Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: What Must I Do to Make You Stop Pestering Me

Quan Jue nodded coldly and walked past her.

But Chi Jiao was getting used to Quan Jue’s attitude. She followed after him and passed him the breakfast she was holding. “Brother Quan, this is the breakfast I just bought earlier. Eat it while it’s hot.”

Quan Jue didn’t even spare her a glance. “No need. Take it away.”

His tone was as icy as ever.

Chi Jiao originally thought that after what happened yesterday, the distance between them would be a little closer. In the end, she thought too much.

“Brother Quan, if you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, you’ll get gallstones easily.” Chi Jiao followed him persistently like a little tail that couldn’t be shaken off. She continued, “I don’t know what you like to eat, either. I tried my best to buy some of everything. It’s better even if you just have a little. There was a period of time when I didn’t like to eat breakfast, so my body became very weak…”

The young girl’s nagging lingered in his ears as Quan Jue’s footsteps became quicker.

The people who passed by them couldn’t help but look at them.

“Eh? Look! Isn’t that our campus hunk, Quan Jue?”

“Who’s that girl beside him? His girlfriend?”

“I don’t think so. She looks more like those idiots who are always chasing after him.”

“Oh, dear! I don’t know what those little girls are thinking to fall in love with such a fellow. Besides his looks and academic results, what else does he have? He’s just an illegitimate son that can’t be shown off.”

The discussions around them entered Quan Jue’s ears.

Quan Jue stopped in his tracks and looked at Chi Jiao coldly.

“What must I do for you to stop pestering me?” He didn’t think that Chi Jiao was clinging to him because she liked him.

How could a girl like her have feelings for someone like him?

She was just interested in him for now. Once her intrigue was gone, she would abandon him without hesitation as if he was trash.

At that time, perhaps she would enjoy his utterly pathetic state after being abandoned.

Chi Jiao looked down at the tips of her shoes. “You’re my brother. Isn’t it normal for a sister to care about her brother?”

“Brother?” Quan Jue’s tone was filled with disdain, and his dark eyes were deep with terror. “Do you really treat me as your brother?”

Chi Jiao was stunned.

Of course not.

It was just a cover to get close to him.

“I don’t have a sister, and you don’t have a brother. Do you understand?” Quan Jue jabbed her head with his long and slender finger.

Chi Jiao involuntarily took a step back as a red mark appeared on her forehead.

Quan Jue looked at how easily the red mark formed on her fair forehead, and his eyes darkened further.

Indeed, they were from different worlds.

This little princess was as fragile as a glass doll, who could be easily crushed with just a little force.

If anyone else had treated Chi Jiao like this, their fingers would have been broken in the next second.

However, this person was Quan Jue. Chi Jiao could only use her big and innocent eyes to softly stare at the youngster.

Thereafter, she lifted the breakfast in her hand and presented it to him.

“Don’t do such silly things again,” Quan Jue said coldly, before taking the breakfast from her and turning to leave.

This time, Chi Jiao did not stick to him. Instead, she stood there and watched his departure.

Grade 12, Class 5.

Upon entering the class, Quan Jue walked straight to the last row and sat down.

Lin Ye, who was sleeping on the desk, heard the sound of a chair being pulled out. He opened his eyes in a daze and sat up straight.

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