Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 14 - A Snack

Chapter 14 - A Snack

Qin Shu's eyes were filled with indignance. "Qin Ya, how can you accuse me of that? You are my little sister, why would I ask Boss to scratch you? Besides, it was you who wanted to carry Boss."

Her gaze shifted to the lotus pond behind Qin Ya and epiphany dawned upon her face. "Cats fear water, perhaps you carried Boss too close to the lotus pond and it grew frightened. That… That must be why it behaved so aggressively. It is usually very obedient."

Qin Shu was mentally snickering. The thing Qin Ya cared most about was her face.

After all, Qin Ya had to rely on her face to attract suitors. She enjoyed being sought after by the sons of wealthy families and their obsession with her.

The three bloody claw marks Boss had left on her face would not be able to heal in a short time span. Additionally, Qin Shu would not let the wound heal as well.

Otherwise, how would she repay Qin Ya for almost ruining her own face?

The scar located next to her right eye—if it had not been for the fact that Qin Shu was in a hurry and only applied a small amount of the defective product back then, her entire face would have been ruined by Qin Ya.

Qin Ya was momentarily speechless, but in her heart, she was cursing Qin Shu non-stop. Of all animals, why would she get a cat?

Regarding that cat—Qin Ya wanted to capture it and return all the harm it had inflicted upon her tenfold.

"Qin Ya, you should go get your wound checked out in the hospital. It would be terrible if it ends up leaving a scar," Qin Shu reminded her out of goodwill.

Qin Ya also felt that the most important thing to do now was to go to the hospital. There was nothing more important than her face.

Even though her heart harbored fury, she was not in a rush to address it right now. She would let Qin Shu get a taste of whatever she had endured today.

Still holding on to her rage, Qin Ya hurriedly left.

Qin Shu knew very well what Qin Ya was thinking. Boss had scratched her face, and Qin Ya would make sure to take revenge on both Boss and its owner.

During dinner, Qin Shu asked Ning Meng to prepare some fresh fish for Boss as a snack to reward its behavior.

Ning Meng was rather fond of cats, but owing to the intimidating look on Boss's face, she dared not touch it. Instead, she turned around and left after placing the plate before Boss.

After catching a whiff of the fish, Boss's dark green eyes started shining. It stood up from its bed, took elegant steps, and arrived before the plate. It meowed, thinking that the fish smelled delicious.

At night, Qin Shu laid in bed. She tossed and turned, but could not fall asleep. Whenever she thought about the man's stubborn and anguished gaze from this afternoon, her heart would throb with pain.

After mulling over it, she ultimately decided to visit him.

She lifted the blanket, got out of bed, put on her slippers, and left her bedroom.

The study was not far from the master bedroom. She just had to walk straight and then make a turn.

When she reached the door of the study, she raised her hand and knocked twice. Upon pushing the door open and entering the room, she discovered that the light within had been switched off.

Relying on the bright light from her phone screen, she fumbled all the way into the pitch-black lounge adjacent to the study.

The man basically slept here. The rest of his time was spent at his old house.

Qin Shu used the faint light to guide her to the bedside. She gazed at the slender figure lying on the bed. He was on his side with his back facing her.

She placed her phone on the bedside table and climbed into bed as stealthily as she could. She felt around her surroundings before lying down beside him.

Fu Tingyu had awoken the moment the door to the study was pushed open.. He only opened his eyes suddenly when he felt someone climb into his bed.

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