Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.1: Stir Trouble

The Lord actually looked no different from his normal self!

Whenever the poison relapsed, it would be at least a good part of the day before it would settle down, but today, in just a short two hours, it…..

Lou Jun Yao did not pay any attention to Bai Zhi Yan's expression who looked like he had just seen a ghost as his devilishly charming violet eyes shone with an exceptional sparkle. "Go check what kind of an ident.i.ty that kid has!"

Even the Divine Healer Tribe's successor had been completely helpless but that little youth who looked to be only about ten years old had actually suppressed his demonic poison with just a single elixir. A person of such capability, even in the Heavens among the clouds, would be a great target for any force on all sides to seek to rope in.

Afterall, in this world where might made right, the status an alchemist enjoyed was usually greater than many of the prominent families and large sects.

High up among the clouds, the Divine Healers reigned supreme and in this generation, the successor to the Divine Healer Sect Bai Zhi Yan was worshipped like a deity. But that youth's skills in Medicine was clearly quite a lot more brilliant than Bai Zhi Yan.

This youth must be made one of his people!

No matter what price he had to pay! !

Bai Zhi Yan could see His Lord's strong determination and he sighed as he said: "I understand."

This was the first time he saw his Lord showing such great interest towards a person and it was feared when the lad was successfully roped in, this successor to the Divine Healer Sect would surely lose the favour of the Lord!

Just thinking about it and his future suddenly seemed bleak.

After Yan Su came back from the Imperial Palace, the people in the manor had naturally jumped into another bout of activity again.

In the Eternal Peace Duke's Manor, besides the d.u.c.h.ess, there were two other royal concubines and four Ladies who had not seen their husband for a long time. Every one of them had naturally carefully dolled themselves up.

The d.u.c.h.ess had birthed a son and a daughter, Yan Xi Cheng and Yan Ning Luo, both highly gifted and well favoured. Even though her relationship with Yan Su had not been as harmonious as before for many years, these two children of hers had gained for her a good amount of face.

As for the royal concubines and the Ladies, they had all given birth to only daughters.

Although their looks were not like Yan Ning Luo's that could bring cities down to their knees, they still possessed delicate and refined features. As Yan Su and his several wives all possessed rather outstanding looks afterall, the children they gave birth too would naturally not be all that bad looking.

Tranquil Abode

No matter how bustling the atmosphere was outside, the people inside the room felt almost none of it.

The handsome looking youth was meditating with his eyes closed, as a rush of power swirled around him, preventing other people from coming close.

The light patter of feet suddenly sounded outside the door. The youth's ear moved slightly and his eyes openly sharply. A strong surge of power then shot menacingly towards the door that had opened halfway.

"If your sister's herb garden is destroyed, I'll get Little Snow to sleep with you tonight~" A gentle mirthful female voice came in, soft and harmless sounding, but it caused the youth to jump in fright.

Little Snow was a thousand year old ice toad, and the thing it loved most was poison.

Especially when it had stayed at Qing Yu's side for so many years and had been fed with poison, it was now the most poisonous among poisons. The poisonous toxins that had crippled his legs back then had actually been sucked out by Little Snow daily bit by bit.

What others saw as terrifying poisons and such, was the most delicious food there was in the eyes of that fella.

But to Qing Bei that was not the point. The point was that that fella….. was really just too disgusting.

Just thinking about it and Qing Bei's stomach was turning, and his face turned pale. He had a serious obsession with cleanliness and back in the period when his legs were being treated, he had not been able to eat at all for a good two weeks.

Qing Yu pushed the door and came in, to immediately see that constipated look on his face. She could not bear to tease him further and she said: "Alright, I was just teasing. I don't know where Little Snow has run off to to play. You will not see it around for awhile."

Hearing that, his heart that had been suspended then finally settled down.

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