyi, the eldest son of the Xie family and also the elder brother of Xie Honglang, looked at him with a sarcastic expression.

“Snow Dragon Grass is a highly valued medicinal herb for our family. You spent so much money to obtain it, and now you’ve lost it like this. How are you going to explain this to the family? Perhaps, big brother can bring people and help you reclaim your dignity. After all, the belongings of our Xie family shouldn’t be taken away by others so easily.”

Hearing the mockery in Xie Qiyi’s words, Xie Honglang didn’t pay much attention. He had long been accustomed to it. He had already acknowledged that his cultivation talent was inferior to Xie Qiyi, and that his position in the family naturally couldn’t compare.

Because of this, he diverted much of his attention to other matters, pursuing Liu Xuerong for the benefit of the family. However, Xie Qiyi remained dissatisfied with him. Whenever he made a mistake, Xie Qiyi would seize the opportunity to criticize him.

When Xie Qiyi mentioned avenging him, Xie Honglang’s expression changed slightly.

“Big brother, it’s unnecessary. The other party is very strong. It’s better not to antagonize them. I lost the Snow Dragon Grass, and no matter how the family punishes me, I accept it.”

Xie Honglang hurriedly spoke. The man had effortlessly killed all his followers, indicating extraordinary strength. Moreover, in retrospect, he felt he had been too shortsighted at that time. Just by looking at their demeanor, he should not have offended them. Unfortunately, he was not in the right state of mind and got himself into trouble.

Fortunately, they hadn’t killed him and Liu Xuerong. Now, he just hoped not to encounter those two again, let alone reclaim the lost dignity.

Seeing Xie Honglang’s resigned appearance, Xie Qiyi’s eyes were filled with even more mockery. Unexpectedly, Xie Honglang had such a small amount of courage. It was laughable!

No wonder he couldn’t compete with him. With Xie Honglang’s cowardly nature, what qualifications did he have to contend with him?

However, if he encountered those two, he would definitely retrieve the Snow Dragon Grass from them. After all, it had significant value for him.

“Your courage is just too small. No wonder you can only do small tasks for the family. If you become the successor of the Xie family, I’m afraid the family’s reputation will be completely ruined by you.”

Shaking his head, Xie Qiyi’s eyes revealed a hint of satisfaction as he slowly walked out of Xie Honglang’s room.

Seeing Xie Qiyi leave, Xie Honglang’s face showed a helpless expression.

Xie Qiyi had always been like this. He couldn’t help but feel some dissatisfaction. If it weren’t for the fact that his cultivation talent was inferior to Xie Qiyi, he wouldn’t have willingly accepted all this.

As expected, the family punished Xie Qiyi for this matter, and many people thought that Xie Qiyi’s actions had disgraced the family.

Some suggested finding those two and bringing them to justice because the family’s reputation should not be insulted like this. However, Xie Honglang kept explaining that the opponents were very strong, and it was not worth offending such formidable adversaries in a fit of anger.

In the end, Xie Qiyi proposed that if those two left Yuanwu City, it would be fine. However, if they were still in the city, they would reclaim their lost dignity.

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