Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 12 - Don’t Challenge My Limit

Chapter 12 - Don’t Challenge My Limit

Qin Shu kept her teary eyes open, staring into the deep and dark eyes of the man before her.

She wanted to tell him that she would never talk about divorce, much less actually do that. However, her lower jaw was tightly clasped. When she opened her mouth, she could only make an incoherent sound.

Fu Tingyu licked his slightly dry lips and continued, "Babe, don't challenge my limit."

Qin Shu could only shake her head desperately to indicate that she would never. Ultimately, she could not stop her tears from flowing out of her eyes, streaming down the corners, and reaching the man's fingers clasping her lower jaw.

Looking at the girl's beautiful tear-stained face, Fu Tingyu's eyes darkened.

When her tears landed on his fingers, it was like he had been scalded. He immediately released her and stood up, taking big steps as he left the room, shutting the door forcefully.

After emerging from the room, Fu Tingyu lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

The sight of his wife's hazy, teary eyes made him want to bully her uncontrollably.

He took a long drag of his cigarette. When he shifted the cigarette, white smoke flowed out through the corners of his mouth.

As Qin Shu looked at the closed door, she was reminded of everything that Fu Tingyu had ever done for her. He always used his broad chest to shield her from wind and rain alike, yet she was always intent on running away from him.

Her heart felt like it was being gripped tightly. It hurt so much she could not breathe.

This man loved and doted on her so much, yet she used to think about getting divorced. Her brain must have been severely damaged.

After some time, Qin Shu summoned Housekeeper Shi. She tasked him to get a doctor who would give her a shot.

Housekeeper Shi dared not delay this matter as well. Not long after his departure, he came back with a doctor who proceeded with the shot in a matter of seconds.

After Housekeeper Shi left with the doctor, Qin Shu glanced at the cat in the cage. "This cat is really wild, I like it." she thought

The weather was lovely—it was bright and sunny.

Qin Shu decided to bring the black cat to the lotus pond in the garden for a stroll.

She even gave it the name, Boss.

Qin Shu gazed at Boss sitting inside its cage and said threateningly, "If you scratch me again, I'll snip off your claws."

Qin Shu's voice was melodious and pleasant, but in Boss's ears, it made its blood run cold.

When Boss heard those evil words, it lost its initial desire to be mischievous and instantly became docile. It seemed to curry favor with her by meowing.. Its dark green eyes sparkled at Qin Shu as it adopted an extremely obedient appearance.

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