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Chapter 961 - Guess, Yuan Hongyang

Chapter 961 –Guess, Yuan Hongyang

In view of Xie Qiyi’s attitude, Xie Honglang was also very helpless. He understood his older brother’s temperament to a certain extent. Xie Qiyi always felt that he was the most remarkable, but Xie Honglang didn’t see it that way.

The Yuan Family.

The incident between Xie Honglang and Liu Xuerong at the restaurant had already spread throughout the entire Yuanwu City, and naturally, Yuan Hongyang and others had heard some news.

“Hongyang, why do I feel that the man and woman who intervened look a lot like Di Beichen and Baili Hongzhuang?” Yuan Liqing showed a hint of surprise. After hearing the descriptions of the appearance of these two, she felt that besides Baili Hongzhuang, few people could have such outstanding looks.

In addition, this happened after they had separated from Di Beichen and the others. Considering the circumstances at that time, Di Beichen and the others should have gone to the restaurant.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Hongyang nodded. “I also think it’s Di Beichen and Baili Hongzhuang. I didn’t expect Di Beichen’s strength to be so formidable.”

Although he felt that Di Beichen was not weak, he didn’t think Di Beichen’s strength would be that overwhelming. Now it seemed that he had underestimated him.

Yuan Liqing nodded with emotion. “To have such strength at his age is truly remarkable.”

Although they hadn’t witnessed the situation at that time, the news they received indicated that Di Beichen’s strength was definitely beyond the Red Realm.

“Although Miss Baili didn’t make a move, I don’t think her strength is inferior.” Yuan Liqing spoke slowly.

Having come to the Xueyuan Kingdom, she had always admired Baili Hongzhuang because of the maturity and insight she displayed compared to other girls of the same age.

She had seen many people, but she had a genuine appreciation for Baili Hongzhuang.

The Yuan family was hospitable, but they didn’t invite just anyone. The reason they invited Baili Hongzhuang and Di Beichen was that they felt they were truly worth befriending.

Fortunately, they had formed a good relationship with the couple. The saying that people can’t be judged solely by their appearance was indeed not wrong.

Yuan Hongyang nodded. “Xie Honglang’s actions were wise. However, I think Xie Qiyi’s temperament might lead him to trouble them.”

Yuan Hongyang frowned slightly. His position in the Yuan family was similar to Xie Honglang’s position in the Xie family—they were not the inheritors but served as important supports to the inheritors.

However, his relationship with his big brother Yuan Chengshuo was very good. Yuan Chengshuo also valued him, unlike Xie Qiyi, who was quite petty.

Yuan Hongyang had been working hard for the Yuan family over the years, hoping that his big brother could lead the Yuan family to become even stronger.

Yuan Chengshuo, upon hearing Yuan Hongyang’s words, showed a hint of surprise in his expression. “Younger brother said Xie Qiyi is going to make trouble?”

Over the years, as the Yuan family’s strength increased, there were some conflicts with the Xie family. Yuan Chengshuo had been paying attention to Xie Qiyi’s situation.

Seeing Yuan Chengshuo approaching, Yuan Hongyang and the others all smiled.

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