Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Clearly a Man-Eating Flower

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Especially when she looked at Chi Jiao’s clear eyes, Chi Yan had the strong urge to dig out her eyeballs!

Who was she trying to seduce with her innocent gaze?

“It looks like if I don’t teach you a lesson, you will not learn to respect this sister of yours,” Chi Yan said with a cold smile.

Chi Jiao couldn’t be bothered to talk to her anymore. She turned around and walked up the stairs.

But how could Chi Yan let her go so easily after being embarrassed?

She reached out to grab Chi Jiao’s hair.

Just as her hand was about to touch Chi Jiao, the seemingly oblivious young girl suddenly turned around.

Immediately after, a slender and fair hand grabbed Chi Yan’s wrist.

With a clean over-the-shoulder throw, Chi Yan was slammed onto the stairs, her thin waist hitting the edge of the wooden stairs harshly.

Chi Yan couldn’t help but scream as her vision turned black for a moment due to the pain.

Chi Jiao glanced at Chi Yan, whose expression was twisted with pain, before humming a sweet little tune happily as she walked past her and headed to the second floor.

“Chi Jiao!” Chi Yan clambered up from the stairs and yelled at her back while enduring the pain that felt as if her body falling apart.

Chi Jiao ignored her completely.

“I’ll tell Dad! Just you wait!” Chi Yan shouted exasperatedly.

“Up to you.” Chi Jiao’s calm voice rang out, causing Chi Yan to be so incredibly furious that she almost died right then and there.

At this moment, a lean and handsome figure was standing at the entrance of the long hallway that led to the front door. He looked towards the stairs calmly.

Quan Jue didn’t expect to see such a good show when he came back to get something.

Recalling the weak little bunny he saw yesterday, it was really hard for him to associate that person with the young lady who had just used a shoulder throw so nimbly.

His thin lips curled up slightly.

Jiaojiao, was it?

She was clearly a man-eating flower.

At night, Chi Mingwei came back with Zhu Limin. They were going to pick up Chi Yan, Chi Jiao, and Chi Ze to attend the birthday banquet at the old residence together.

Zhu Limin was taken aback when she saw Chi Yan lying on the sofa.

“Yanyan, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Zhu Limin walked briskly to the couch with a worried expression as she looked at the sickly Chi Yan.

“Mom, I’m injured. My waist hurts.” Chi Yan looked aggrieved.

“Injured? What happened?” Chi Mingwei walked to the sofa and asked with a frown.

Chi Yan struggled to sit up from the sofa with a pained expression. “It’s Jiaojiao. I saw a strand of hair on her shoulder and kindly wanted to help her take it off. But she thought I was going to hit her, so she threw me over her shoulder. I fell and my waist hit against the stairs. Dad, Mom, does Jiaojiao dislike me?”

Wasn’t it just acting pitiful? She knew how to do it too!

“What?!” Zhu Limin raised her voice abruptly. Chi Yan was her daughter, of course she trusted her words.

However, Chi Mingwei’s eyebrows furrowed. “Your little sister threw you over her shoulder?”

His tone was filled with doubt.

“Daddy.” Coincidentally, at that moment, Chi Jiao came down the stairs and called out weakly.

Chi Mingwei turned to look at her.

The young lady was wearing a white gown with a simple design. It was fitting at the waist, which accentuated her slender and frail figure.

Her skin was so fair that it looked almost transparent. Without makeup, her fair and petite face was left clean and innocent. It made her eyes look big and spirited, like a damp, likable cub.

“Did something happen?” Chi Jiao asked as she stared at Chi Mingwei with her big, black grape-like eyes.

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