Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 22 - I Did It For Myself

Chapter 22 - I Did It For Myself

Three hours later, Qin Shu put the book down from her hands. She grabbed her phone that was by her right side, unlocked it, and realized it was already 11:30 P.M., however, Fu Tingyu had not returned to the master bedroom. She wondered if he still wished to continue to sleep in separate beds.

She got up and walked over to the bed before she picked up and pillow and hugged it.

Since she had used his pillow when she slept in the study last night, she decided that she would bring her own pillow tonight.

Qin Shu left the bedroom and arrived before the study door in no time. This time, she didn't knock and chose to enter immediately.

After she opened the door, she discovered that the light in the study room had been switched off and the light in the lounge was lit instead.

She had guessed correctly—as he had prepared to rest for the night in the study lounge.

After she shut the door, Qin Shu wandered into the room with a pillow in her arms. She swept her gaze across the lounge but did not catch sight of Fu Tingyu.

At that moment, the sound of water as it trickled in the bath reached her ears before the noise stopped.

It was only then that Qin Shu realized Fu Tingyu was currently taking a bath.

While she hesitated about whether she should stand or sit while she waited for him, her ears picked up the sound of strong and steady footsteps.

She turned her head and was momentarily stunned. Her eyes widened without meaning to, as she didn't expect him to walk out of the bathroom like that.

He had distinct muscles and a perfect figure. One look was enough for her to tell that the defined lines on his body were shaped by persistent year-round training. It was obvious that his physical stamina could endure various forms of training very well.

His black hair was in disarray and his sideburns were slightly damp. Water droplets still clung to the tips of his hair, rolled down his jawline to his throat, and eventually fell to the ground.

Fu Tingyu slowly emerged from the bathroom with his towel in one hand. His footsteps halted when he caught sight of Qin Shu who had suddenly appeared in the lounge.

The girl's slightly flushed cheeks and the glimpse of the pillow she was clutching allowed him to realize her intention behind her sudden arrival at his lounge.

He strode toward her while he took his time to wrap the towel around his waist. When he arrived before her, he stared at her with a lowered gaze, his eyes looked deep and dark.

There were a few seconds of silence.

Qin Shu only returned to her senses from witnessing the beautiful view in front of her when Fu Tingyu came near.

Before she had time to feel shy, she saw the white gauze wrapped around his upper body, from his shoulders down to his lower back. Her gaze grew tense and she asked, "How did you get hurt? How serious are your injuries?"

As she spoke, she reached out to check on his injured back. However, she had just extended her arm when Fu Tingyu grabbed her with one hand. He exerted some force and she was pulled into his embrace.

At the same time, the pillow in her arms landed on the floor, but that was of no interest to anyone present.

He bent over in an oppressed manner. His dark eyes fixated on Qin Shu's shining eyes and asked in a low whisper, "Are you willing to compromise on this matter for his sake?"

Qin Shu quickly shook her head, worried about the condition of his injuries and her eyes flashed with anxiety. "I really am not doing this because of him. I just think that we shouldn't sleep in separate beds since we are a married couple."

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