Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 23 - A Gift For You

Chapter 23 - A Gift For You

"Babe, your entire existence belongs to me. Don't waste any more time and effort to hatch plans to run away from me," Fu Tingyu said in an icy tone.

"I won't leave you, I really won't. Will you please believe me?" Qin Shu appealed to the man before her while she gazed at him with wide and tear-filled eyes.

Fu Tingyu stared at her for a couple of seconds before he impatiently turned around to grab a bathrobe.

Qin Shu trailed after him and asked, "Do you need me to change your bandage for you?"

Fu Tingyu suddenly turned around. His deep and dark eyes were fixated directly on her. "It's your birthday tomorrow and I've prepared a gift for you," he said in a dark tone. "Can you guess what it is?"

At the mention of a gift, Qin Shu was first shocked before an image resurfaced in her mind. She couldn't help but grow slightly afraid.

In her past life, Fu Tingyu prepared an entire island on her birthday as a gift. The island was surrounded by the sea. It was practically a giant prison—besides the company of a few servants, nobody else was there.

The original purpose of the island was for a vacation, but the combination of her hunger strike and her attempt to escape had greatly angered Fu Tingyu and led him to come up with such an idea.

This time, it must be because of the incident that had happened this afternoon.

There was a wood carving that he had personally carved for her on the island. An entire camphor tree was carved in her image and looked very similar to her.

Afterward, she heard from Fu Tingyu's personal assistant Shi Yan that he had 'squandered away' months working on the wood carving. He had even hurt his hand a few times in the process.

In Jiangcheng, Fu Tingyu was an extremely esteemed and reputable individual much like a king. His hands were naturally precious and yet he had hurt them while he carved the wooden statue.

On the other hand, she had taken an ax and destroyed the wood carving in a moment of fury.

She spent at least one entire month on the island and was eventually taken back to Bright Garden after she fell severely ill.

The one month that she spent on the island remained fresh in her memory.

It was only then that Qin Shu recalled it was her birthday tomorrow.

In her second chance at life, she did not wish for things to be the same as the first time. She did not want to destroy their relationship and repeat the same mistakes.

She thought that they should lead a happy life together, be able to forge mutual respect between husband and wife, and enjoy each other's company.

She would stay by his side and endeavor to become stronger so that they could stand shoulder to shoulder.

She forcefully calmed the uneasiness in her heart, reached out to grab the man's arm, and gently said, "I'm very happy that my husband has prepared a gift for me. I'm also curious about what you have in store for me."

She thought of the massive wood carving and looked forward to seeing it once again, deciding that she would bring it back to Bright Garden with her when she saw it tomorrow.

Fu Tingyu's heart jerked at the sound of his babe when she addressed him as her husband once again. That word sounded so lovely as it came from his babe's mouth.

His dark eyes narrowed when he saw her eyes that brimmed with curiosity.

Qin Shu grabbed his hand and said, "Let's go sleep in the master bedroom, okay?"

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