Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: B*tches Are Pretentious

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Quan Jue was a year older than Chi Jiao. Therefore, he was eighteen years old this year.

Chi Jiao blinked her large doe-like eyes and looked at the youngster expectantly. It felt as if a little rabbit was living in her heart.

This was the first time she had experienced such a thing as young romance.

She had always thought that Quan Jue was good-looking in her previous life. He was her type, but she could only look at him from afar as he seemed too difficult to deal with.

But things were different in this life. She would definitely have him.

To Chi Jiao’s disappointment, Quan Jue only nodded coldly at her. He didn’t even bother to spare her a smile. He simply turned his head away and walked up the stairs.

“That person just now is our adopted son, Quan Jue. He’s always so cold and gloomy, and he treats everyone the same way. Jiaojiao, don’t mind him,” Zhu Limin said to her with a smile. Her polite attitude was always like how a matriarch would treat her guests.

Chi Jiao, of course, didn’t mind Quan Jue’s indifference. Enduring her pounding heart, she looked at Chi Mingwei and said, “Dad, I’m a little tired.”

“Head back to your room and rest, then. I’ll be bringing you back to our ancestral home to see your grandfather tomorrow. Do you still remember what day it is tomorrow?”

“Of course I remember. I’ve already prepared my gift.” Chi Jiao smiled sweetly.

In the Chi family, the only people who treated her sincerely were Quan Jue, her father, and her grandfather.

Zhu Limin glanced at her. “Jiaojiao, a lot of people will be attending the birthday banquet tomorrow. What present did you prepare? You have to match up to your status as the second daughter of the Chi family at the end of the day.”

In other words, she was afraid that Chi Jiao’s present would be an embarrassing one.

She did not believe that Chi Jiao could have prepared anything good.

“It’s a secret.” Chi Jiao blinked her eyes mysteriously.

Zhu Limin’s smile turned rigid, and she couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

B*tches are just plain pretentious.

Chi Mingwei couldn’t help but think of Chi Jiao’s mother when he saw her sweet and playful appearance.

Chi Jiao and her mother were too similar. It was a pity that the heavens were jealous of her beauty, and thus her mother passed away too early.

He reached out to caress the top of Chi Jiao’s head lovingly. “Go and have some rest. Your auntie and I will be bringing Little Ze to attend an event tonight. If your sister doesn’t return, you can tell Butler Zhou what you would like for dinner.”

Zhu Limin almost broke her molars with how hard she gritted her teeth as she witnessed Chi Mingwei’s gentle attitude toward Chi Jiao.

When she returned to her room, Chi Jiao slumped onto her bed.

After lying on the bed for a while, she took out the black, brick-like phone from her bag and dialed a number.

It only took a second for the call to be picked up, followed by an anxious female voice on the other end of the line.

“My madame, you finally called me back.”

“Little Qingqing, what happened? Why are you looking for me so urgently?” Chi Jiao asked lazily as she twirled her hair with her finger.

“There was a traitor in our laboratory in Shang Jing. The sample has been stolen,” Yan Qingqing said through gritted teeth.

If it was possible, Yan Qingqing was dying to crawl through the phone line to give Chi Jiao a good beating.

That was a sample that she had painstakingly cultivated herself. And yet, now that it had been stolen, she was not anxious at all.

“It was Ah Shun who did it, right?” Chi Jiao asked.

“How did you know? I haven’t sent anyone to inform you.”

“Have you forgotten what my profession is?” Chi Jiao’s indolent tone was tinged with a certain degree of ridicule.

“…” The other end of the line slipped into a short moment of silence.

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