Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 19 - I Want To Punch Scumbag Shen

Chapter 19 - I Want To Punch Scumbag Shen

Meanwhile, when Fu Tingyan scrolled through WeChat and saw Qin Ya's post, he instantly grew furious.

He immediately took a screen capture of the photo alongside the caption and forwarded it to his big brother, adding his own statement, "Yu, an indecisive woman like this does not deserve your love and protection."

While at Fu Enterprise, Fu Tingyu's phone resting on the right side on the dark brown office desk vibrated.

Fu Tingyu's dark eyes glanced at his phone screen. He picked up the device with his slender fingers and unlocked it. A WeChat chat box instantly popped up. When he saw the contents of the chat, his gaze darkened.

His grasp around the phone tightened as well, his knuckles turning white from an over-exertion of strength.

Just when his phone could barely withstand the pressure, Fu Tingyu suddenly set it aside before he stood up and left his office.

The door was pulled open with great force, accompanied by a loud sound.

The man's bloodthirsty eyes were brimming with possessiveness.

After resolving one thing on her list, Qin Shu felt much more relaxed. She would discuss this matter with Fu Tingyu when he got home tonight.

She had initially planned on talking about it with him over breakfast, but he left earlier than expected.

Qin Shu took the shuttle bus out of campus and then got off at the public bus stop to wait.

Shen Yaohui arrived at this exact moment. He caught sight of Qin Shu standing in front of the public bus stop sign and instantly got out of his car and walked toward her.

Qin Shu was taken aback when she spotted Shen Yaohui's sudden appearance. She wondered, why did he come to school too?

She then recalled that when Shen Yaohui started pursuing her, he was simultaneously chasing after the prettiest girl in Lin Xi high school—Mo Feifei.

Did he come here to look for Mo Feifei?

Qin Shu did not even get the chance to finish her thought process when Shen Yaohui approached her and her eyes flashed with disgust.

Shen Yaohui's footsteps came to a halt before Qin Shu, his eyes were filled with affection. "Shu, why won't you believe my words? I really do want to take you away from Fu Tingyu. However, I am not strong enough right now. Wait until I'm strong enough, and I'll be able to take you away. Just wait for me a little longer, okay?"

Qin Shu watched Shen Yaohui's performance of affection coldly. Like watching a clown jump around, it was ridiculous and extremely disgusting.

Shen Yaohui was stunned by the iciness in Qin Shu's gaze. Chills ran down his spine as he asked tentatively, "Shu, what's… what's wrong with you?"

An itch developed in Qin Shu's hands as she regarded Shen Yaohui's face. Indeed, she felt the urge to punch him.

Right at this moment, a limited-edition Bentley raced over at a breakneck speed.

Shi Yan had driven over at the speed of light. He had even taken the liberty of running a few red lights. His palms were drenched with perspiration.

It was all because Madam had eloped.

Fu Tingyu, who was seated behind, caught sight of the two individuals standing at the public bus stop from far away.. His eyes darkened, thinking that all the sweet words she had uttered yesterday were nothing but lies.

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