Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Blood Relationship Could Surmount Everything Indeed

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“Dad!” Chi Yan’s eyes turned red when she saw that Chi Mingwei had chosen to believe Chi Jiao.

She had sacrificed so much for the family. And yet, she didn’t expect that her father would be so biased towards Chi Jiao after she had only returned for a day!

This wasn’t fair at all!

On what grounds did she deserve to be treated that way?

In what way was she inferior to that hillbilly from the mountains?!

Actually, it was because Chi Mingwei believed Chi Yan to be very strong and Jiaojiao to be very weak. Therefore, Jiaojiao was pitiful and needed his protection. That was why he was a little more biased towards Chi Jiao.

“Yanyan, you’re older than Jiaojiao, so you should give in to your younger sister. I know that you have some misunderstandings about Jiaojiao, but it doesn’t matter. As time passes and you guys have interacted enough, you’ll realize that Jiaojiao is a good younger sister,” Chi Mingwei said earnestly. “I hope you can set a good example and build a good relationship with your younger sister and brother. You won’t disappoint me, right?”

Chi Yan was so angry that she felt a tightness in her chest. Her face turned pale as if she was about to faint.

She had lived for so long, yet she had never felt so aggrieved in her life!

How could she just let it go like that?

Chi Yan was about to continue to argue when Zhu Limin suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand. She smiled and said, “Yanyan, since this is a misunderstanding, let’s just forget about it. Your father is right. Jiaojiao is your younger sister, so you have to give in to her in the future, okay?”

Chi Yan turned to look at her and saw that she was staring at her with a look of warning. She had no choice but to endure her grievance and anger as she nodded her head heavily.

She didn’t want to see Chi Jiao’s expression. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and would try to scratch her face.

Seeing how Chi Yan looked like she had swallowed a fly as she turned her face away, the corners of Chi Jiao’s lips curled up slightly.

“Hubby, you and Jiaojiao can sit in the same car. I’ll tail behind you in another car with Xiao Yan and Little Ze.” Zhu Limin cleverly changed the topic.

Chi Mingwei thought for a moment. It was indeed crowded to have so many people in one car, so they might as well drive two. Coincidentally, he had some private matters he wished to discuss with Jiaojiao, so he agreed.

After Chi Mingwei brought Chi Jiao out of the house, Chi Yan couldn’t wait to tell Zhu Limin, “Mom, don’t tell me you believe that b*tch too! That hussy hurt me! I promise I’m not lying!”

Zhu Limin looked at her with heartache and patted her hand. “My dear daughter, of course I believe you. But now that your father believes that b*tch, there’s really no need for us to make him unhappy because of her. This is just the beginning, do you understand?”

The mother-daughter pair hurled curses one after another without any of their usual elegance.

Without Chi Mingwei around, Zhu Limin and Chi Yan were too lazy to keep up the pretense. Instead, they exposed their true nature.

“But I can’t take this lying down! Mom, we can’t let that b*tch ride on our heads and abuse her power!” Chi Yan said through gritted teeth.

She was only in her early twenties this year. Therefore, she was full of youth and impulsiveness.

She had never felt so wronged before. She really could not bring herself to swallow this down!

What made her even angrier was Chi Mingwei’s attitude.

After all, he wasn’t her biological father. A blood relationship could surmount everything indeed!

“Your grandmother has always doted on you. When you see your grandmother tonight, give her the emerald jade jewelry you previously obtained.” Zhu Limin smiled as her eyes sparkled radiantly.

After Zhu Limin’s reminder, Chi Yan knew what to do and nodded slowly.

Although she felt heartache at the thought of giving that set of jewelry to that old woman.

But in order to make things difficult for Chi Jiao, she was going to go all out!

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