Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: She’s Clearly Powerful

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The moment Chi Yan saw Chi Jiao, hatred filled her eyes.

This b*tch still dared to act weak? She was clearly so powerful!

“Dad, it hurts.” Chi Yan turned to look at Chi Mingwei, her eyes turning red instantly.

Chi Mingwei stared at Chi Yan with a deep gaze, before beckoning Chi Jiao over with his hand. “Come here, Jiaojiao.”

Chi Jiao strode over to Chi Mingwei in small, quick steps.

“Your sister said that you hurt her?” Without waiting for Chi Mingwei to speak, Zhu Limin asked impatiently with a solemn expression.

Her children were her pride. They were her everything.

She would cradle them in her mouth if not for the fear that they would melt, or break if she held them in her hands.

She couldn’t even bear to touch Yanyan at all. She didn’t expect that this country bumpkin from the mountains would injure her precious Yanyan the moment she returned!

Chi Jiao looked at Chi Yan and saw that she was glaring at her as though she was about to spit fire. She shook her head slowly and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why are you pretending?!” When Chi Yan saw that Chi Jiao was going to deny it, she instantly raised her tone and stopped pretending that her waist hurt. She jumped up from the sofa and pointed at Chi Jiao as she continued to rage. “You were the one who caused me to get injured. Are you not going to admit to it?”

When Chi Jiao saw her fierce expression, she stumbled back and hid behind Chi Mingwei, as if she was avoiding a ferocious beast. “Sister’s expression right now is too scary.”

“You!!!” This was the first time Chi Yan had met someone who could act so well. Moreover, she was acting so realistically that she couldn’t even find any fault with it. This made Chi Yan so angry that she almost went berserk.

“Jiaojiao.” Zhu Limin absolutely believed in Chi Yan. She looked at Chi Jiao with a stern expression. “Children shouldn’t lie. If you tell the truth, no one will berate you. After all, everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is that you have to be brave enough to bear the consequences.”

But judging from Chi Jiao’s expression, she didn’t seem to be lying.

If it weren’t for the fact that she understood what Chi Yan was like from the bottom of her heart, she would have probably believed Chi Jiao too.

Staring unblinkingly at Chi Jiao, Zhu Limin felt a chill run down her spine.

This young girl did not seem to be as stupid as they thought.

Chi Mingwei looked down at the girl hiding beside him.

Chi Jiao’s milk-white face was filled with innocence.

Her pitch-black eyes were rippled with water that seemed like it could flow at any time if they were not careful.

Like a frightened deer, she looked at the hysterical Chi Yan with a wet gaze and then at the stern-faced Zhu Limin. Then, as if she had made a big decision, she lowered her head and said in a low voice, “If you both insist that it’s me, and I can make you happier as long as I admit it, then you can just take it that I did it. I won’t defend myself.”

Her compromising attitude was too obvious.

Chi Yan widened her eyes in disbelief and pointed a trembling finger at her. For a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

Was she playing the game of retreating for the sake of advancing?!

Zhu Limin frowned as she looked at Chi Jiao, feeling more and more sure that her inner thoughts were correct.

If the girl before them was truly acting, then her rank was indeed too high.

How could such a person be an idiot?

“Jiaojiao, Daddy believes you. You didn’t hurt your older sister.” Chi Mingwei reached out and gently patted Chi Jiao’s shoulder. Suddenly, he changed the topic. “The dress Daddy gave you is very fitting. You look very good in it.”

After being praised by Chi Mingwei, Chi Jiao’s face bloomed into a bright and beautiful smile that resembled the sun. “Thank you, Daddy. I like Daddy’s gift very much too.”

No one noticed the dark and cold glint beneath her eyes.

In her previous life, she didn’t know how to hide her abilities and was too high-profile. Moreover, she didn’t know when to give in appropriately and was stubborn and headstrong. In the end, it caused her relationship with her father and grandfather to break down.

Similarly, she had pushed her father towards her stepmother and her children. In the end, her father was hounded to death by Zhu Limin.

Now that she could relive her life one more time, how could she make the same mistakes again?

She had to hide her claws and love her feathers so that those who wished the bad upon her would never have the chance to laugh at her again.

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