Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Which Young Lady Gave You This Breakfast?

“Brother, are you alright?” Lin Ye asked as he examined Quan Jue from head to toe.

Quan Jue had a band-aid pasted above his eyebrows. This was because he was injured from the fight yesterday, but not today.

“I’m fine,” Quan Jue replied indifferently as he stuffed his bag under his desk.

“Didn’t you encounter Huang Yun and the rest?” On the way to school today, Lin Ye saw Huang Yun and the other gangsters. Yesterday, when Quan Jue hit Huang Yun’s sworn brother, he had also been present.

Needless to say, Huang Yun and his gang were definitely waiting for Quan Jue near their school.

When Quan Jue thought of Huang Yun’s battered and bruised face when he met them this morning, he found it a little strange.

However, he didn’t say anything as he took out his book and placed it on the table.

Lin Ye’s sharp eyes caught sight of the convenience bag with the breakfast. He reached out and took the bag. After opening it, he took a look. There was soy milk, steamed buns, milk, sandwiches, and two herbal tea eggs inside.

“Who prepared this breakfast for you? It’s so sumptuous.” Lin Ye took out a meat bun and stuffed it into his mouth.

Seeing how rude he was, Quan Jue asked coldly, “Aren’t you afraid of being poisoned to death if you don’t know who gave it to me?”

Lin Ye was already used to his brother’s poisonous remarks and shrugged. “You never accept gifts from others, and you don’t buy breakfast yourself. Since you’ve accepted the breakfast that this young lady gave you, it’s definitely not poisonous…”

At this point, Lin Ye smiled slyly and leaned toward Quan Jue. “Tell me, which girl gave you this breakfast?”

Quan Jue picked up another bun and stuffed it into Lin Ye’s gossipy mouth to shut him up.

With a bun in his mouth, Lin Ye took out a bottle of milk from the convenience bag and placed it in front of Quan Jue.

“Since it’s a gift from the young lady, you should eat a little to not let her kind intentions down,” Lin Ye said seriously.

Chi Jiao’s black and bright eyes suddenly flashed across Quan Jue’s mind. When she looked at him pitifully, she was like a little bunny that had been bullied.

Pursing his lips, he picked up the milk and took a sip.

The milk was still warm. It flowed down his throat and into his stomach, instantly dispelling the chill in his body.

“Oh, right. I have a job here now. Do you want to consider it? Let’s work together. After it’s done, you get 70% and I’ll get 30%,” Lin Ye asked, suddenly recalling a proper business to settle. He sat up straight and looked at Quan Jue with shining eyes.

“It’s almost time for the college entrance examination. I don’t have the time,” Quan Jue rejected bluntly.

“Top student Quan, you really do regard money as dirt.” Lin Ye sighed helplessly. “The commission this time is a hundred thousand yuan.”

“I wouldn’t do it even if it was a million.” Quan Jue’s tone remained indifferent.

“Then, pretend I didn’t say anything.” Lin Ye shrugged his shoulders helplessly. He felt that sometimes, he really couldn’t understand Quan Jue. He was clearly the adopted son of the Chi family, but in the end, he was living worse than an ordinary citizen like him.

He could be a genius and an evildoer, yet he wasn’t willing to earn money with this ability. He only wanted to study hard like a top student. An academic tyrant like him really couldn’t understand the thoughts of a genius.

“I can’t go to that previous bar anymore. Find me another one. It’s fine if I have to sing or mix drinks.”

“I got it, straight-A student.” Lin Ye finished the buns and laid on the table again. “I didn’t sleep last night. I’m gonna take a nap.”

Quan Jue did not respond to him. He bit on the straw of the milk and picked up a pen with one hand. His gaze was already focused on the English book before him.

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