Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 968 - What Do You Take This Place For?

Chapter 968: What Do You Take This Place For?

Quan Jue glanced at him indifferently and said calmly, “Don’t panic. Tell me properly.”

“Mr. Ye Yichen has already barged in with his men. Our men don’t dare to expose their true strength, so we came to ask Boss. Should we let those people in or chase them away?” The bodyguard asked in a low voice.

“Let him in.” Quan Jue wasn’t surprised by his arrival.

The bodyguards immediately complied.

Ye Yichen barged in aggressively with his subordinates.

“Quan Jue, you’ve really disappointed me!” Ye Yichen glared at him with a murderous gaze.

If looks could penetrate a person, Quan Jue would already be riddled with holes.

Quan Jue’s expression was cold. “Ye Yichen, you don’t have the right to talk to me like that.”

“Where did you hide Lu Xian?!” Ye Yichen stood rooted to the ground with his fists clenched. He was like an angry lion, his entire body radiating with a vicious aura.

Quan Jue leaned back lazily on the sofa and sneered. “Ye Yichen, what right do you have to question me about my mother’s whereabouts?”

Ye Yichen narrowed his eyes sharply. “Don’t think I don’t know. It was your father Quan Jingzhou who took Lu Xian away!”

“Then, you should look for him,” Quan Jue replied calmly.

“Did you and your father team up to play me?” Ye Yichen asked.

“Ye Yichen, if you lump me together with that man again, I’ll make sure you leave the Chi family residence on your back,” Quan Jue said coldly. Suddenly, more than 10 bodyguards barged into the villa.

These bodyguards were all well-trained. They stood there aggressively, ready to pounce at any moment.

However, Ye Yichen didn’t seem to notice them. He continued glaring at Quan Jue and gritting his teeth. He said, “Quan Jue, I trusted you to take care of Lu Xiao. But you lost her. You have to give me an explanation.”

“On what grounds?” Quan Jue asked. “Who are you to my mother? What right do you have?”

Ye Yichen’s face turned red from anger as he roared, “I’m her husband!”

“Heh,” Quan Jue responded with a disdainful smile. His mocking attitude was obvious.

Ye Yichen’s expression darkened.

He hated it when people questioned his relationship with Lu Xian.

“Quan Jue, do you think this matter will be over just like that? Let me tell you, I will kill Quan Jingzhou. I will take your father’s life,” Ye Yichen threatened in a bloodthirsty tone.

Quan Jue looked at him coldly and suddenly smiled.

He remained calm as if he was discussing the life and death of a stranger. “Good luck.”

There was no panic in his eyes.

Ye Yichen felt a strong sense of defeat.

Quan Jue’s cold attitude made him feel that he was being ridiculous. No matter what he did or said, the young man in front of him didn’t care.

It was as if he was a clown.

Ye Yichen didn’t get the answer he wanted. He was so angry that he clenched his fists tightly and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Quan Jue looked up, his gaze as sharp as an unsheathed blade. He sneered. “Ye Yichen, what do you take this place for? Do you think you can come and go as you please?”

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