Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 11 - You Can Only Be My Wife

Chapter 11 - You Can Only Be My Wife

Qin Shu could feel the warmth radiating from the man's palm. The strength with which he interlocked their fingers revealed his strong feelings of possessiveness.

She recalled his dying words in her past life.

"Babe, being able to marry you was the happiest thing in my life… Who's going to protect you if someone bullies you?"

Qin Shu felt like her heart was being gripped very hard at that moment and it hurt so bad that she could not breathe.

She tried her best to stop her tears from flowing down her face. Lifting her gaze to look at the old lady, she spoke in a pleading voice, "Grandmother, marriage is a huge thing, it's not just a game. I do not wish to…"

Fu Tingyu suddenly exerted strength through his palm. He pulled her into his embrace, effectively cutting off her words.

"Marriage is a huge thing, it's not just a game. Since we've already obtained a marriage certificate, the men of the Fu family will not abandon their wives." Fu Tingyu's words left everyone present at the scene lost for words.

Fu Tingyan was startled as well. His big brother was right—the men of the Fu family would not abandon their wives.

The only problem was that Qin Shu did not deserve his big brother in the first place.

The old lady developed a slight headache when she heard those words.

If Qin Shu was doing this willingly, it would then be natural for her not to prioritize the family status so much.

However, she was not in this voluntarily.

The old lady pondered over this for a while before replying, "Of course, men of the Fu family will not abandon their wives. If she knows her own place and is willing to stay by your side, she must make sure not to exhibit behavior that will allow other people to attack us and say that the people of the Fu family bully men and women alike to get what they want."

Qin Shu hurriedly spoke, "Grandmother, I've never thought…"

"Grandmother, I'll make her stay by my side willingly and happily. You can just wait to become a great-grandmother." Fu Tingyu knew what Qin Shu wanted to say the moment she opened her mouth. After all, she had been dreaming of getting a divorce.

With Grandmother's intervention this time, she would definitely have secured this rare opportunity to leave him.

He did not wish to hear her speak of divorce. It would feel like a stab in his heart.

"Why does he keep cutting me off every single time?" she wondered as she grew increasingly flustered at getting interrupted once again.

Qin Shu's face flushed red at the mention of great-grandchildren.

Her relationship with Fu Tingyu existed only in name.

The old lady's eyes lit up, but they quickly dimmed. She felt that the thought of great-grandchildren at this juncture was without foundation.

Fu Tingyu personally sent the old lady off.

In the bedroom.

Fu Tingyu sat on the couch at the end of the bed. His dark eyes were fixated on the person standing in front of him as he tugged at his tie impatiently.

As Qin Shu's dark hair was undone and covering half her face, Fu Tingyu did not see the scratch marks on her cheek.

He reached into his pocket with his slender fingers and retrieved a cigarette box. He pulled out one cigarette and stuck it in his mouth.

When he recalled that his wife did not like the smell of smoke, he took the cigarette out of his mouth and tossed it onto the adjacent table, paying no further attention to it.

"Yu, why didn't you let me finish my words just now? You kept cutting me off." Qin Shu was seated right beside Fu Tingyu. All she wanted to say was that she did not wish to get a divorce—was that so difficult?

Fu Tingyu tilted his head and looked at her anxious and regretful look. He figured it must be because she had missed the perfect opportunity his grandmother had created for her.

"Babe, don't ever let me hear you talk about divorce. Do you think you'll be able to get a divorce and reunite with Shen Yaohui just because Grandmother suggested it?"

Fu Tingyu's long fingers grabbed her chin, his breath fanning across her face. In a voice that oozed strong feelings of possessiveness, he made sure to pause after every word as he said into her ear, "In that case, let me give you a resolute answer.. In this life, you can only be my wife."

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