Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Engagement

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After the family had left, Old Master Chi felt as if things had become more peaceful.

“How’s your god grandfather’s health recently?” There was no one else here, so Old Master Chi could talk to Chi Jiao about the topics they wanted to talk about without any worries.

“God grandfather’s body is very strong. He said that he will go to Shang Jing in a month. When he passes by White City, he will come to visit you,” Chi Jiao replied, docile and obedient.

Old Master Chi’s eyes lit up. “Hmph, it’s rare that that old fellow still remembers me.”

“God grandfather has always been thinking about you,” Chi Jiao said with a smile. Under the warm light, the girl’s fair cheeks rippled with sweet dimples. She looked exceptionally beautiful and harmless.

Many gazes turned toward her.

“Is that the Chi family’s Second Miss?”

“I think so. She came in with the eldest son of the Chi family earlier. She should be the Second Miss of the Chi family.”

“Didn’t they say that she grew up in the mountains? She looks quite fresh and pretty.”

“Haish, what use is there in looking pretty? With Chi Yan around, she’s destined to be suppressed. The young master of the Lan family won’t fall for her. How could he still want to marry her when she’s just a pretty face? As long as his brain isn’t damaged, he will definitely choose Chi Yan.”


The whispers around them entered Chi Jiao’s ears.

However, she pretended not to hear them and remained tranquil.

Old Master Chi was old and his hearing wasn’t as good as Chi Jiao’s, so he did not hear those discussions.

“Jiaojiao, when the Lan family arrives later, Grandfather will bring you to greet the lad from the Lan family.” Grandfather Chi said with a smile, “Your god grandfather should have told you that you are engaged to the Lan family’s young master, Lan Yunhan. You haven’t seen that boy yet, right?”

The smile on Chi Jiao’s lips stiffened as she recalled her god grandfather’s expression when he mentioned Lan Yunhan.

“That kid from the Lan family isn’t worthy of our Jiaojiao. Let him go off somewhere else.”

It was a look of pure disdain.

However, seeing that Old Master Chi was glowing and in high spirits, Chi Jiao didn’t want to disturb his good mood. Therefore, she didn’t say much in return.

“Oh, right. How is Zhu Limin treating you?” Old Master Chi suddenly straightened his expression.

“Not bad,” Chi Jiao said casually, not wanting Old Master Chi to worry about her over such things.

“That’s good. If she dares to treat you badly, just tell me. I won’t let her off!” Old Master Chi said seriously.

Warmth flowed through Chi Jiao’s heart as she smiled and nodded.

“Grandpa, don’t go to places with a lot of water in the future.” Chi Jiao changed the topic all of a sudden. She remembered that in her previous life, her grandfather had somehow fallen into a waterhole and almost lost his life.

Old Master Chi was stunned as he looked at Chi Jiao in confusion.

“I asked god grandmother to read your fortune previously. She said that you and water are countering each other recently, so don’t go to places with a lot of water,” Chi Jiao said as she blinked her glistening eyes and looked at Old Master Chi.

Just as she said that, she heard a grunt. Someone had actually laughed out loud.

“Big Brother, did you hear what she said? I can’t believe there are actually people in this world who believe in psychic mediums.”

Chi Jiao looked up indifferently and saw a young man and woman walking over together.

The man looked to be in his early twenties. He was dressed in a well-tailored black suit, which accentuated his extraordinary aura. His good looks were one in a million as he had a peach blossom face that easily attracted women’s attention.

The young lady standing beside the man looked rather similar to him. At a glance, it was obvious that they were siblings.

A dark glint flashed across Chi Jiao’s eyes.

It was Lan Yunhan.

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