Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 13 - Awesome Boss

Chapter 13 - Awesome Boss

Qin Shu was satisfied with Boss's reaction. She opened the cage door and released Boss.

Boss finally learned how to be obedient. It kept its claws concealed within its flesh, afraid that the crazy woman standing in front would really rip off its claws.

"Qin Shu, you got a new cat?" When Qin Ya walked over, she saw Qin Shu playing with a black cat.

"This must be because Fu Tingyu flew into a terrible rage and made her more afraid of him. The more afraid Qin Shu is of Fu Tingyu, the better it is," Qin Ya thought.

Qin Shu's eyes flashed fleetingly with hatred when she heard this familiar female voice. It was a voice that she would never forget in her life.

She stretched her arms to carry Boss and rose while staring at Qin Ya, her evil stepsister, who was standing before her.

Qin Ya was clad in a black dress that fully accentuated the curves of her waist. She had long, curly hair and an oval face and was wearing delicate makeup. However, concealed beneath such a pretty exterior was a scheming and vicious heart.

Qin Shu looked up at Qin Ya, replying faintly, "Yes. Staying at home can get boring, so I thought I would get a cat."

Boss's claws were tensed, but the cat remained obediently in Qin Shu's embrace, not daring to move.

"Did Qin Shu just refer to Bright Garden as her home?" Qin Ya thought.

She glanced at Qin Shu, observing her be like her usual self, the suspicion in her heart faded slightly.

Right afterward, she turned her gaze to the cat in Qin Shu's arms. Its fur was pure black, and it had a pair of dark green eyes that resembled emeralds. They were deep, almost capable of sucking her in entirely.

Its coat color was especially pretty—pitch black and translucent. It reflected light beneath the sun and was dazzlingly charming.

Qin Ya felt envious—Qin Shu did not deserve such a beautiful cat. "Shu, let me play with this black cat for a while."

"Sure." Qin Shu handed Boss over to Qin Ya in a breezy manner.

Boss's dark green eyes glinted with a dangerous light. The claws it had kept hidden beneath its flesh began to itch as its desire to scratch someone grew stronger.

Qin Ya took Boss into her arms with a smile on her face. She smoothed the fur on its back with her fair fingers.

"Qin Shu, this cat is so obedient. What is its name?" As she spoke, she walked toward the lotus pond.

Qin Shu watched Qin Ya move forward. She would reach the edge of the lotus pond in a few more steps. With a cold smile playing on her lips, Qin Shu responded, "It is called Boss."

"That's a nice name." Qin Ya looked at the lotus pond before her. As her eyes flashed with malicious intent, she suddenly exerted force through her hands, pretending to "accidentally" throw the cat in her arms into the lotus pond.

However, just as she wanted to toss the cat was when Boss seemingly figured out her intentions. Its hidden claws emerged and hooked onto Qin Ya's dress collar with one paw. The other paw reached toward Qin Ya's delicately made-up face. Three bloody claw marks instantly appeared on her fair cheek.

"Ah!" A terrible scream rang out, accompanied by the sound of fabric tearing.

After succeeding in its mission, Boss leaped onto Qin Ya's shoulder and used it as a trampoline to jump onto the grass before immediately running away.

"Ah! It hurts! It hurts so much!" Qin Ya clutched her face with one hand. The combination of pain and fear made tears stream down her face instantly. "What if I become disfigured? No, no, I cannot become disfigured." Her eyes were flashing with fright.

At the same time, she discovered that the cat had gouged out a big patch of fabric at her neckline. She hurriedly covered the neckline to avoid being indecently exposed.

This was a branded dress she had just bought that she had spent quite a lot of money on. She still had plans to go shopping with Zhu Wenhui later.

Qin Ya suddenly turned her gaze to Qin Shu. Her face turned malevolent with fury as she asked, "It was you who made that cat scratch me, right?"

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