Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Unknown Origin

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Chi Jiao’s profession was a psychic medium, and she specialized in reading fortunes for people.

It was just that she had a wide range of interests and hobbies, thus she had more secondary professions than ordinary people.

Her sub-profession had been so successful that her main profession dulled in comparison and was rarely remembered.

Yan Qingqing was silent for a moment as she considered how she should beat Chi Jiao up.

Just as Yan Qingqing was about to go berserk, Chi Jiao’s soft voice was heard.

“Alright, I’m just joking with you. I had already found evidence of Ah Shun’s betrayal a month ago. His whereabouts have been under our control this whole time as we have to catch his boss.”

“I see.” Yan Qingqing let out a long sigh of relief.

Chi Jiao had spent an entire year researching that sample. If it was successful, it would be good enough to elevate the medical skills of the entire Chinese medicinal world.

“One more thing. They know that you’ve returned to Yun Cheng and would like to meet you.”

Chi Jiao knew who Yan Qingqing was referring to. “In that case, let me know the time and place after you have arranged it. Remember, let’s do things by the old rules.”

“I understand,” Yan Qingqing replied in a relaxed tone.

“Oh, right. Help me find a store in Yun Cheng. The price is not a problem, as long as it is located in a bustling commercial district.”

“What do you want a store for?”

“Just to do my old profession.” With that, Chi Jiao hung up the phone before Yan Qingqing could explode at her.

Yan Qingqing, currently in a mansion in Shang Jing, stared at the phone in her hand as her eyes twitched.

Why did she have such an unreliable boss?

She was clearly a big shot in the medical field, but she wanted to become a psychic medium?

And now, she was even planning to open a shop in the most bustling commercial district. Was she sure that she wouldn’t end up losing all her savings?

This unreliable attribute of hers was definitely inherited from their master.

After Chi Mingwei and Zhu Limin had left the house with Chi Ze, a maid knocked on Chi Jiao’s door.

Chi Jiao had already changed into her home wear.

It was a pink, furry bunny home wear with a hood that had long rabbit ears.

She looked soft and adorable.

The maid’s maiden heart was overflowing at the sight. She smiled at Chi Jiao and said, “Second Miss, it’s time for dinner. Butler Zhou has sent me to ask what you would like to eat tonight.”

“What about Brother?” Chi Jiao asked.

“Brother?” The maid looked puzzled.

“Quan Jue,” Chi Jiao reminded.

The maid was stunned. It was obvious that she didn’t expect Chi Jiao to care about that despicable adopted son, who wasn’t favored and had a barely noticeable existence in this household. And yet, she was willing to acknowledge him as her brother.

However, she quickly regained her senses and smiled at her. “Young Master Quan is in his room. He usually has his dinner alone in there.”

Chi Jiao suddenly remembered that the Chi family had some rules directed against Quan Jue.

Quan Jue’s origin was unknown. Chi Mingwei had suddenly brought him back from outside one day, out of the blue.

At that time, Zhu Limin thought that Quan Jue was Chi Mingwei’s illegitimate son and had caused a scene at home.

In the end, Chi Mingwei had no choice but to do a paternity test to prove that he was not related to Quan Jue. Only then did Zhu Limin drop the subject.

Since they were not related by blood, Zhu Limin was appeased. To her, raising an extra person in the family was no different from raising another dog. Plus, Chi Mingwei did not intend to register Quan Jue’s account into the Chi family. As long as Chi Mingwei was happy, she would turn a blind eye to it.

As it turned out, Quan Jue’s place in the family was not even comparable to the poodle raised by Zhu Limin, named Xiao Pa.

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