Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: I Advise You Not to Offend Me

After returning home, Quan Jue threw Chi Jiao on the bed and turned to leave.

“Thank you, Brother Quan.” Chi Jiao’s soft voice came from behind, causing Quan Jue to stop in his tracks. He then opened the bedroom door and strode out.


The sound of the door closing was not gentle at all. Chi Jiao’s small shoulders trembled in response.

“He’s just like a wolf cub,” Chi Jiao muttered as she looked at the door.

Then, the corners of her lips lifted as she smiled happily.

This wolf cub belonged to her, and she had the confidence to tame him.

Although it was easy to get bitten during the process of taming a wolf, she wasn’t afraid.

After a long day, Chi Jiao was indeed tired. She was ready to change her clothes and take a shower before going to bed.

But a few minutes later, the youngster had returned.

He held a medicine box in his hand and threw it in front of her.

“Treat your wound yourself,” Quan Jue said in a stiff tone.

Before Chi Jiao could react, Quan Jue had left.

Chi Jiao only came back to her senses when the door closed once again.

Recalling the youngster’s awkward expression earlier, Chi Jiao couldn’t help but laugh.

For the next two days, Chi Jiao did not see Quan Jue again.

He couldn’t be seen home for two days. Other than Chi Jiao, no one cared where he went.

Chi Jiao had tried calling him, but his phone was switched off.

Finally, it was Monday. Today was the day Chi Jiao would report to the Xing Teng Academy.

“Morning, Jiaojiao.” Chi Jiao had just come down to the living room when she saw Chi Yan sitting on the sofa, greeting her with a smile.

Chi Yan was wearing the same uniform as Chi Jiao.

The Xing Teng Academy was divided into primary school, secondary school, high school, and university departments.

Chi Yan was a medical student at the University of Xing Teng Academy. However, as she was accepted by the S911 laboratory, she was given an exception and rarely went to school.

Chi Jiao nodded faintly at her as a form of greeting.

Chi Yan stood up and walked to her with a smile. “Today is your first day at school. Daddy asked me to bring you there.”

Her cordial attitude now made her seem like a completely different person from yesterday.

Chi Jiao shook her head indifferently. “There’s no need. I can go to school myself.”

She wanted to go to school earlier to look for Quan Jue.

Chi Yan didn’t expect Chi Jiao to reject her. Her expression changed slightly, but it only lasted for a moment before she regained her smile. “You can go to school yourself if you want. Let Uncle Liu send you there. Come have breakfast first.”

“No, I’ll just buy some food on the way.” Chi Jiao’s eyes were starting to show impatience. After saying this, she walked past Chi Yan and walked towards the entrance.

“Jiaojiao, don’t leave yet!” Chi Yan took two steps forward and stood in front of her.

Chi Jiao raised her eyebrows and looked at her. “Move aside.”

“Tell me, where did you get those Nine Star Flowers?” Seeing that Chi Jiao wasn’t being amiable, Chi Yan didn’t bother to keep up with the facade either as she looked at her younger sister with a grim expression.

Yesterday, as Shen Yin didn’t manage to find Chi Jiao in time, she volunteered to help him ask Chi Jiao where the Nine Star Flowers came from.

Initially, she wanted to get it out of Chi Jiao’s mouth gradually, but Chi Jiao’s attitude towards her was like an iron wall. There was no chance for her to get close.

Therefore, she could only ask her directly.

“Why should I tell you?” Chi Jiao curled her lips lazily when she saw Chi Yan matter-of-factly asking her.

“Because I’m your older sister.” Chi Yan raised her sharp little chin, her eyes filled with hidden jealousy as she looked Chi Jiao up and down. “If you want to have a good life in Xing Teng Academy, then I advise you not to offend me.”

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