Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Little Girl, Are You Lost?

“I don’t remember when my mom gave birth to a sister for me. Get out of the way.” Chi Jiao pushed Chi Yan away and walked quickly towards the entrance.

Chi Yan stumbled a little and almost fell due to her push.

She looked at Chi Jiao’s back view with a sinister gaze.

Chi Jiao, you asked for it!

Chi Yan clenched her fists.

Xing Teng Academy wasn’t too far from home. Chi Jiao remembered that Chi Mingwei had prepared a bicycle for her so that she could train her body.

She went straight to the garage to get the bicycle and prepared to ride it to school.

The red bicycle suited Chi Jiao’s taste quite well.

It would take at most 15 minutes to get to Xing Teng Academy if she took the shortcut.

Chi Jiao was wearing the white school uniform with a cropped, white down jacket. A furry rabbit hat sat on her head as she rode her bike speedily.

When she passed by a small alley, a few energetic guys with colorful dyed hair whistled at her.

Chi Jiao rode past them without sparing them a glance.

“What a beautiful and pure little girl. And yet we have to wait here early in the morning for that little b*stard, Quan Jue.”

“Boss said that if we catch that little b*stard today, we’ll beat him to death.”

A few energetic young men looked at Chi Jiao’s back view as they discussed in a high-profile manner.

Then, they saw the young girl who had left like the wind suddenly make a sharp turn and ride towards them.

Chi Jiao braked sharply and stopped in front of the energetic young men.

The men looked at the sweet-looking girl in front of them and became even more energetic.

“Little girl, are you lost? Where do you want to go? Big brother can take you there.” One of the men with dyed yellow hair said to Chi Jiao with a grin, revealing his yellow teeth caused by heavy smoking.

The rest of the lads burst into exaggerated laughter.

“Excuse me, are you waiting here to find trouble with Quan Jue?” Chi Jiao asked with a harmless and polite smile on her fair face.

The lads didn’t expect her to ask such a question. The blonde nodded in response. “Yeah, little girl. Do you know that little b*stard?”

“Quan Jue is my brother,” Chi Jiao said as she looked at her watch.

There was still time. She just needed to finish this quickly.

“He’s your brother?” The spirited blonde was interested and walked towards her. “Did you know that your brother committed a crime? Little girl, you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was punched harshly in the stomach.

“Argh!” The blonde youth was in so much pain that his face was distorted. That seemingly soft punch almost made his spleen and lungs split open when it landed on his stomach.

The rest of them were taken aback. They didn’t expect such a sweet and harmless girl to be so ruthless.

Chi Jiao couldn’t be bothered to waste time with them. She took off her jacket and placed it on the bike beside her.

Chi Jiao curled her finger at the young men. Her smile was lazy and she looked as harmless as ever. “Don’t waste my time. All of you can come at me together.”

Since mingling in society, this was the first time these arrogant young men were being provoked by a female student.

This made them feel like their pride as men was being harshly rubbed against the ground.

“Little b*tch, you sure are arrogant! What are you all still standing there for! Go, teach her a lesson!” The blonde youth, who was still lying on the ground and clutching his stomach, shouted angrily at the other youngsters.

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