Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again

Chapter 969 - A Toad Lusting After Swan Flesh

Chapter 969: A Toad Lusting After Swan Flesh

“Quan Jue, how dare you! Since you’re Lu Xian’s son, I won’t hold it against you!” Ye Yichen was already furious. When he heard Quan Jue’s provocation, he instantly lost his cool.

“Who do you think you are? You said you are linked to my mother. Are you even worthy?” Quan Jue sneered.

Ye Yichen’s head exploded with a bang, and he charged toward him with clenched fists.

Quan Jue dodged his fists and kicked him in the stomach.

The moment his foot made contact with him, the magnetic field around Ye Yichen changed. His skin turned a faint yellow as he received the kick without moving.

Quan Jue could clearly feel that his kick had made direct contact with Ye Yichen, but it felt strange. It felt like he had kicked a rubber ball, and most of the energy had been dissipated.

Quan Jue’s kick could have easily shattered two of Ye Yichen’s ribs, but with about 80% of the power dissipated, Ye Yichen only grunted.

A cold glint flashed across his eyes. Quan Jue raised his hand.

Ye Yichen watched as Quan Jue’s hand swept over. Ye Yichen suddenly kicked off the ground, and his body shot up like a leaping toad.

“Hehe, are you very surprised? Do you think you’re the only Esper?” Ye Yichen looked at him smugly.

Quan Jue’s expression was cold as he said indifferently, “I’ve never known how to describe your relationship with my mother. Now, I’ve found a suitable description.”

Ye Yichen tilted his head in confusion.

Quan Jue said in an infuriating tone, “A toad lusting after swan flesh.”

Ye Yichen was stunned for a moment before recalling his jumping action. He really did look like a toad.

Ye Yichen’s anger surged to his head. He nearly died from anger as he roared, “I’ll kill you, Quan Jue! I’ll fight you to the death!!”

Seeing that his body was like rubber as he twisted his hands and charged at him, Quan Jue suddenly smiled.

His smile was filled with pride and confidence. The moment Ye Yichen attacked, Quan Jue’s figure flashed and he disappeared.

Ye Yichen’s swinging arm landed heavily and smashed the sofa Quan Jue was on.

Pain surged through him. As Ye Yichen roared, he saw Quan Jue reappear behind him.

“Get lost!” Ye Yichen raised his leg and swung it. His leg was like a soft whip as he casually swept it towards Quan Jue’s waist.

Quan Jue teleported and instantly appeared in front of him.

Ye Yichen instinctively turned to look at him, only to receive a heavy blow to his eye socket.

“Ah!” Ye Yichen gasped in pain. He then received a harsh blow to his abdomen.

No matter how soft Ye Yichen’s body was, his resistance to attacks was limited.

Quan Jue’s punch was 10 times stronger than before. Ye Yichen was no match for it.

Seeing him grunt and fall to the ground, Quan Jue kicked him in the cheek.

With a huff, Ye Yichen spat out a few teeth stained with blood. His vision turned black.

“I remember now.” Quan Jue didn’t give him time to rest. He grabbed his hair and pulled him up from the ground. “You were the man in black who attacked me at the hotel, right?”

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