Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite The Bait Please

Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2: Stir Trouble

"You've broken through? Not bad."

Qing Yu could already feel that the lad's aura had become stronger from outside. He was actually quite a good seed in terms of cultivation but it was unfortunate that he had been poisoned for those several years which held him back at that most optimal period.

But Qing Bei did not seem to be happy in the slightest as his eyes lowered down to stare at his palms. Shaking his head, he then said: "It's not enough. I am still too weak."

"Huh? Too weak?" Qing Yu asked with an eyebrow lifted. "Don't be greedy. With cultivation one has to progress steadily. When one is too eager for success, they often lose more than they gain!"

"That's not what I mean."

"Then what?"

"Like just now, I was not able to touch even a corner of your clothes." Qing Bei's eyes dimmed. Being so weak, he would not even be able to defend himself, so how was he going to protect his Big Sister…..


He received a sharp rap on the head and Qing Bei was immediately stunned for a moment.

He raised his head up to see the girl before him staring at him with her enchanting pair of phoenix like eyes, her face in a sneer. "You brat, how many years have I lived already? If I can be injured by you so easily, how embarra.s.sing would it be for me?"

Seeing him lower down his head and not saying anything, Qing Yu then softened her tone and said: "The things you are cultivating were what I handed down to you, through a more refined method than what is practised in these lands. You have cultivated only for a mere two years and you can already be considered to be a medium grade expert, peerless among your level. In time to come, you will definitely become stronger."

She would have to take it slow and not hit him hard. Otherwise what was she going to do if the kid was unable to rise after taking a stumble.

Hearing those words, Qing Bei's mood improved quite a bit. His eyes filled up with resolve as he said: "I will definitely become strong!"

"Mm. I believe you." Qing Yu smiled and then ruffled his head.

"Tsk tsk, I just can't believe that such a wretched place exists here in our manor. People who do not know might wonder which beggar is staying in here….."

The voice had reached before the person. Qing Yu's ears were sharp. Those people were not all that far away, criticizing as they came closer, in a group of about three or four.

But….. This place of hers, though could be said to be crude and simple, it was nevertheless meticulously taken care of, and there was even a beautiful well tended herb garden in the yard outside, where to the eyes of any regular person, would just be a bunch of regular plants and flowers.

A place a beggar lived in?

Wasn't that a bit of an exaggeration?

"Third sis, that just shows you know nothing! This place is where a unfavoured concubine of Father's lived in back then, and the fact that her two wild seeds are able to have a place to shelter them now is merely due to Father's mercy." A girl said with a laugh, her words more venomous than the previous one.

"d.a.m.n it!" Qing Bei's gaze immediately turned cold as he came down from the bed, reaching the door with just a few steps, thinking of going outside to teach a lesson to those women who did not know what's good for them.

Qing Yu stood leaning against the side of the door as she stretched a hand out lazily to block him. Throwing him a glance, she said: "Go sit back down now. Squabbling with women, don't you feel cheap?"

"Their mouths stink! Am I expected to just tolerate it? !" Qing Bei was filled with disbelief. She could remain so calm in this situation? This was totally unlike her usual self who avenged the slightest aggrievement!

That's right, having been together for so many years, Qing Bei had more or less come to understand his elder sister's character.

A personality indifferent as still water, never initiating trouble as that was what she hated the most, keeping such a low profile that people could even forget she existed.

But, she was also one who bore grudges very much.

No matter who, if they dared to come antagonize her, it might not be so bad if she was in a good mood. If they caught her on a bad day, then they would really be in for it.

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