Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want

Chapter 24 - It Has To Do With Who Is In Your Heart

Chapter 24 - It Has To Do With Who Is In Your Heart

"Babe, you used to ban me from entering the master bedroom. Now, you are dragging me into the master bedroom and telling me that your sudden transformation is unconditional? Do you believe your own words?" He said before he wondered to himself, "Is she doing this because I punched Shen Yaohui today?"

Fu Tingyu's eyes instantly darkened at the thought that his wife was doing this for another man.

He wanted to retract his arm, but Qin Shu clung on tightly. "I changed for you and no one else. We are a married couple, we shouldn't be sleeping on separate beds. The older generation would say that when a married couple slept in separate beds, their relationship was in disharmony."

"The discord in our relationship has nothing to do with the beds that we sleep in," Fu Tingyu said as his dark and deep eyes landed on her chest, at the area where her heart should be. He pointed at her chest with his slender finger and enunciated each word carefully as he said, "It has to do with who is in your heart."

The moment Fu Tingyu pointed at her chest, Qin Shu's heart started to ache. "Why didn't I discover earlier that he is the person who has truly been in my heart all this time?" she thought to herself.

Fu Tingyu grabbed her wrist and escorted her to the door before he opened it and shut her out of the room.

There was a thud as the door was forcefully shut that was followed by the sound of the lock being turned.

Qin Shu looked at the firmly shut door and remained in a daze for some time as tears streamed down her face silently.

Behind the door, Fu Tingyu leaned against the door with his back. His chest rose and fell fiercely as he worked hard to calm his heartbeat after he became emotional because of Qin Shu's words.

He raised the corners of his lips mockingly, as he had almost believed her.

Even in his dreams, he hoped that he was the reason behind her smile and her laughter. Even in his dreams, he hoped that he was the only person in the her dreams.

He walked to the desk and picked up his cigarette box and extracted one cigarette and put it in his mouth before he grabbed the lighter and lit it.

On most nights, he had nothing but the silent company of his cigarettes.

He laughed mockingly at himself again, but it was concealed in the darkness.

The following day, Fu Tingyu opened the door of the study with dark circles under his eyes and was taken aback when he saw the person who sat on the floor at his feet.

Qin Shu was dressed in last night's pajamas and sat in a fetal position. Her legs were bent and her arms hugged her knees to her chest. Her head rested on her arms and her eyebrows were slightly furrowed as though she was stuck in a restless sleep.

Qin Shu was awakened by the sound of the door as it opened. She lifted her head to see Fu Tingyu's upright physique, as he stood tall and majestic like a mountain.

She quickly stood up. Since she had stayed in that same position for a long time, her legs were numb.

"I'll… I'll go and wash up." She rubbed her eyes rather awkwardly and started to walk into the study. Since her legs were numb, her pace was extremely slow.

Fu Tingyu pursed his lips. He strode over to her, bent down, and carried the thin and fragile girl around her waist. Without another word, he headed into the master bedroom.

Qin Shu watched the man's defined side-profile quietly. He had a tall nose bridge, and his lips were pursed. She found herself momentarily dazed by his appearence.

Fu Tingyu let her down when they entered the bathroom in the master bedroom before he turned around and left.

Qin Shu watched the man's tall physique disappear out the door. She believed that there would eventually come a day when he trusted her. She would work hard and endeavor to better herself.

Just like in her past life, Fu Tingyu took her to the beach after breakfast before they took a yacht to the island.

The early October weather came with a touch of warmth when the sea breeze engulfed them.

Qin Shu watched the island grow nearer and nearer until its entire outline could be clearly seen.

The island was beautifully decorated and very suitable for vacations.

Perhaps she might have an entirely different experience during her stay there if she adjusted her feelings.

If the man really wanted her to stay there before his heart could feel at ease, then she would comply and stay there for a while and treat it as a holiday.

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