Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 20 - Does Your Heart Ache For Him?

Chapter 20 - Does Your Heart Ache For Him?

The harsh, shrill sounds of the car pulling to an abrupt stop were ear-piercing. The two individuals standing at the bus stop were both taken aback by the sound.

The car door swung open from inside. Fu Tingyu's tall figure emerged from the vehicle. As he approached, the surrounding air pressure dropped sharply.

Shen Yaohui only felt chills run down his spine. Due to the extreme pressure he felt, he did not even have the courage to look back towards Fu Tingyu. His entire body remained frozen and rooted to the ground.

Qin Shu was just as shocked at Fu Tingyu's sudden appearance.

What was he doing here?

In the following second, Fu Tingyu's fist slammed into Shen Yaohui at full force.

Shen Yaohui was flung a distance away from the attack. When he landed on the ground, his alarmed cry was accompanied by him spitting out blood.

The incident happened so suddenly that Qin Shu did not have enough time to process what had just happened before a large hand curled tightly around her wrist. Fu Tingyu started pulling her toward his car, forcing her to quicken her pace to keep up with his.

After forcing her into the car, Fu Tingyu entered the vehicle right before Shi Yan drove away from the scene.

Inside the car, the air pressure felt so low that it was impossible to breathe. The temperature made people subconsciously tremble as well.

The dangerous aura radiating from Fu Tingyu made him feel like a secluded wild beast in the dark watching its prey, disallowing anyone else to make contact.

His dark eyes were shining with rage and bloodthirsty possessiveness.

His lips were pressed into a thin line.

Qin Shu knew he had misunderstood the situation and hurriedly explained, "I didn't come to school today to see Shen Yaohui. Bumping into each other was just a coincidence."

Fu Tingyu gripped her wrist and pulled her close to him. His pursed lips parted slightly, "Babe, does your heart ache for him?"

Qin Shu quickly shook her head. "No, that's not it. I initially wanted to…"

"You wanted to elope with him, right?" Fu Tingyu's cold voice cut her off. His lips were right beside her ear, his low voice seeping with desire. "Babe, you forced me into this."

His words left Qin Shu stunned.

Back at Bright Garden, Qin Shu was carried into the compound by Fu Tingyu. They went straight to the bedroom on the second floor.

Qin Shu was aware of what was about to happen. "Since we're married, this is something that's bound to happen eventually," she thought.

The bedroom door was flung open forcefully and Fu Tingyu took large strides into the room.

When his lips pressed against hers, Qin Shu tried her best to accommodate him.

The man's gloomy voice drifted into her ear, "You really are willing to do anything for his sake."

Qin Shu wanted to explain, but the man refused to give her the chance to.


When Qin Shu woke up, it was already evening. The light was not switched on, so it was very dark within the room.

She reached out to touch the space beside her and discovered it to be empty.

After lying on the bed for a long time, she sat up slowly. She turned on the light and the bedroom was instantly bright as day.

Qin Shu rose and went to the bathroom. When she saw her reflection in the mirror, her cheeks flushed.

Her gaze landed on her collarbones and discovered that the man had deepened his imprint, leaving the trace deeper than it had ever been before.

On the other side of the room, Fu Tingyu was seated on a chair. The top of his shirt was stained with blood. He took it off and threw it on the ground.

When Gu Yan looked at Fu Tingyu's back, at the pure white gauze stained red with blood, he really wanted to abandon this responsibility.

"Do you really want to be disabled? What was so urgent that you couldn't wait for your injury to heal?" Gu Yan desperately asked.

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