Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 18 - Hacking Skills

Chapter 18 - Hacking Skills

Qin Shu went downstairs for breakfast only to discover that Fu Tingyu had already left for work.

She sat before the dining table staring at the exquisite light refreshments before her. When she recalled how the man had gone to the bathroom in a fit of anger last night, she lost all appetite, only eating some porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat.

After eating, Qin Shu went upstairs and into her walk-in wardrobe, changing into another set of clothes.

She sat down in front of her laptop and turned it on. Since she had not touched it for a long time, she could not be sure if she still remembered how to do it.

When she was young, her mother hired a teacher to teach her hacking techniques, and she had managed to acquire hacking skills until the teacher's departure.

However, due to her weak and stupid personality in her past life, she stopped cultivating her hacking skills.

Her fair fingers flew across the keyboard rapidly. Gradually, that long-lost familiarity came back to her.

When the data appeared on the computer screen, she could not resist the smile that spread across her face. She made a copy of the content on the other party's phone.

After settling everything, Qin Shu closed the laptop, grabbed her backpack, and headed out.

Qin Shu intended to go to school today and talk to the principal about coming back for classes.

She had neglected most of the classes that she was enrolled in. If she did not start paying close attention and making up for it, all her past effort would go down the drain.

Half an hour later, at Lin Xi High School, Qin Shu gazed at the familiar campus surroundings. Everything felt like a lifetime ago, but she was back again now.

She took a deep breath and lifted her foot one at a time, heading toward the principal's office.

Qin Ya, who had coincidentally just emerged from one of the school's buildings, thought her eyes were playing tricks on her when she caught sight of Qin Shu. She stared in disbelief at Qin Shu who had made an abrupt appearance in school.

If what she did previously was not ruthless enough, she would increase its intensity this time.

Qin Ya whipped out her phone and angled her camera toward Qin Shu, snapping a photo.

She then uploaded it on her WeChat page, changing her settings so only Fu Tingyan could see the post instead of Fu Tingyu.

Along with the image was the caption, "Qin Shu and Shen Yaohui are finally together again. Eloping is, in fact, a very romantic thing to do."

Qin Ya then sent a text message to Shen Yaohui, informing him that Qin Shu was in school.

Shen Yaohui had been brooding ever since his last encounter with Qin Shu, so when he saw Qin Ya's text, he instantly rushed to school.

In the principal's office, Qin Shu stated her intentions the moment she entered the principal's office, afraid that she would receive an outright rejection.

"Do you know how many days you've been absent from school? Do you think it's okay if other students act like you? You cannot amount to anything if you do not adhere to the rules. Lin Xi is not the only high school here in Jiangcheng. You can go enroll in other schools. Lin Xi High School does not welcome you." The principal's expression indicated that he was in no position to help and that Qin Shu should seek alternative paths.

Qin Shu curled the corners of her lips as she unzipped her backpack and retrieved a stack of photos from within. She laid them in front of the principal, plastering a harmless look on her face. "I wasn't sure if you would be fond of these things, dear principal."

The principal held his chin with one hand and casually glanced at the items before him. His face instantly blanched. He hurriedly picked up the stack of photos and flipped through them, his hands trembling as he did that.

Qin Shu's gaze fell on the principal's trembling hands. "If you like them, I can send more of them your way," she continued.

The principal gathered the photos and hurriedly waved his hands. "No need to, no need to. What you have here is more than enough. Aren't you here to resume classes? You can do so any time. Come look for me if anyone has any comments about that."

"Thank you, sir." Qin Shu smiled delightedly before turning around and leaving.

She must have recalled something halfway, pausing to look back at the principal. "Right, don't worry about this, sir. I won't breathe a word about it. After all, I am a good student."

The principal's face turned even paler at Qin Shu's description of herself as a good student, but by then, Qin Shu had already left his office.

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